Saturday, October 5, 2013

I'm All Icky

Dombitch joined the channel.
<Dombitch> what you up too?
<NikkijMadison> cool you made it
<Dombitch> it worked
<NikkijMadison> getting ready for bed
<NikkijMadison> stroking her
<Dombitch> nice, what are you wearing
<NikkijMadison> sheer nylon gown
<NikkijMadison> you
<Dombitch> just my underwear but i would also like to get dressed real hot
<NikkijMadison> panties
<NikkijMadison> i sleep in nighties most nights'
<Dombitch> yes
<NikkijMadison> do you wear panties all the time
<Dombitch> I would love for you to dress hot in heels for me, I saw you have a nice collection
<NikkijMadison> yes i do
<NikkijMadison> have more than that too
<Dombitch> I have a high heel fetish
<NikkijMadison> we all do
<NikkijMadison> lol
<Dombitch> are you still stroking yourself?
<NikkijMadison> oh yes
<NikkijMadison> you
<Dombitch> yes, I would love you to stroke yourself while you suck my cock
<NikkijMadison> me too
<NikkijMadison> i love to stroke her
<Dombitch> do you have good tongue action
<NikkijMadison> yes
<Dombitch> I love it. Its challenging to stroke and type but I am doing it
<NikkijMadison> yes it is
<NikkijMadison> my keys are now oily
<Dombitch> Im doing it dry
<NikkijMadison> not moi
<Dombitch> lets try to cum together
<NikkijMadison> i am close
<Dombitch> me too
<Dombitch> did it
<NikkijMadison> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
<NikkijMadison> awesome
<NikkijMadison> i feel it

<NikkijMadison> i am all icky

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