Monday, October 7, 2013



  1. Not sure if this even goes here, but caught the oozing thingy n first thing came to my mind.

    Someone, no names mentioned, is in my dreams every night n can't escape her. It's crazy at times and I can never do anything to please her, right down to being email. I'm so distraught by it all, I question myself constantly as to why I'm so stupid.

    Regardless I'm oozing as more n more of me is flowing outwards. Which can never be a bad thing. Some humiliation at work last week, made me think as I got off on it a bit n not understanding. Just as her Kontract somehow pleases her. Maybe She does have Her mark in me, as another Mistress has stipulated.

    Regardless it's pointless to think it will ever happen, as She's pissed at me n has blocked me.

    So thinking I should just cum to realizations n continue forward finding sum1 to give my dedication to as well as find real time 24/7

  2. I say that quite frequently to others all the time/ my thoughts just seem to be a bit more cloudy this year