Saturday, January 18, 2014


Bitchboi joined the channel.
<Bitchboi> wow, you’r e the perfect person
<Bitchboi> why arent you married
<NikkijMadison> was

<NikkijMadison> ex now
<NikkijMadison> i dont cam
<NikkijMadison> sorry
<NikkijMadison> will watch you
<NikkijMadison> why arent you dressed
<Bitchboi> thats fine, you dont have to
<Bitchboi> just got up
<Bitchboi> god you make me feel so ugly
<NikkijMadison> put your lingerie on bitch'
<Bitchboi> ok
<NikkijMadison> cool
<Bitchboi> is that better
<NikkijMadison> oil your clit bitch
<Bitchboi> now
<NikkijMadison> yes
<Bitchboi> ok
<Bitchboi> hows that
<NikkijMadison> better
<NikkijMadison> i want her oiled
<Bitchboi> so what do you do for sex now
<NikkijMadison> btw ... its no longer a mock in panties bitch

<NikkijMadison> its a clit
<Bitchboi> i know
<NikkijMadison> suck cock alot
<Bitchboi> i always call it my clitty
<Bitchboi> mmmm i love sucking cock
<NikkijMadison> its also her or she never an it
<NikkijMadison> stroke her bitch
<Bitchboi> i so much want to be like you
<NikkijMadison> is she oiled
<Bitchboi> yes
<Bitchboi> you’re making me so hot
<Bitchboi> i want to suck it
<NikkijMadison> as it should be bitch
<Bitchboi> do you date
<NikkijMadison> often
<NikkijMadison> i am sextoy for two bi guys
<NikkijMadison> 24/7

<Bitchboi> what do like guys or TG
<NikkijMadison> they pimp me out too
<Bitchboi> really
<NikkijMadison> guys, tranny, females
<NikkijMadison> love bbc
<Bitchboi> lucky you
<Bitchboi> god i want you so bad, i wish i was closer
<Bitchboi> i would love to be your sissy
<Bitchboi> serve you take care of you
<NikkijMadison> you wear cages on her
<Bitchboi> no
<Bitchboi> love being a fem
<NikkijMadison> if you were my bitch you would
<Bitchboi> i want to be yours…. lol
<NikkijMadison> how often do you dress
<Bitchboi> dress most of the time. love walking around the house in panties nylons heels
<Bitchboi> love wearing perfume, getting manicures and pedicures
<NikkijMadison> cool
<NikkijMadison> you go out dressed
<NikkijMadison> you always wear panties
<Bitchboi> once in a while, not as pretty as you…kiss
<Bitchboi> yes.24/7

<NikkijMadison> no colors
<Bitchboi> hate being dressed like a man
<NikkijMadison> you should wear panties daily
<Bitchboi> yes pink, blue, black
<Bitchboi> red
<NikkijMadison> lick your pre cum
<Bitchboi> i want to share it with someone
<Bitchboi> mmmm i do… love it
<Bitchboi> you’re making me so horny
<NikkijMadison> i should
<NikkijMadison> fingers in mouth bitch
<Bitchboi> sucking on a cock
<NikkijMadison> fingers in mouth bitch
<NikkijMadison> eat your pre
<Bitchboi> wish it was yours
<NikkijMadison> i know bitch
<NikkijMadison> will you cum soon
<Bitchboi> mmmmm marry me….LOL ill be your wife
<Bitchboi> do you want me to
<NikkijMadison> sure
<NikkijMadison> you would have to be full time to be my wife
<Bitchboi> you want me to lick my cum
<NikkijMadison> always

<Bitchboi> love to be full time wife for you
<Bitchboi> would do anything you want
<Bitchboi> if i belonged to you
<NikkijMadison> cum bitch
<Bitchboi> cook clean bath you
<Bitchboi> suck cock for you if you want
<NikkijMadison> cum bitch
<Bitchboi> mmmm fuck me
<NikkijMadison> cum bitch
<Bitchboi> mmmmmmmmmm
<NikkijMadison> nice
<NikkijMadison> did you eat it
<Bitchboi> yes
<Bitchboi> thank you
<Bitchboi> mmmm kiss kiss
<Bitchboi> love you
<NikkijMadison> why did you run away then
<Bitchboi> dripping all over me
<NikkijMadison> well
<Bitchboi> all over the rug
<NikkijMadison> you can wash the lingerie bitch
<Bitchboi> rug
<Bitchboi> who do you think washes it all the time
<Bitchboi> i cum in my panties alot
<NikkijMadison> me too
<Bitchboi> really

<NikkijMadison> yes
<Bitchboi> nice
<NikkijMadison> you have cage
<Bitchboi> no
<Bitchboi> what for
<NikkijMadison> any other toys
<Bitchboi> no
<NikkijMadison> why not
<NikkijMadison> no plugs
<Bitchboi> no plugs
<Bitchboi> will i talk to you again?

<NikkijMadison> cool

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