Saturday, August 30, 2014


IamYourBitch> hey nikkij here
<kittyplay> a new handle?
<IamYourBitch> on with a  Dom too

<IamYourBitch> you can change it when you sign onto the chat
<kittyplay> ok ~~ no problem ~~ with being on with a Dom ~~ serving Him comes first
<IamYourBitch> would service you daily too
<kittyplay> you are His bitch ~~ obviously
<IamYourBitch> am always his bitch when with a dom
<kittyplay> mmmmm ~~ i would love to service a Dom with you ~~ two bitches for Him
<IamYourBitch> have you done that yet
<kittyplay> done what?
<IamYourBitch> threesome
<kittyplay> it has always been one on One ~~ once i was at a dungeon party and stripped naked put on a cross and whipped ~~ but there was no sex
<IamYourBitch> they are terrific love gang bangs too
<IamYourBitch> were you blindfolded on cross
<IamYourBitch> were you  enfemme?
<kittyplay> yes i was cathy ~~ and i was facing away from the crowd ~~ they could see my ass getting red ~~ and i was in chastity ~~ with my legs spread open everyone could see my cockette was locked up
<kittyplay> you been in gang bangs
<IamYourBitch> yes
<IamYourBitch> several

<IamYourBitch> actually many
<IamYourBitch> about every two to three months i have a bbc gb
<kittyplay> mmmm ~~ you lucky bitch ~~ which was the best
<IamYourBitch> they rent a condo, play golf, i play with them and do them
<IamYourBitch> three days usually
<IamYourBitch> have had milfs and another t girl join from time to time
<kittyplay> mmmm ~~ maybe i can travel to Ocean City and get gb'ed too
<IamYourBitch> cool
<IamYourBitch> be the maid
<kittyplay> mmmm
<IamYourBitch> you look terrific as maid
<kittyplay> ty
<kittyplay> i was being a slut like you ~~ on saturday
<IamYourBitch> wow
<IamYourBitch> who and where
<kittyplay> two guys that do me on a regular basis ~~ both wanted to do me on saturday ~~ one did me in the morning and the other in the afternoon

<IamYourBitch> awesome
<IamYourBitch> bare or
<kittyplay> i got lots of good cock sucking in ~~ mmmmmmm
<IamYourBitch> awesome
<kittyplay> i know the guys so yes they did me bare ~~
<IamYourBitch> were you still filled when the second one did you
<kittyplay> the first guy came all over my ass ~~ so i rubbed his cum all over my cheeks ~~ the second guy came inside my pussy ~~ must have been a big load too ~~ cause after his finger open my hole and cum dripped out
<IamYourBitch> feeling that is awesome
<IamYourBitch> i love squishing for my men
<IamYourBitch> the second guy know about the firs one
<kittyplay> they know about each other ~~ but did not know about the dates on the same day ~~ i tried to get them both to do me together ~~ but their schedules do not work
<kittyplay> how did your ~~ look sexy surprise ~~ go last week
<IamYourBitch> ?

<kittyplay> last week ~~ you had a couple ppl take you someplace and they told you to look sexy and that it was a surprise
<IamYourBitch> oh yes
<IamYourBitch> we went out to dinner
<IamYourBitch> ruth chris
<kittyplay> ohhhh
<IamYourBitch> and there was milf with us
IamYourBitch> it ended up a foursome... got home Monday morning
<kittyplay> you slut ~~ you ~~:)
<IamYourBitch> yes i am

<kittyplay> can pic be attached in these chat rooms
<IamYourBitch> not that i am aware dont think so why
<kittyplay> i just took the pics on saturday
<IamYourBitch> sure
<IamYourBitch> hey i must run
<IamYourBitch> see ya later
<IAmaBitch> cool
<IAmaBitch> there is a tgirl in LV you may want to contact
<NewSlut> lol, take it she contacted you?
<IAmaBitch> no have seen her before

<IAmaBitch> have chatted briefly

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