Saturday, October 4, 2014

More Dani

<Lilpet> you were dressed for her right
<DaniFlowers> yes
<DaniFlowers> I think she wanted to stay.
<Lilpet> cool

<Lilpet> why did she leave
<Lilpet> its cool when they stay
<Lilpet> is he a cuck or a sissy
<DaniFlowers> a cuck
<DaniFlowers> she kept staring at my tits
<Lilpet> and
<Lilpet> did you let her feel them?
<DaniFlowers> I think I'll be hearing from her again.
<Lilpet> awesome
<Lilpet> was the cuck caged
<DaniFlowers> how did you do yesterday?
<DaniFlowers> no but he got a nice ass warming
<Lilpet> awedsome
<Lilpet> was with two milf friends all afternoon
<DaniFlowers> cool
<Lilpet> we went shopping and stopped for drinks early
<Lilpet> a hunky friend showed up
<Lilpet> he really likes Trish
<Lilpet> so we back to her place
<DaniFlowers> ah the matchmaker
<Lilpet> we drained him
<DaniFlowers> I did get some later last nite
<Lilpet> cool
<DaniFlowers> rained all day
<Lilpet> cock in your pussy
<Lilpet> love it when it rains in my cunt
<DaniFlowers> yesssssssss:)))))
<Lilpet> i love that
<DaniFlowers> same here
<Lilpet> so is the cuck and his wife locals or tourists
<DaniFlowers> I have violent prostate orgasms
<DaniFlowers> they’re local
<DaniFlowers> live in Scottsdale
<DaniFlowers> the upper crust so to speak
<Lilpet> cool

<Lilpet> i love regulars
<DaniFlowers> what are you up to today?
<Lilpet> cool
<Lilpet> going to the Tiki Bar up the street
<DaniFlowers> Going to a fetish ball in Scottsdale in 2 weeks.
<Lilpet> cool
<Lilpet> whats that like
<DaniFlowers> Boring actually
<DaniFlowers> but
<DaniFlowers> I love to people watch
<DaniFlowers> and always looking for a new BF
<Lilpet> me too
<DaniFlowers> with money
<Lilpet> a girl always needs a steady cock
<Lilpet> money helps a lot
<DaniFlowers> I had one for almost 2 yrs
<DaniFlowers> I think his wife found out
<DaniFlowers> made him move to Florida
<Lilpet> older couple?
<Lilpet> i live with two guys
<DaniFlowers> 50s
<DaniFlowers> how does that work out?
<Lilpet> great
<Lilpet> one Guy Ralph owns the place and the restaurants i work at

<DaniFlowers> how cool
<Lilpet> Tommy is the young stud that Ralph turned
<Lilpet> i live rent free
<Lilpet> get paid at the restaurants
<Lilpet> i keep the condo straight
<Lilpet> and am their sextoy
<DaniFlowers> heaven
<Lilpet> i think so
<Lilpet> Ralph will pimp me
<Lilpet> but i also have my own regulars
<DaniFlowers> go girl
<Lilpet> my bbc friend Josh is coming down to play golf with two of his buddies on Tuesday
<DaniFlowers> mine is wanting his sunday morning
<DaniFlowers> I better get in gear and get clean
<Lilpet> cool se ya
<DaniFlowers> I'll drop a line this evening.
<Lilpet> okay

<Lilpet> kisses gf

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