Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Have Been Purchased!

It is quite obvious that I have not been around for some time now. I have been back in Maryland for a few days.

So to catch you up, here goes:

As many of you know I have been working as a bartender since my full time transition. My boss John and his new wife Darren own five restaurant and bars in the area. I have been at all five places from time to time, either as the bartender, barmaid or even have done my share as hostess. It’s been great and serving John daily has been my pleasure. I truly have enjoyed working his poker parties and plan on doing so in the future.

It was at one of his poker parties that has allowed me to transition into my current situation.

You see, i have been purchased. Yes indeed. I have a six month contract that’s until spring.

In late October, i met Quinn and his tgirl wife – Alexia - at the monthly Texas Hold’em party that i serve and service. Quinn was the big winner that night and as my custom i generally go home with the winner … if he or she wants me. Most of them do! I was their pet for a week.

Quinn and Alexia are the perfect couple. Quinn is about 6’4”, 220 pounds, perfect body shape and nice cock … 8’ and nice and round. He’s bisexual and owns several businesses in the Dallas area and one in Colorado. He knows John from the restaurant/wine business trade and this was their first time at one of the poker parties. Quinn may buy a restaurant in Maryland.

Alexia is just as perfect who has been a full time tgirl since 2002. She has an athletic body… about 5’8” in stockings and nice d cup boobies. Her clitty is about 5 1/2” cut and shaved. Her clitty is kinda of narrow but fits perfectly in my mouth… which it has been often. She mostly blonde but like me she wears a lot of different wigs and hair extensions.

In fact, Alexia loved my mouth on her clit while she was playing poker. I was her good luck charm. I am not sure that i helped since she went out first all the time.

So here’s the deal.

I have moved to Dallas to be with Quinn and Alexia full time. I am owned by them. I don’t have to work but Quinn is paying me a monthly income for services rendered. This keeps me in clothes, although my outfits have been limited to mostly catsuits and/or stockings and garters belts with heels which Quinn buys for me anyway. My mouth and booty is theirs to do as they wish. Since my mortgage on my house in Maryland is paid in full. My two housemates, Jason and Tommy will stay there and pay the utilities. Sorry guys this week is your last Nikkij blow job for awhile.

To fulfill my contract i must be their fuck toy. There has been lots of cock, clitty and humiliation for this slut. I have been in Texas and travelling with them since the first week in November. Quinn and Alexia have shared me with a few of their friends. They gave me a pearl choker collar for Christmas and a new CB6000 for my clit. My CB6000 is for the times when i am alone… which is not often I might add. Alexia has given me a wonderful gold bell for my clitty. It dangles perfectly on the ring piercing in the foreskin of my 7” clit. (Yes Alexia is jealous but i am jealous of her d cups. My c cups are small compared to Alexia boobies.)

Tonight we are back in Maryland. We are headed to a private party at one of john’s restaurants. Lots of friends and a few old customers of mind will be there. Of course Jason and Tommy will be there with their dates and I think Ashley my ex wife will be there as well. It will be sorta a coming out party of my new life for me with my old friends and customers. My clitty is oozing as i can’t wait.

My outfit has been picked out for me.

Of course i will be wearing my collar and silver leash. I have black fishnet catsuit and 3” red heels that will wear to the event. No panties … Quinn says never in his presence as Alexia doesn’t either. We wear panties only when we are together… alone or with one of her booty calls. Yes they – we now - have an open relationship but we are to work that around Quinn’s needs. My clitty will be in a clit ring to stay hard all night.

The pecking order is simple. Quinn is THE BOSS and i am Alexia’s toy. I feel i am owned by both but Quinn rules the roost. I am instructed to follow their orders explicitly. So far they have been very fair as Alexia will not allow me to do anything she wouldn’t do.

So, my blog posts will be limited in the coming months and my booty and cunt (mouth) now have other obligations.

Nikkij – stay tuned i will update you as often as i can.