Friday, January 28, 2011

I Will Gone For A While

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? and with who?

Euorpe ... with a tgirl and male or female companions.


I'm dense what does <3 mean?

Well I'm going to a play party, so I just need a small purse.

Do a clutch ... you can also keep your condoms in it!. Go to any store that carry handbags ... the sles woamn will lead you to the clutches

do u have yahoo


Will you tell the story of how your ex-wife came to own you?

The abbreviated version is ... we met at a dinner that i was serving enfemme. I was dressed as a maid. It's was mixed .. dinner for eight and the evening entertainment was bdsm and of course I was part of the festivities.

I was cuffed to a chair and had to service all that sat in the chair. Ashley dropped skirt to the floor and sat down... I licked and sucked HER pussy to Multiple orgasms. SHE took me home with HER and HER little bitch (GG) companion that night. I soon was a regular participant with HER and HER male and female companions.

That started it ... we soon became a couple and we soon became married and then became exes...

I'm a guy who occasionally dresses like a female, what would you recommend for clothing off the bat?

Lingerie ... I assume that's your first rush of thrill. Do you want to take it to the next step .. if so i have some other thoughts

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Did I Get Your Attention?

Nikkij Has A Better Idea!

How to Leverage Current Events to Get More Blog Visitors

Got writer’s block again? Keeping the blog articles flowing on a consistent basis can be difficult. Get creative and blog about current events, trends, local news, celebrities, and even the weather! Get with the times to get more blog visitors.

Blogging about news and current events helps demonstrate that you are at the pulse of your industry. Additionally, writing about timely subjects and connecting them to your business, can drive additional traffic from search engines and social media. People are more likely to share information that has novelty and that they feel others in their network might not know about yet. When there is activity around a topic that is related or can be related to your industry there is an opportunity to capture an already curious audience.

How to Blog Using Current Events

Local News - If you’re a local company, peruse your town website or daily newspaper. There’s bound to be a story or two that you can connect with.
  • Is your governor proposing a new town/state budget? Give your audience some budgeting tips.
  • Is New Whole Foods coming to your town? Talk about pros/cons, healthy eating tips, financing a franchise, eco-friendly commercial plumbing, etc.
World News - Check out for World News and Breaking News.
  • In the wake of Obama’s State of Union Address, try writing your own company’s “State of the Union” or “State of the Industry”
General News - Google News has a little bit of everything from “Top Stories” to “Entertainment”
  • Example: The Dow Jones industrial average surpassed the 12000 mark on Wednesday – what does this mean for your industry?
Entertainment News - Celebrities, everyone’s guilty pleasure. Find the latest gossip on E! Online and make your subscribers smile.
  • “The King’s Speech” is racking up the Oscar Nominations. What speech inspired / inspires you and your business?
Sports News - Find the latest scores and team updates on
  • There are tons of sports fanatics out there. ESPN was averaging 18.9 million viewers per NFL game in the 2010-2011 season! Capitalize on the games, the rivalries, and the sports methodology and apply it to your business.
  • Here’s a great example: Bill Belichick 101 for the Small Business Executive.
Search Trends - Take a look at the “Hot Topics” and “Hot Searches” on Google Trends and associate your business to one or more of those keyword phrases.
Twitter Trends - Check out the Trends on Twitter
Weather - Is your local meteorologist predicting freezing temperatures and wild wintery weather? Take advantage of all the weather-related talk and internet searches and blog about it! It’s easy to relate to any business:
  • Fitness / Health: “Ten Ways to Stay Fit Indoors During Freezing Weather”
  • Plumbing / Heating: “Five Best Ways to Prevent Pipes from Freezing”
  • Sales: “Keep Your Leads Warm Even Though It’s Freezing Outside”
  • Auto: “Five Steps to Properly Winterize Your Vehicle”
  • Manufacturing: “Top Five Temperature- and Weather-Resistant Materials”
Don’t forget to add a big, bold call-to-action to the end of each blog post. Attract new clients with a “Winter Special”, a “Superbowl Special”, or maybe an eBook titled Ten Business Lessons We Can Learn from the Kardashians.

Relate your business to what’s going on in your town, your state and/or the world and you’ll be surprised at how many people take notice.
Read more:

If you only had one hour to do something what would it be?

Sex and more sex! ...


Health and Beauty Tip -- Mascara Care

Before applying mascara in the morning, heat it up a little first. Warming it up in your hands or somewhere near your body -- still closed securely, of course -- is enough. A little body heat melts any clumps that may have formed

So What Do You Do That's So Rewarding?

You come to realize that you aren't fulfilling all your potential. You need to look more earnestly at jobs, careers, hobbies or even volunteer work that puts you in alignment with what is really rewarding.

Harvest Moon!

Yes I only need one purse.

Then where are you going ..? A girl has different purses for the time of year and where she might be going that day or that night.

Yes, I know I can be a BITCH but ....

Nikkij is Not Rational!

Today's Word "desultory"

desultory \DES-uhl-tor-ee\ (adjective) - 1 : Jumping or passing from one thing or subject to another without order or rational connection; disconnected; aimless. 2 : By the way; as a digression; not connected with the subject. 3 : Coming disconnectedly or occurring haphazardly; random. 4 : Disappointing in performance or progress.

"He felt as he had felt when a raw lieutenant in India during his first hill-campaign, when the etiquette of the service had compelled him to rise and walk up and down in front of his men under a desultory shower of jezail-bullets." -- P.G. Wodehouse, 'The Little Warrior'

Desultory comes from Latin desultorius, from desultor, "a leaper," from the past participle of desilire, "to leap down," from de-, "down from" + salire, "to leap."

I'm going to go out and I need a purse. Do you have any recommendations? Do you have a favorite type of purse?

Do you just need one purse?

Do you use electric blankets in winter?

Not really -- although I do get cold since my body really has no body hair

Scrunch or fold?

Fold ...

What's your favorite soft drink?

I enjoy a coke -- fountain -- every now and then .. but otherwise I don't drink soft drinks. I have my coffee in the morning; then water all day... then a nice glass of wine .. . red or white ... sometimes a cocktail ... margaritas, tequila and grapefruit juice or a bloody mary at brunch. A beer sometimes with certain foods. I do enjoy Arnold Palmers. How about you Lefty?

We All Want to Do It!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weather Sucks Here Today ... Only One Thing To Do?

Nikkij is a Wino Too!

Today's Word "parvenu"

parvenu \PAR-vuh-noo; -nyoo\ (noun) - 1 : One that has recently or suddenly risen to a higher social or economic class but has not gained social acceptance of others in that class; an upstart.

(adjective) - 1 : Being a parvenu; also, like or having the characteristics of a parvenu.

"That was the luxury that Goirot's daughter had loved too well; the gilding, the ostentatious splendor, the unintelligent luxury of the parvenu, the riotous extravagance of a courtesan." -- Honore de Balzac, 'Pere Goirot'

Be Safe Bitches!

Everyday Cheapskate: I Now 'Live' at the Supermarket

Mary Hunt
I love the "Home" option on my GPS device. The first time I used the thing, I input my home address and saved it to that feature. I use it often, and not because I don't know where I live. It's just comforting to know that wherever I am, hitting "Home" will get me there in the most expeditious way. But I have removed my home address. Instead, I programmed my "Home" address to be my local supermarket's address. You'll know why when you read on.

GPS SAFETY NET. Never put your home address in your GPS system. Use a local business's address instead, for example, the corner gas station. Identify it as "Home." You know your way around your own town, and just in case your GPS is stolen, directions to your home won't be stolen, too. -- Karen, e-mail

Open Wide!

You can get into trouble by not paying close attention. You're prone to insert your interpretation into unclear communications. Take a moment to think things through and extract clarifications.

Humiliation! God how I CRAVE it!!!- Lisa

You go Girl!

I have discovered recently that i do not mind massage. which surprises me. issues. what have you discovered about yourself that surprised you?

Who would not like massage?

What smells as good as it tastes?

Interesting... coffee smells better than it actually tastes!

I guess Pussy...

OK OK! Fine. *sigh* TMI Tuesday question: How do you handle bodily fluids when you're in the midst of an intimate encounter? Is this enjoyable for you or a 'necessary part of things' that you just deal with?

When you gotta go .. you gotta go!

I say say?

I have no regrets!

I say thick say?

I love thick c*cks

I say never say?

Never is not in my nikkij speak!

My "Always". I have a few actually. What is/are yours?

At the end of the day!

What size is your bed? And what sort of sheets do you have? How many pillows?

I have a king size bed... about ten pillows .. hotel quality ... I love the feel of satin but its not practical!

tell me two of your favorite cartoon/children's type shows please......


I say enough say?

There is never enough!

I say say?

Ours ...

I twirl my on the phone with my eyes when shy......what do you do?

Lick my lips!

ok. so last night.....bought a bunch of thongs. which one of you buggers asked that question recently? i have discovered....they are not my thing. what have you discovered is not your thing?

Thongs are my thing ... white fruit of the loom is not my thing!

Would you rather be too cold or too hot?

Too hot ... I am not a cold fish... Turn me on!

In your have loved and lost someone greatly. Who is that person?

Ashley .. my ex wife!

how large is your member? can you post a picture that approximates it?

My clitty is 7"

Can you still become erect? have you ever considered having an orchiectomy?

Yes I do become erect. No, I do not plan any surgery that will alter my clitty or its ability to function.

What is best to grow breasts without surgery? Anything better then PM?

I got implants ... that worked for me.

Here's an answer to your question. I hope it helps .

•There are many methods by which women try to promote their natural breast growth and in recent times the pursuit of natural breast enhancement has become increasingly popular. The main websites cataloguing the various methods are Breast Nexus and NBE Quest. None of the methods discussed on these sites is clinically proven and most rely on traditional knowledge or folk medicine, although there are more modern ideas too.
•There are breast enlargement pills; you can find them throughout the Internet.
•Toning the upper body muscles is one way to lift them and make them look more pert. There's the Brava system - or possibly pills - if you want them to be bigger, but there is no guarantee with these.
•The size of the breast is given by the volume of glandular tissue, by fat tissues and by the mass of the pectoral muscle behind. By enhancing any of these three factors, you can gain in breast size. Pregnancy increases the glandular tissue but some herbs can also have that effect, e.g., fenugreek or pueraria. The fat is increased by gaining weight. The muscle can be worked only to some extent as to hold and lift the breast.

There are also some treatments called ReShape: some (in the cheaper range) have no visible effects; but others (more expensive) provide some results.
•There are little inventions that didn't last very long in popularity, but nonetheless they still exist. If you really take time to look for them, it could pay off. An example is one where you wear a suction cup - it looks like a bra - for a few months. The cups are made to suck out the air left inside the area with your breast. The pressure "pulls" your breast tissue, causing it to stretch and increase in volume. They are NOT very popular in comparison with all the other popular techniques, such as pills and surgery. They may cost you almost the same amount, as the quantities are limited.
But whatever you choose, please read up on the subject very carefully. There are secrets the companies don't want you to know, because they may sway your decision making.
•The Brava system (and similar vacuum devices) is an expensive option if you're considering it. From my readings on the Internet, it apparently only increases a woman's breast by 1 cup size, and you must consider the discomfort of wearing something for 10 hours a day, for months on end!
•Take birth control pills. It's not the reason I went on them, but my breasts went from size A to size C in a year. My friends also noticed a significant increase in their breast size when they took the Pill.
•Even though there are several options for enhancing the breasts without surgery, unfortunately none of them is certain to work. The secret of success is to try and find what works for you; this may not be the same as what works for the next person.
•Accept yourself! Your worth is not in your breasts. Remember that smaller breasts stay very nice as you age. Bigger ones get saggy. I am liking my own - I'm almost 50 and mine are still like that of a 16-year-old.
•Hops. Like in beer. They make them grow also.

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