Friday, July 30, 2010

Health and Beauty Tip --

Powder vs. Blotting Sheets

It may be tempting to apply extra powder if you find your skin getting oily throughout the day. But if you do this too much, it just builds up and actually looks worse. Invest in blotting sheets -- they really work! -- and use them when you feel like you need powder.

Today's Word "jocular"

Jocular \ JOK-yuh-luhr \ (adjective) - 1 : Given to joking or jesting. 2 : Characterized by joking; playful.

"He had not been a jocular man, and occasionally, while she was laughing with Bob, she had caught him studying her, covertly, as if she were of some alien, and slightly frightening, species." -- Gabrielle Donnelly, 'The Girl in the Photograph '

Jocular comes from Latin jocularis, from joculus, diminutive of jocus, "joke."

Today's Word "abecedarian"

Abecedarian \ ay-bee-see-DAIR-ee-uhn \ (noun) - 1 : One who is learning the alphabet; hence, a beginner. 2 : One engaged in teaching the alphabet.

(adjective) - 1 : Pertaining to the letters of the alphabet. 2 : Arranged alphabetically. 3 : Rudimentary; elementary.

"The approach may seem abecedarian today, but his was among the first endeavors of the sort." -- Jennifer Liese, 'ArtForum'

Abecedarian derives from Latin abecedarius, from the first four letters of the alphabet.

Let's Get Warm Together

Does drinking warm you up?
Drinking lowers rather than raises the body temperature. There is an illusion of heat because alcohol causes the capillaries to dilate and fill with blood. In very cold weather, drinking alcoholic beverages can lead to frostbite.

Health and Beauty Tip --

Does Short Hair Suit You?

Before cutting off your hair in favor of a shorter style, try this simple method for finding out if it will flatter your face. Take a photo of yourself against a dark background, and use a black Sharpie to "cut off" your hair. If you do decide you like it, don't go short all at once -- cut off a few inches at a time until you find the length you like.

I Own You Now!

Is It A Crime To Be Wasteful?

How Fast Can a TGirl Drink?

How fast can a camel drink?

When thirsty, a camel can swig down 25 gallons of water in less than three minutes.

Today's Word "roborant"

Roborant \ ROB-uh-ruhnt \ (adjective, noun) - Strengthening; restoring vigor.

(noun) - A strengthening medicine; a tonic; a restorative.

"That day, I felt the need of a roborant after my ghost-ridden night, and I swigged down two doses." -- William Least Heat Moon, 'River Horse'

Roborant derives from the present participle of Latin roborare , "to strengthen," from robur , roboris , "strength."

You Won't Find Me On Facebook!

Security concerns over Facebook have been raised yet again after a security consultant collected the names and profile URLs for 171 million Facebook accounts from publicly available information. The consultant, Ron Bowes, then uploaded the data as a torrent file allowing anyone with a computer connection to download the data.

Simon Davies a representative of the U.K.-based privacy watchdog Privacy International accused Facebook of negligence over the data mining technique, according to the BBC. Facebook, however, told the British news service that Bowes actions haven't exposed anything new since all the information Bowes collected was already public.

So what are the security risks? Should you be concerned? Let's take a look.

What data was collected?

Ron Bowes, a security consultant and blogger at Skull Security, used a piece of computer script to scan Facebook profiles listed in Facebook's public profile directory. Using the script Bowes collected the names and profile URLs for every publicly searchable Facebook profile. All together, Bowes said he was able to collect names and Web addresses for 171 million Facebook users. That's a little more than a third Facebook's 500 million users. (Click image above to zoom)

What did he do with the data?

Bowes compiled this list of text into a file and made it available online as a downloadable torrent.

How many people have downloaded the torrent?

The Pirate Bay lists 2923 seeds and 9473 leechers for the torrent file at the time of this writing. Seeds are people who have downloaded the entire file and are uploading to others. Leechers are actively downloading the file.

Is this a big deal?

That depends on who you ask. Facebook points out that some of the data Bowes collected was already available through search engines like Google and Bing. The entire data set is also available to any user signed into Facebook. So the data was already publicly available, and nobody's private Facebook data has been compromised. Nevertheless, this is the first time that 171 million Facebook profile names have been collected into one set of files that can be easily analyzed and searched by anyone.

What could a malicious hacker use the data for?

As Bowes pointed out in a blog post, someone could use this data as a starting point to find other publicly available user data on Facebook. After all, you have to wonder how many of these 171 million Facebook users have publicly exposed e-mail addresses, phone numbers and other information on their profiles?

It has been proven time and again that the more a bad guy knows about you the greater your security risk is. Collecting personal data allowed a French hacker to steal confidential corporate documents at Twitter. Researchers were alarmed when Netflix wanted to release anonymous user data including age, gender and ZIP code for the Netflix Prize 2. Security researchers said the data dump by Netflix was irresponsible since it is possible to narrow down a person's identity just by knowing their age and ZIP code. The contest was eventually canceled. One Carnegie-Mellon study also found a flaw in the social security numbering system that could allow a sophisticated hacker using data mining techniques to uncover up to 47 social security numbers a minute.

How do I know if my name was caught in the data dump?

From your Facebook profile dashboard click on 'Account' in the upper right hand side of your dashboard. Select 'Privacy Settings,' and then on the next page under 'Basic Directory Information' click on 'View Settings.' You should see a page similar to the image above. If the first listing called "Search for me on Facebook" is set to "Everyone." Then chances are, your name and profile URL are in the torrent file. (Click image to zoom)

You should also check to see if external search engines like Google and Bing are indexing your profile. To do this go back to your main privacy settings page, and at the bottom click on the "Edit Settings" button next to "Public Search." On the next page, if the "Enable public search" check box is ticked then search engines are indexing your profile. To stop this just uncheck the box and then click on "Back to Applications."

My name is not in the public directory should I be concerned?

If you were not in the public directory Bowes says your name is not in the torrent file. However, you could be exposed to similar data mining techniques in the future. Bowes says that if any of your Facebook connections have made their friends lists public then your profile could easily be found through data mining your friends' profiles.

What can I do to keep my information private?

The biggest concern isn't so much about your name and profile URL being exposed. The greater concern, for you anyway, is the publicly available information contained on your profile page.

To protect yourself, you may want to reconsider your current privacy settings. To do that visit your Facebook profile's Basic Directory Information page by following the steps listed above or just click here.

On the top right of the page you should see a button that says "Preview My Profile." Clicking that button will show you all the information you make public on Facebook. Data you may want to consider hiding includes your hometown, birth date, age, phone number, current city and e-mail address.

So what do you say? Is Bowes' data dump making your rethink your Facebook profile settings or are you not concerned?

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Here's Kimber

If you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be?

Tara Emory, Kimber James and Kelly Shores. It would be our first and last prime time show.

Darling:I can almost taste your delicious cream. I would start by kissing your hand and then lick up your cream until it was gone.Your picture is driving me insane just to look at all of that delicious CUM.Lve Charlene.I would love to play with you.

Charlene .... That's what dreams are made of...

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Have Your Ever ...

Please describe your experience as best as you can. Please!

Have you had anal sex?
Were you forced by a Mistress or Master?
Was it with another guy or a female with a strapon?
Did you enjoy it?
Have you done it mulitple times?
Was it bareback or did you have protecttion?

I'm Looking For The Declaration of Independence Myself!

Painting hides marijuana worth thousands

ATLANTA (UPI) -- Getting ready to resell a painting he bought five years ago at auction, an 80-year-old Georgia man says he discovered more than $4,000 worth of pot.

Gordon Clement of Cherokee County bought the painting at a post office auction and was coming back from a failed attempt to resell the artwork for $25 at another auction when a family member felt something moving inside the frame, WSB-TV, Atlanta, reported.

"Four pounds of marijuana inside the picture frame. I didn't know what to do," Clement said.

He decided to take it home and then call his lawyer for advice but said he was a nervous wreck on the drive back knowing he had so much of an illegal substance in tow, WSB-TV said Saturday.

"I kept telling the driver, 'Cool it, slow down.' He said, 'I'm only going 45,'" Clement said.

Clement called his lawyer, then police who estimated the marijuana was worth $4,800.

Today's Word "Animadversion"

Animadversion \ an-uh-mad-VUHR-zhuhn \ (noun) - 1 : Harsh criticism or disapproval. 2 : Remarks by way of criticism and usually of censure -- often used with 'on'.

"It is unfortunate, therefore, that Stephen Holmes mars his otherwise helpful Anatomy of Antiliberalism with a few stray animadversions on libertarianism." -- Hayward, Steven, 'Political Liberalism'

Animadversion is from Latin animadversio, animadversion- , from animadversus , past participle of animadvertere , "to turn the mind toward," from animus , "mind, spirit" + advertere , "to turn toward," from ad , "toward" + vertere , "to turn."

Tgirls Have A Similar Way!

Why do prairie dogs kiss?

Expressing recognition rather than love, Utah prairie dogs exchange "kisses." By the touching of incisor teeth, they quickly confirm the identity of group members.

I Wonder If He's Thinking About Authority ...

How authoritative was Edith?

Edith Head's 34 Academy Award nominations and 8 Oscars make her both the most honored costume designer and woman in Academy Award history to date. In all, Head served as costume designer for more than 340 films, TV series, and made-for-TV movies. In Edith Head's Hollywood,her 1983 autobiography co-written with Paddy Calisto, Head stated, "There's nothing like a row of Oscars on a dress designer's desk for putting the fear of God into an actress who thinks she knows everything about dress designing."

I Thought Men Could Only Last 7 Seconds

Why do phone numbers have seven digits?

The short-term memory capacity for most people is between five and nine items or digits. This is one reason that phone numbers were kept to seven digits (not including area code).

Thays Wants To Know Too!

Where is all the oil?

Nearly two weeks after BP finally capped the biggest oil spill in U.S. history, the oil slicks that once spread across thousands of miles of the Gulf of Mexico have largely disappeared. Nor has much oil washed up on the sandy beaches and marshes along the Louisiana coast. And the small cleanup army in the Gulf has only managed to skim up a tiny fraction of the millions of gallons of oil spilled in the 100 days since the Deepwater Horizon rig went up in flames.

So where did the oil go? "Some of the oil evaporates," explains Edward Bouwer, professor of environmental engineering at Johns Hopkins University. That’s especially true for the more toxic components of oil, which tend to be very volatile, he says. Jeffrey W. Short, a scientist with the environmental group Oceana, told the New York Times that as much as 40 percent of the oil might have evaporated when it reached the surface. High winds from two recent storms may have speeded the evaporation process.

Although there were more than 4,000 boats involved in the skimming operations, those cleanup crews may have only picked up a small percentage of the oil so far. That’s not unusual; in previous oil spills, crews could only scoop up a small amount of oil. "It’s very unusual to get more than 1 or 2 percent," says Cornell University ecologist Richard Howarth, who worked on the Exxon Valdez spill. Skimming operations will continue in the Gulf for several weeks.

Some of the oil has sunk into the sediments on the ocean floor. Researchers say that’s where the spill could do the most damage. But according to a report in Wednesday’s New York Times, "federal scientists [have determined] the oil [is] primarily sitting in the water column and not on the sea floor."

Perhaps the most important cause of the oil’s disappearance, some researchers suspect, is that the oil has been devoured by microbes. The lesson from past spills is that the lion’s share of the cleanup work is done by nature in the form of oil-eating bacteria and fungi. The microbes break down the hydrocarbons in oil to use as fuel to grow and reproduce. A bit of oil in the water is like a feeding frenzy, causing microbial populations to grow exponentially.

Typically, there are enough microbes in the ocean to consume half of any oil spilled in a month or two, says Howarth. Such microbes have been found in every ocean of the world sampled, from the Arctic to Antarctica. But there are reasons to think that the process may occur more quickly in the Gulf than in other oceans.

Microbes grow faster in the warmer water of the Gulf than they do in, say, the cool waters off Alaska, where the Exxon Valdez spill occurred. Moreover, the Gulf is hardly pristine. Even before humans started drilling for oil in the Gulf — and spilling lots of it — oil naturally seeped into the water. As a result, the Gulf evolved a rich collection of petroleum-loving microbes, ready to pounce on any new spill. The microbes are clever and tough, observes Samantha Joye, microbial geochemist at the University of Georgia. Joye has shown that oxygen levels in parts of the Gulf contaminated with oil have dropped. Since microbes need oxygen to eat the petroleum, that’s evidence that the microbes are hard at work.

The controversial dispersant used to break up the oil as it gushed from the deep-sea well may have helped the microbes do their work. Microbes can more easily consume small drops of oil than big ones. And there is evidence the microbes like to munch on the dispersant as well.

It is still far too early to know how much damage the spill has done — and may still be doing — to the environment. Tar balls continue to wash up on beaches. And the risk of a leak remains, until the well is permanently capped sometime in the next few weeks.

By JOHN CAREY, environmental writer

Where did you buy that sexxxy maids uniform? Charlene..

Which one sweetheart! Where do you live ... USA or elsewhere?

Ask me anything

Darling: is it better with or without chastity. Please tell.Charlene

Charlene ... is what better ... sex or service... the chastity builds the momentum. It keeps the fire going and offers a terrific explosion when you are allowed. Personally I love it and would not want to be without someone controlling my ejaculations. Not every time ... but ... Go for it Girl!

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The Tgirl's Cost Of Being Clean Shaven - I Have Started "A Keep Nikkij Clean Shaven Fund"

Electrolysis is the only scientifically proven method of permanent hair removal. Discovered by an Ophthalmologist in 1875, it has a long history, and no known dangerous side effects. A needle is inserted into the hair follicle, and a small amount of current is applied. The current cauterizes the papilla, which is the hair's blood supply, rendering the follicle incapable of producing a subsequent hair. The hair slides out effortlessly, and the next hair is treated. Electrolysis is appropriate for treating all types of hair, including fine and blonde hair. The charges for Electrolysis are based on the length of each session.

1 /4 Hour $45
1/2 Hour $60
3/4 Hour $75
1 Hour $90

Microdermabrasion is a physical exfoliating treatment. It utilizes equipment which sprays a fine mist of micro crystals onto the skin, and then vacuums them back up using suction. This suction action is useful in assisting with the production of collagen. The crystals leave the skin silky smooth to the touch. Indications for Microdermabrasion include the treatment of hyperpigmentation (dark spots or freckles), blackheads, fine lines and wrinkles and a dull sallow appearance to the skin. After a treatment, the skin is left with a beautiful healthy glow. Microdermabrasion is most effective when done in a series of 6 treatments every two weeks.

Initial series of 6 treatments are $150 each
Maintenance after 6 initial treatments are $125 each

Therapeutic Facial
This is our customized facial treatment. It is a complete facial cleaning experience. It includes cleansing, steam or warm towels are applied, whiteheads and blackheads are extracted, followed by a glycolic acid peel or treatment mask. Massaged hands are placed in heated mitts. Applying appropriate moisturizer and sunscreen to the face completes the treatment. The therapeutic facial can be altered to focus on specific problems, such as aging skin or acne, depending on the client’s needs. The neck and chest are also included. Treatment time is approximately one hour.

Therapeutic Facial Treatment (1 Hour) $85

Glycolic Peel
This is a perfect pick me up for in between facials, or for those who want great results with a limited amount of time. The skin is cleansed, and the glycolic solution is applied. It is followed up with an appropriate moisturizer and sunscreen.

Glycolic Peel Treatment (1/2 Hour) $50

The primary focus is on removing congestion from the skin by eliminating whiteheads and blackheads, along with pustules or pimples. Ideal for people with chronic acne who need more time to deal with their major problem areas. Sessions are about 30 minutes.

Extraction Fee (depends on time spent) $40-$60

Permanent Makeup
This procedure creates a natural look for the eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and full lip color. Natural pigments are placed beneath the skin’s surface, which will not wash off. The color may gradually fade over several years, requiring a touch up if desired. Treatment cost includes the initial consultation and color selection, first treatment, and two touch up appointments within a few months of the initial treatment.

Call First!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bee Armitage

Kylie's First!

My first time was very very special to me in lots of ways.

I had a freind Tina from school we started to become close at the age of 11. A little into our freindship we were playing around as kids do when i suggested we swap clothes just to see what it was like. After that we did this quite regularly & she would put make up on me, Having reasonably long hair at the time with just a little fiddling she could make me look very girly indeed.

When we reached the age of 14 i noticed that she always had money to spend so i asked her where she got all her money from.

She told me to meet her on the Saturday night just a little before it got Dark & she would show me. We met as arranged & she had a bag of clothes with her which she quickly got me to put on for her then she made me up & did my hair. We hid my male clothing in a hedge & then we caught a bus into town.

When we got there tina took me to the dock area where she played up to a lot of the guys, then suddenly she came over to me & "said well you wanted to know where i get my money" "Well here's your chance all you have to do is give that guy over there a blow job"

I was stunned by what she had just said to me but also intrigued too. But But what if he tries to touch me where he shouldnt? i said its ok i told him its your wrong time of month if you suck him dry he will give you £5. I blushed but for some reason decided to try at first i struggled to get things right but then started to get a rythym i sort of half heartedly asked the guy not to cum in my mouth as it was my first time.

The guy was gentle at first & promised he wouldnt cum but then he got hold of the back of my neck forcing me deeper & deeper i choked i gagged when suddenly he jerked right into my mouth & just shot & shot & shot. I had no choice but to swallow with the force but started to feel really quite sick but he just held my head. When it was over he gave me £20 he said that i was a natural & if i ever wanted to meet again he'd love to but he wanted my pussy next time.
I met up with Tina not long after & she just chuckled at me & said now your just like me.

After that we often met guys on the dockside & tina would always tell them its my first time & wrong time of Month we kept this up till we were 16. Then she met a guy & settled down about 2 yrs later although were still good freinds & she often taunts me about it.

Your Secret Desires...

Are Your Secret Desires represented here?
A BBC Whore
A secret Tgirl Amongst GG's
A Female Crime Fighter
An Exotic Dancer
or ...
I wish I could be an exotic dancer. I have been in upscale gentlemens clubs enfemme. I have in the Cabaret Royale in Dallas many times; and twice in the Trophy Club near the Houston Intercontinental Airport. I would love to dance at a strip club frequented by brikers... that thought keeps my clitty hard.

Don't Hold Back!

Changes are an opportunity for something better. Let go of old restrictions and dare to step into something more exciting and fulfilling. Don't let anyone -- including yourself -- hold you back.

Today's Word "Profligate"

Profligate \ PROF-luh-guht; -gayt \ (adjective) - 1 : Openly and shamelessly immoral; dissipated; dissolute. 2 : Recklessly wasteful.

(noun) - A profligate person.

"Both Curtiss and Feldmar agreed that after the birth of Bruno the couple grew less happy and that there was a good deal of squabbling caused, apparently, by the father's profligate ways and infidelities." -- Arthur Lennig, 'Stroheim'

Profligate derives from the past participle of Latin profligatus , from profligare , to strike or fling forward, hence to the ground, from pro- , forward + fligere , to strike down.

What's In A Name

How did you pick your tgirl name?
Did you pick it yourself?
Did your girlfriend or wife choose it for you?
Or Did your Master or Mistress?
Do you like your name?
Please describe in great detail how your arrived at choosing yours... please!
My original tgirl name was jennie. It was given to me by my sister Melissa. She would always ask me when jennie was coming up to visit her at college. I became Jennifer for a brief period. I thought I was a Domme... or at least tried to be. Mistress Jennifer just didn't go over.
When I met my wife Ashley, we changed it. Nicole Kidman is one of my favs and it just so happens we have the same birthday. So I became Nicole. I tried Nico depending on my moods. Nico was very playful. When Ashley and i were getting ready to split and I got my boobies I decided to become Nikki... we tagged on the j after awhile and became Nikkij when i went full time in 2006.
I need a last name and I have been a history buff so I looked for a former President's name. Nicole Jennifer Bush didn't work besides one of his kids is Jennifer; neither did Nicole Jennifer Clinton... its has no pizazz. Washington, Adams, Jefferson ... nope .. now Monroe that might have worked ... ahhh .. Madison. That has class... so I became Nicole Jennifer Madison .. actually Jennifer Nicole Madison rolls off your tongue better ... pun intended ... but I took Nicole Jennifer since I love being called Nikkij!

Today's Word "putsch"

Putsch \ PUCH ('u' as in 'push') \ (noun) - (Sometimes capitalized) A secretly planned and suddenly executed attempt to overthrow a government.

"Hitler operated from Munich where he enjoyed a fair degree of support, and it was here that his Putsch took place in an effort to seize power in Bavaria." -- Alan Jefferson, 'Elisabeth Schwarzkopf '

Putsch comes from German, from Middle High German, literally, "thrust."

Off To Whole Foods!

Strawberries and Cream ... and then Some

Alexa and I were out by the pool doing our pool boy duties. We were having company tonight and Quinn wanted the pool area to sparkle.

Quinn apparently dressed for an appointment this morning joined us poolside. On a tray he had two bowls of strawberries and a tube of lube… “Ladies you are doing a wonderful job. I need you pick up a few things at the store today. I have a list on the kitchen counter” … Quinn grinning then turned to me,”Nikkij how’s my slut cow? Have you been milked today?”

“No Sir … “

I have a treat for you then… here’s a bowl of strawberries for you, but unfortunately we don’t have any cream … I know you like yours with cream so you better create your own cream for your strawberries. Being the cow that you are … you will know what to do.”

Quinn then turned to Alexa… “Do you want to help Nikkij or do you want your own cream on your strawberries?” Alexa nodded… “I thought so! Enjoy ladies. I almost forgot … I’m leaving in five minutes and I want your bowls clean before I go!”

I immediately released my clitty from my bikini bottom and greased its shaft with the lube. Alexa did the same. We both knew that this was a race not to lose as there are always consequences with Quinn. I luckily had the forethought to use a cock ring this morning so my clitty was already hard. I furiously stroked myself … racing against Quinn’s proverbial 5 minute clock. I forced deep sensual thoughts and moans as I stood over my metal bowl.

“I don’t want any drops of your cum sauce on the ground, the table,tray or you sluts!”

I grabbed the bowl, moving it close to my clitty, so my aim would be better. I don’t know who came first but out of the corner of my eye I soon saw Alexa spurting her jism on her strawberries. I also came with enthusiasm covering my strawberries ... not missing one drop.

“Ladies, I forgot the forks but you can’t use your hands to eat?”

I immediately dropped to my knees tongue first into my bowl, licking the sides of the as I slurped down my 'cream' along with the strawberries. I know when Quinn said clean … he meant spotless. Quinn started to count down the time. I shouted “Done Sir” almost at the same time as Alexa. I am not sure who was first.

“My slut cows tied…. Let’s inspect the bowls. Spotless, who said you girls, had the quickest tongues in Dallas?”

Quinn turned to leave. “Don’t forget the grocery list on the counter. We’re having linguine and clams tonight. We only have a limited amount of clam sauce but that’s for our guests. Since you two will be joining us at dinner you cows will have to figure that out how to make your own cream sauce.”

Quinn smiled and turned back to both of us. “You are in luck today. We’re having some landscaping done. The crew will be here in a few minutes. I left the Tupperware container out. You have some milking to do… so fill it cows!”