Thursday, May 31, 2012


Today's Word "Guttle"
To eat voraciously
guttle \GUT-l\ (verb tr., intr.) - To eat voraciously; to devour greedily.

"Diana was wont to linger at the shop where she would read notices over the cash register while she waited for me to guttle my ice cream."

From gut, on the pattern of guzzle, from Middle English gut, from plural guttes (entrails), from Old English guttas.

On My Soapbox Today!

You must speak up for those who can't. Take responsibility for your children and advocate for their best interests. Adults who are somehow disadvantaged need your proactive support now.

Never Is ...

Make Me Jerk

Been Out of Town

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I have been travelling and working. I spent some time at Ocean city, which is a beach resort near me here in Annapolis. I spent some with two male friends trolling the hot spots in OC.  I can't get enough of Fager's Island, Liquid Assets and Jive.

I also went to Cabo San Lucas for 10 days. I love the swings at Baja Cantina and had some great meals in town at Doc's Wine Bar. Nikki Beach was fun. Ditto for RIU. It was terrific. If you ever get to Cabo say hello to Amanda at Cabo Blue.

Yes the sex was great!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Care To Dance?

Accept Me!

Kiss Me ....

You Do...?



Keep Her Moving ....

Another One From Andy!

I Know You Want Some

Care To Make It Three...?


Do Her


Fill Him UP!