Sunday, February 24, 2013

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Saturday, February 23, 2013


paigeladyboi joined the channel.
<paigeladyboi> Hi Nikki
<NikkijMadison1> hey paige
<NikkijMadison1> so how long you been paige
<paigeladyboi> I don't live as paige full time, but about 7-8 years
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<NikkijMadison1> you started when i did
<NikkijMadison1> who knows
<paigeladyboi> Oh cool. :)
<NikkijMadison1> i found my sisters teddies and that's all she wrote
<paigeladyboi> aw cute. I've always wanted to wear a teddie
<NikkijMadison1> they are awesome ... still have many
<NikkijMadison1> great with snaps at crotch
<NikkijMadison1> are you bi
<paigeladyboi> I am
<NikkijMadison1> i love the little school girl look
<paigeladyboi> heehee, thank you. its my favorite
<NikkijMadison1> white thigh highs would be perfect
<paigeladyboi> oh, you're so right, I should get some.
<NikkijMadison1> have you dress for your men as paige
<NikkijMadison1> get several
<NikkijMadison1> would add frilly low cut blouse
<NikkijMadison1> also see through nylon
<paigeladyboi> no i haven't
<paigeladyboi> Oo you have the best ideas. I'd love to just let you dress me up heehee
<NikkijMadison1> would wear vest with push up bra
<NikkijMadison1> geta little leash and little pearl choker
<paigeladyboi> Mmmm :) sounds nice
<NikkijMadison1> i would take you =under my wing
<NikkijMadison1> you in college
<paigeladyboi> I'd love to be under you.
<paigeladyboi> And learn from you
<paigeladyboi> I am
<NikkijMadison1> you like labyboi clit
<NikkijMadison1> ladyboi
<paigeladyboi> I love it
<NikkijMadison1> awesome
<NikkijMadison1> who knows about paige
<paigeladyboi> just a few female friends
<NikkijMadison1> do they see her often
<paigeladyboi> no
<NikkijMadison1> too bad just know about her
<paigeladyboi> yeah.
<NikkijMadison1> so when will the world get to see her
<paigeladyboi> idk i'm kinda shy about it
<NikkijMadison1> so was i until my sisters helped with my feminity
<NikkijMadison1> will your female friends help
<paigeladyboi> sometimes. It'd be nicer to have some one like you to help me
<NikkijMadison1> true
<NikkijMadison1> you in school or working full time
<paigeladyboi> i'm in school
<NikkijMadison1> college
<NikkijMadison1> what will you do this summer
<paigeladyboi> College yeras. Idk I'm looking for internships/work
<NikkijMadison1> ic
<NikkijMadison1> summer intern at the back and be femmeall summer
<NikkijMadison1> femme
<paigeladyboi> the back?
<NikkijMadison1> beach
<NikkijMadison1> i live at the beach
<NikkijMadison1> sorry
<NikkijMadison1> with two bi guys
<paigeladyboi> Oo that sounds delightful
<paigeladyboi> Do you look good in a bikini, i don't think i would.
<NikkijMadison1> yes i do
<NikkijMadison1> wear a one piece until you are ready
<NikkijMadison1> you will look like sissy boy that's all
<paigeladyboi> :3 you're really tempting me. I think I might
<paigeladyboi> do you have any pics of you in a bikini?
<NikkijMadison1> you would not have your own bedroom
<NikkijMadison1> you most likely would sleep on doggie bed
<NikkijMadison1> i do myself some nights
<NikkijMadison1> ever been in chastity or doggie cage
<paigeladyboi> heehee, no Ma'am
<NikkijMadison1> i live with two bi MEN
<NikkijMadison1> have my own room
<NikkijMadison1> i service them daily
<NikkijMadison1> work at their bars
<NikkijMadison1> ma THEIR FUCK TOY
<NikkijMadison1> bars
<paigeladyboi> Whoa, thats really cool.
<NikkijMadison1> keep the condo cleaned
<NikkijMadison1> at the beach daily
<NikkijMadison1> beach
<NikkijMadison1> have ability to get full tan on the roof of building
<NikkijMadison1> would you have trouble been girl 24/7
<paigeladyboi> i would here
<paigeladyboi> and i'm shy about my voice
<NikkijMadison1> work on it
<NikkijMadison1> was too
<NikkijMadison1> chnaged it
<NikkijMadison1> as best i could
<paigeladyboi> cool
<NikkijMadison1> no longer get heads to turn when i speak... most turn when they look at my booty
<paigeladyboi> Heehee nice


lacygirl joined the channel.
<NikkijMadison2> hey sis
<lacygirl> hi so nice to meet you
<lacygirl> you have an amazing body
<NikkijMadison2> and me you
<NikkijMadison2> i love chastity too
<NikkijMadison2> thank you
<lacygirl> i was reading your profile, sounds like a story from force womanhood magazine
<NikkijMadison2> perhaps i should submit it to one
<NikkijMadison2> you don't have to force me
<lacygirl> but i admire your courage
<NikkijMadison2> thank you
<NikkijMadison2> i was femme when not at my male job anyway and always femme underneath
<lacygirl> i have recently been with a black Dom and i find that it's all i'm thinking about lately
<lacygirl> i shave my sissy plums daily so my panties feel best
<NikkijMadison2> isn't it awesome to suck HIM
<NikkijMadison2> i just love to service bbc
<NikkijMadison2> you there
<lacygirl> yes so sorry
<NikkijMadison2> np
<NikkijMadison2> easy to get side tracked on here
<lacygirl> i was dressed when he arrived in my hotel, we chatted, and went onto the balcony where he started to feel me up
<lacygirl> he told me he had something for me and wow was he thick
<lacygirl> do you use Fetlife?
<NikkijMadison2> have profile there but there as often as here ... need to build it up
<NikkijMadison2> how many times did you suck him off that night?
<lacygirl> please look for me under lacygirl
<lacygirl> you'll see my Vegas photos
<lacygirl> with Marcellus
<lacygirl> he promises to make a video next time
<lacygirl> so now i am looking for an excuse to go to Vegas again
<NikkijMadison2> sent you friend request
<lacygirl> He loved to talk. all i wanted to do was dress up, suck him and get his cock in my pussy
<NikkijMadison2> where in LV did you meet him
<lacygirl> i met him on club sissy and invited him to my room
<lacygirl> kinda risky but it turned out great
<NikkijMadison2> what's the name of the club
<NikkijMadison2> in LV or online
<lacygirl> club sissy is a web site
<NikkijMadison2> so he wanted to talk and you wanted to suck
<lacygirl> yes so i had to initiate things. i offered to change my outfit and switching from white to black really changed his demeanor
<NikkijMadison2> cool
<NikkijMadison2> were you caged for HIM
<lacygirl> i undressed him and felt him grow. so thick
<lacygirl> oh yes, i love chastity too. i gave him the key when he arrived
<lacygirl> i had a new steel chastity that looks so cool
<lacygirl> looks so much more permanent that the CB6000 plastic type
<lacygirl> i have one of those too
<lacygirl> so are you attached??
<NikkijMadison2> fucktoy for two bi guys right now
<lacygirl> where might i find more photos of you?
<NikkijMadison2> i have some more
<NikkijMadison2> when we get to know you better i will send more
<lacygirl> Ok, so you are a sub all the time?
<NikkijMadison2> mostly now
<NikkijMadison2> been living with them since July
<lacygirl> oh i see, at least cock is readily available when you need it
<NikkijMadison2> i suck them both daily
<NikkijMadison2> that is my job when i am not working at their club
<lacygirl> lucky them.....
<NikkijMadison2> luky me
<lacygirl> i get lots of offers from men but i am still looking for the perfect guy
<NikkijMadison2> i will suck almost any cock once
<lacygirl> He has to be well hung. i have an above average clitty so he has to be bigger than me
<NikkijMadison2> i am 7 and ff
<lacygirl> beside, i want to be stretched
<NikkijMadison2> i like all sizes
<lacygirl> i am a relative novice. i've only sucked 4 cocks til now
<lacygirl> and been fucked only 2X
<NikkijMadison2> i am in the 100s
<lacygirl> i got hooked with my dildos. i have 7 or 8 of them and some are outrageously big
<NikkijMadison2> been sucking cock since 17
<NikkijMadison2> if i could i would suck bbc all the time
<lacygirl> i plan on videoing my next time
<NikkijMadison2> cool
<lacygirl> i am an exhibitionist and have my pics on a lot of sites
<lacygirl> and i was in Forced Womanhood magazine a few years ago
<NikkijMadison2> i have to watch how i post my pics
<NikkijMadison2> have public job in st8 bars
<lacygirl> why?
<lacygirl> i see
<NikkijMadison2> too much hassle
<NikkijMadison2> been burnt
<lacygirl> so you are full fledged - living 24/7
<NikkijMadison2> yeppers
<lacygirl> good for you. i must admit that i lived a private fantasy for many years and only in the past 3 have i actively looked for men
<NikkijMadison2> i had an asshole come into my bar when in Baltimore and at the top of his lungs told me to show him my cock
<lacygirl> wow. what happened then?
<NikkijMadison2> sucked my sisters bf first then my child hood friend Robbie
<NikkijMadison2> john the owner escorting him out
<NikkijMadison2> i was so embarrassed i couldn't work at that for bar for weeks
<NikkijMadison2> i finally when back
<lacygirl> to work at a bar with men staring at you and lusting for you must be exciting
<lacygirl> and you must be very beautiful and convincing too
<NikkijMadison2> it is ... i love it
<NikkijMadison2> i love to show cleavage now too
<lacygirl> ever worked a strip bar??
<NikkijMadison2> want to yes
<NikkijMadison2> in Texas would be awesome
<NikkijMadison2> or Toronto
<lacygirl> do you ever come this way?
<lacygirl> i'm glad we had a chance to chat and i hope we can do it again but i have to run
<NikkijMadison2> road trip
<NikkijMadison2> could
<lacygirl> i will look for your request in FL


Tethered joined the channel.
<NikkijMadison> hey sis
<Tethered> hi there
<NikkijMadison> what's your name
<Tethered> alexis
<NikkijMadison> nice
<NikkijMadison> kisses alexis
<Tethered> thanks, love kisses
<Tethered> So hand jobs in front of your men?
<NikkijMadison> how often does alexis come out
<NikkijMadison> i am a fuck toy for two MEN right now
<Tethered> not often enough - weekends primarily.
<Tethered> So you're offering them hand jobs or they enjoy watching you stroke?
<NikkijMadison> they love to control me through chastity and will let me release her everyday.... 
<NikkijMadison> they love watching me stroke her
<Tethered> mmmmmmmmmm
<Tethered> as would i
<Tethered> what devise do you wear?
<NikkijMadison> they also love having me stoke her in front of others too
<NikkijMadison> but then again so do i
<NikkijMadison> cb6000
<Tethered> lovely, a exhibitionist masturbator!
<NikkijMadison> yes thank you
<Tethered> same device as i use for chaste.
<NikkijMadison> awesome device
<Tethered> i actually enjoy being caged
<NikkijMadison> so do i
<Tethered> keeps me on ready
<NikkijMadison> when i am caged during day though i have to wear flowing skirts or dresses
<NikkijMadison> Ralph and Tommy keep me in chastity when i am not working
<Tethered> yes, it does protrude in tight clothing
<NikkijMadison> yes it does
<NikkijMadison> and i love tight pants
<Tethered> i may have to visit you at the bar in Annapolis
<NikkijMadison> in oc now
<Tethered> Sweet - where (if i may ask)?
<NikkijMadison> i will let you know if we can connect
<Tethered> Cool. Growing up owned a home in Fenwick
<NikkijMadison> cool not far 
<NikkijMadison> i share a cond on the ocena block with two bi guys... i am their fuck toy
<Tethered> sounds like a wonderful home for you
<Tethered> pussy use also?
<NikkijMadison> yes
<Tethered> great. Stay in touch if you can.
<NikkijMadison> would love too
<Tethered> me too. Do you use yahoo?
<NikkijMadison> nikkij.madison
<Tethered> tethered_asset
<NikkijMadison> cool name
<Tethered> ~blushes, thanks feel free to add me, i use IM there
<NikkijMadison> cool
<Tethered> bi for now
<NikkijMadison> bi

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