Sunday, May 29, 2011

mmm i love being featured on your blog haha, its almost like... proof that i'm a sissy!

Sent me some pics and i will post them with the pics.

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A blindfold sounds amazing. What would i get in return for being a good boy

Who says you would be good!

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Are there any differences between shemale and ladyboy? ,

None ...

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what about you? what was your first time like?

My first times were when I visited my sister away at college. I would always go out with her and her girl friends ... some really thought i was her sister. They got a fake id for me and we went clubbing.

She later got me involved with her bdsm group.

The first times alone was when I was in college. I love going to the bars on Route One in College Park.

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if me and you are dancing close together at a club or a party would we kiss

Of course we would and I would push my clitty into your leg!

mmm that story is going to go on your blog isn't it ;-)

that one -- only when I answer questions -- isn't but I can put it there....

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i've been out en femme a few times. i've worn heels with my male clothes out to the mall before and of course i've been out fully dressed to go to fetish parties and stuff. i actually have a funny story about the first time i was out completely en femme..

I always loved going enfemme to the mall before I went 24/7. VS was always a stop I loved going to! Tell me your first timer story Jana!

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Are you against same sex marriage?

Why woulda ladyboy be against same sex marraige... ?

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trying to buy clothes at the mall haha

In your male clothes or enfemme... have you gone enfemme yet?

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yea.. he definitely found out once i was on my knees with his cock in my mouth!

Where were you that he caught you?

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i give them a little wink and try to readjust myself. there was one time though where this guy saw my thong sticking up, he actually walked by and gave it a tug. the lacy thong pulled on my clitty and i couldn't help but give the girliest moan...

Yummy ... Did he know you were a boi or ...

hehe quite a few times. i've had people notice that i have hose on especially since sometimes i wear patterned hose, i've also had my thong stick up over the top of my pants too. its just so hard to keep my inner slut from cumming out ;-)

So true .. what did you do when you got caught?

One of my customers spotted my garter belt when I dropped my briefcase. He asked to meet for a dinner after work and told me to come completely dressed. He was my best customer!

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oh i already wear panties and hose almost daily ;-) i've been a sissy for quite some time now.

Awesome Jana... has anyone caught enfemme yet underneath your male clothes?

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do you think that i need to get my eyebrows shaped? is there a way to fix them up without shaping?

Shape them if you can ... always try to be as femme as you can be!

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i like to wrap my clitty up with hose during the day to feel feminine, what other little things do you think i should do daily?

I assume you are in male clothes during the day... can you wear panties underneath?

I loved to wear thongs and a garter and stockings underneath my male clothes! I would go without panties but I would drip all day!

Ask me anything

do you prefer thigh high or knee high boots?

I love both .. It depends upon what else I am wearing. I have more than one pair in my closet!

What would your dream job look like?

I would own a Gentlemen's Club and I would be the star attraction!

Do you live more in the past or the present?

I live in the present ...

Your bored, what do you do to entertain yourself?


What is something you enjoy or take an interest in that most people would consider weird?

Making sure that the seams are straight in my stockings!

I have the deep fear that if I look outside or into my car from in my house I'll see myself looking back at me. Do you have any crazy person fears like that or other bizarre fears?

I wake up and my clitty is not hard ... so far that hasn't happen!

If you could be doing anything you wanted at this very moment, what would you do?

As always sucking cock and eating pussy!

Name five things you like about yourself.

My boobies
my ff clity
My smile
my booty
my sexual appetite
my bisexuality

and the fact that I am a very passable ladyboy!

I could on ... seven is more than five!

I would love that. What else have you got in mind?

how about it if blindfolded you!

Yes anything

Let's see ... dress you ina cage and knee high leather boots and put you ona leash and parade you around Covent Gardens on Sunday afternoon!

what did ray say when he saw your clitty. are u fucking alicia right now and did u cum in her mouth? so nancy really wanted to fuck u yesterday

Ray was fascinated by my bell. He loved to make it jingle. Not at the moment but we have done almost everything together!Yes she did

You know i would do anything for you

Anything ...

Your clitty is sore from all the fucking u did? so they all took turns fucking your booty raw. did u make any of them suck your clitty

Ray sucked his first TGirll clitty and he wants more this afternoon! Alicia loves my clitty and she just finished getting me off! Nancy was too busy having me inside her pussy. She did say I wasn't leaving until she did me!

Just Yummy

Just Yummy

Today's Word "fetish"

fetish \FE-dish (US) or FE-tish (Britain) (noun) - 1 : An amulet or other artifact believed to have magical power to protect its owner; any object treated with superstitition or obsession; 2 : an extremely strong fixation.

"Wolfgang had a real fetish for fetishes, always keeping no more than five on his person, several in his vehicle, and boxes and cabinets full in his domicile."

From Portuguese feitico "witchcraft, sorcery". Portuguese later re-borrowed the English word "fetish" as fetiche, with the same meanings as in English: (a) a superstitious amulet and (b) a sexual fetish. "Feitico" devolved from Latin factitius "artificial, factitious" from the past participle of Latin facere "make, do," factum "made, done," also the source of English "fact," Portuguese "facto" (Brazilian "fato"), Spanish "hecho" and French "fait" (as in "fait accompli")

Would you visit again. I would love to fuck you

Sure ... would you take me back to the Inside Way Out Club?

I don't know where you live but I would like to know whether you would love to see Obama to be elected as president again for the 2nd time?

The politics in America can be solved by one political party fighting each other ... It can only be solved by the political parties finding common ground to find solutions. Whether the next US President is Barack Obama or someone else that's the got to be the solution!

Have you been to The UK before

yes i have .. a few times... A great transgender secene there...

Did you get airtight last night?

Yes i did!

Would love for You to feminize me dominate me and be my Mistress... What do You think ?

I don't know anything about you!

Ask me anything

What would you do if you were trapped in an elevator with two others.... one is attracted to you -- as you are .. and the other one is having some anxious moments. They are best friends. The one that is attracted to you comes onto you.... what do you do?

What would you do if you were trapped in an elevator with two others.... one is attracted to you -- as you are .. and the other one is having some anxious moments. They are best friends. The one that is attracted to you comes onto you.... what do you do?
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Tell me what we would do to me if we were trapped in my bedroom with for 24 hours.

Tell me what we would do to me if we were trapped in my bedroom with for 24 hours.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Are there any areas where you like to be licked that might not be a place people would usually think to lick?

The taint ... also love my nips licked ... and earsand my clitty balls but above all the taint is the secret place! How about you Raine?

what are u going to do before u go on the cruise like see any of your friends

Listen to some music at Skippers... We are meeting some other friends besides Nancy and Ray.

Do you think that being topless should be allowed in public place in your country?


What kind of clitty jewelry do you have?

I have a few cock rings that are perfect for my clitty. I also have a goregous tpaz necklace like piece that dangles over my clitty. I alsoa a smal ring at the tip of foreskin that I have also dangled either jewelry and small bell. I love the bell. When I wear a dress or skirt It jingles when I walk without panties

Do you think of the word "slut" as a compliment or insult?

I love being a slut and love it when someone calls me one in public!

Do you think of the word "Bitch" as compliment or insult?

Bitch is a true compliment to me!

When someone is giving you oral, do you like them to suck hard? do you like a lot of tongue action on the balls, and on the taint?

I love my taint played with .. and i love my clitty sucked hard. I do like to rough andi love my clitty balls to be sucked and rubbed!

i want u to fuck me with your 7" clitty then i would fuck u. what else are u going to wear

I will put on my clitty jewelry and  tight blue tank top. Tight blue jeans and 3" blue heels ... I lave a lacy blue bra.. I like it when my bra straps show!

nice i would love be on the cruise and watch u get fucked then join in. what are u wearing right now? i am getting horny

Blue lycra panties and heels ... doing my make up

are u and nancy going to take turns fucking each other while u are crusing. are they all going to gangbang your booty to on the crusie? do u any other toys that u are going to bring with u

She will do me first... that's the deal. From there ... it's never fully planned!

What would you do of you enter a room and you see an orgy sex, something like a group of people, boys and girls are having fun with so much of sex activities?

Join in of cousre!

Do you feel horny when a guy tight you and you can't move at all and he masturbate on his girlfriend right in front of you?

I loved being cuffed and i love watching a man masturbate!

have u ever fucked Nancy before? that is a lot fucking and wish i lived by u so i could go with u and your friends. are u going to tuck when u wear your bikini? so your booty and your clitty are u going to get a nice workout

I don't tuck unless its the right thing to do! Yes Nancy and I did it last night ... while Ray was boinking Alicia. I have plans for Nancy doing my booty as we cruise from Deale to Annapolis later this afternoon!

i see you have a new found affection for taz44 lol

Just getting Taz off this afternoon I am sure!

would u let me fuck u and then i would cum all over boobs

Of course

what toys are u going to bring and did they want u to wear? is your clitty ready for some more fun

My clitty is always ready for fun. Nancy wants to do my booty so we're bringing a strap on. for her. Ray wants me in his booty too. I may bring my cage and leash. I want Alicia to walk me out of Skippers on a leash

Jeans this afternoon and tank top. Ray wants to cruise back to Annapolis to have dinner. Alicia and i have matching black catsuits. Ihope tomorrow is warm enough to go bottomless with my cage as we cruise so i will just wear bikini top.

i would love to fuck your ass and i would have fucked u all day last night

We are meeting them later this afternoon at Skippers Pier in Deale. We are going to cruise all day tomorrow on the Bay! They want me to bring our toys!

sounds like it was a great party on the boat. did anybody else fuck your ass?

Not last night!

did u get fucked on the boat? and did u wear anything showed off your 7" clitty

I wore in tight blue jeans and bustier. Nancy noticed my bulge. I did get my booty done by Ray ... I did his wife Nancy too and Ray did Alicia. I licked his jism out of her pussy!

what did u do yesterday

I worked during the day at one of my Boss' restaurants. Then went to the Eastern Shore to party at the Jetty on Kent Isalnd. We - Alicia and I - met up with a couple who had a boat docked behind the bar.... I just got home.

7" and functional!! Do you shoot big loads? Would you let me suck your clit and shoot all over my face?

I Love to shoot big loads ... Of course I love my clitty being sucked ... and often!


Girls -- Would you rather swallow or have him cum on your face?Guys -- do you want her to swallow or do you want to give her a facial?

Girls -- Would you rather swallow or have him cum on your face?

Guys -- do you want her to swallow or do you want to give her a facial?
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Does giving a handjob with lotion or with oil turn you on the most?

Does giving a handjob with lotion or with oil turn you on the most?
Answer here

i wanna F*ck you until you cum

Often I hope Zach

List Ten Things You Believe Everyone Should Experience At Least Once:

Anal Sex
The first time you put on a pair of stockings on your shaved legs!
Being the center of attention at a gang bang
Sucking his huge manhood
Same Sex Threesomes
Being the Filling in A Threesome
Having Your Make up put on by a stylist
Blindfolded, cuffed and leash -- it breeds humility
Public Display of Affection

that's my starters!