Friday, November 28, 2014

Steppin Out - Girl Friend!

I Fetched a Grand!

Recently Tommy took me to a nearby Biker Bar.  I was dressed in a all white-- stockings, garters, g string, sheer white blouse with a lacy bar, short white skirt, red heels, pearl choker and my cb6000.. Tommy and I enjoyed a few cocktails. All of a sudden, he told me to stand on my chair. 

"I'm taking offers for this bitch! Who's interested?"

The guy at the bar said, "I will give you $100 bucks!" Another guy on the other side of room said Two.  A white woman, sitting at a nearby table shouted, . "We'll pay $300. With her was a hunky tall black dude.

A Guy screamed from the back of the bar "Take off your blouse bitch!"  Tommy nodded, and I dropped my blouse on the table. "Turn around Bitch show us your ass!" . I did a slow turn and wiggled by booty to a few catcalls. 

The first guy raised his hand " I'll pay Four!" Show us more!

As if on cue---  I dropped my skirt and stepped out of it, as it fell to the floor beneath the table.  I heard cheers from the now getting rowdy bar.  I slowly turn to face the cheers, and for the first time my clitty in my cage was revealed.

"She's a guy" .... accompanied by loud hisses.

The white woman raised her voice over the noise, " We'll give you a $1000 for the shemale!" The room went silent. 

Tommy said, "another other takers?" He very quickly reached up and leashed my choker and he handed it the led to the woman, who was walking straight towards me. Looking in to my eyes,  but talking to Tommy. "My name is Claire... what's the deal on time?"

"I'm Tommy, keep her for a few days if you want. Call me.I will pick her up." 

The black dude joined us. Jonathan, introduced himself to Tommy; then handed him 10 $100. We live in Lewes. We'll bring her back safe. He then grabbed me by the waist  to lift me off the chair. "Pick up you clothes bitch! " I scrambled to do so, and Claire tugged on my leash... "let's go bitch!" 

I shuffled along behind Claire as she led me out the door, to the cheers and hoots of the bar. 

Tommy shouted, "Do you want the key!"  Jonathan turned to Tommy  and did a thumbs up. " Sure, why not!" 

-- For the next few days, I serviced Claire and Jonathan along with a few of their friends. Claire took me shopping and bought me a few clothes.  They dropped me back at the bar early one morning. I waited for Tommy to pick me up.  I had a big smile on my face when he retrieved me!


Can't Wait

Don't Ever Stop

All Access






A Girl's Work Is Never Done!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Did You Notice The Cute Pink Ribbon?

Do Me Again

Perfecto --

Bustier, chastity, glass plug, terrific expensive heels and red seamed black stockings

Do Me

Deep .... and Deeper

Never Was a Cowboy Fan ... Until Now

Plug Collection



You Do Want A Very Tight Fit To Get the Most Out of Your Cage!

Went Shopping

Young Freddie Became Mesmerized With My Caged Clitty.

Freddie is a new waiter at the restaurant, so after work Toby, one of other waiters invited Freddie to join us for a night cap at Jive. Jive is known for the best martinis in town.

When we got there, Toby excused himself to visit some “bar” friends at a table. Freddie and I got two seats at the bar. We did some small talk. He asked about the Ralph, the owner and Tommy the General Manager. He wanted to know how long I had been working for Ralph. How I got into bartending. The other restaurants. You know a lot of get to know you from work stuff.  All the while, Freddie kept looking at my boobies. No eye contact whatsoever.  After all, all he did was stare at them all night at work.

So I adjusted my bra by squeezing the sides of my boobies. I caught him looking, I winked and gave him a big smile.  “You Like? You can squeeze them too if you want!” All he did was blush.

Freddie was still very nervous, and after a few Martinis, I moved closer to him at the bar. I whispered in ear, and with my free hand, guided his hand under my short skirt. I could feel the push back when he found two surprises not just one. Through sheer black fabric, Freddie discovered my bulge and my cage at the same time. “Oh!” was all he could say. I reached over, unzipped his pants to squeeze his cock. It was already hard!

“I see that my surprise turns you on Freddie my dear?”

“Toby said you were different … now I know what he means!”

“I want you. Toby will understand. He may even catch up with us later!”

On the way, out I started to give Toby my car keys…. But before I could say join us at my place later, he told his friends good night and followed us out. I flipped my keys to Toby as Freddie and I climbed into the back seat. Before I could pull his cock out of his pants… his mouth was on her licking and sucking me through my cage. He drove me crazy all the way home.

As we all got out of the car, I grabbed them both by hand and we ran into the house, straight to my bedroom. Toby knows the drill so with one quick motion he dropped his pants to the floor. I pushed him back on the bed and jumped his cock. Freddie slide under me so he could keep sucking her through my cage.  I finished Toby off in no time. He never did have a lot of staying power. Licking my lips, all I wanted now was some new cock.

I squirmed away and turned Freddie around so I could get his cock in my mouth…. No sooner than I  was ready to put him in me, he came all over my face. With my fingers, I cleaned my face, licked them clean, but saved a little bit for Freddie lick them dry. I still wanted his cock, so I buried my face in his crotch …. To my amazement, Freddie was now tiny. 

Up to challenge, I licked and tongued and sucked him hard in no time. Toby was ready again, and of course he stuffed my booty. In no time, Freddie was squirming and he again shot his nut this time I cleaned him dry. In no time, Toby had his cum again inside me.

I rolled over … softly moaning… that turned into a little whimper…. Both guys had shot their loads twice and I have been left hanging. This damn cage. Both guys comforted me….Freddie was awestruck but Toby kept asking me about the key.

Just Then Tommy walked in my room. “I have the key!” Tommy smiled “So you bitches want the the little pet to cum? You bitches have to replace her then!" He then rummaged through my pantie drawer. “Ah, put these on bitches!” as he tossed Toby a pair sheer black panties and Freddie, a g-string; then me the key. Stroke her Nikkij!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Three Views

Help Me... Please!

Contest -- Panties Complete Me or You Complete Me?




I Did!

Tiny Dancer

First Impressions

Smile Girl Friend

Sheer Lace and Sexy