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<KaraCame> Hey there

<NikkijMadison> hey sis

<KaraCame> How are you?

<NikkijMadison> tell me more about last night

<KaraCame> Well it was a party at this gay couples house

<KaraCame> Not too many people, but a few

<KaraCame> I started out in shorts and a polo shirt

<NikkijMadison> you are shaved right

<NikkijMadison> you served drinks

<KaraCame> Then took my shirt off, then shorts, which I had on a vinyl pair underneath with removable front flap

<NikkijMadison> cool

<KaraCame> I shave everything but eyebrows and the top of my head

<NikkijMadison> cool

<NikkijMadison> me too

<NikkijMadison> shaved eyebrows once

<KaraCame> Then I took them off and had the red thong on, then that went off and I finished butt naked

<KaraCame> I need to go in and get my eyebrows waxed and shaped

<NikkijMadison> its cool when you do

<NikkijMadison> i would have kept u in red thong slid to the side

<NikkijMadison> with a RING ON YOUR CLIT

<KaraCame> ring on my clit?

<NikkijMadison> cock ring

<KaraCame> Oh, ok

<KaraCame> I enjoy those, but not my favorites

<NikkijMadison> i bet you had no prob staying hard last night

<KaraCame> lol, I never have problems with that

<NikkijMadison> yougot sucked often then

<KaraCame> The only time I had toruble getting hard, was when I was first learning to top guys

<KaraCame> Well, it got sucked quite a bit, but I was playing middle man and hooking people up

<NikkijMadison> so you kept party moving

<KaraCame> Yep, like I was grabbing cocks, blowing them to cut the edge, and then leaving them alone together

<NikkijMadison> too bad Kara wasn't invited

<NikkijMadison> lol

<KaraCame> lol, its cool I like partying as both sometimes

<NikkijMadison> i would have had you leashed too

<KaraCame> Usually that happens in Chicago

<NikkijMadison> i know

<NikkijMadison> not at school yet

<KaraCame> Sometimes, but not as Kara

<KaraCame> I go to Chicago tomorrow

<NikkijMadison> as Kara

<NikkijMadison> how many days in row as Kara

<KaraCame> Well, yeah I will be dressed tomorrow at some point

<KaraCame> I have never tried to dress and stay that way day after day

<KaraCame> I usually dress up at least once a day I am up there

<NikkijMadison> how long you there

<NikkijMadison> hanging with your gfs

<KaraCame> SHould be up there until the 7th or 8th of July

<KaraCame> I stay with one of the gf's up there, but will probably be out with the girls quite a bit

<NikkijMadison> do you want to go femme for a longer period

<KaraCame> Yes

<NikkijMadison> try it this time

<KaraCame> If I came to Maryland to visit you, I would want to stay femme the whole time

<NikkijMadison> you would of course

<NikkijMadison> i would arrive enfemme this trip

<KaraCame> I may be doing that, I think I have to see a guy before I get to my friends place

<NikkijMadison> ]cool

<NikkijMadison> enfemme

<KaraCame> yep

<NikkijMadison> dress there

<KaraCame> I will dress before I start driving up there

<NikkijMadison> cool

<NikkijMadison> you p to being feme for a few days ina row

<KaraCame> Yes, I am up for that

<NikkijMadison> do you nhave the clothes for it

<KaraCame> Yeah, I have a few pairs of panties, a couple bras, and some dresses and skirts for it

<NikkijMadison> any night gowns too

<NikkijMadison> a challenge for you

<KaraCame> I have a black robe and one see through teddy nightgown dress thingy

<KaraCame> What is the challenge?

<NikkijMadison> be femme for 24/7 for at least five days ... wear teddy to bed as your nightie

<NikkijMadison> have your gf(s0 take you shopping enfemme

<NikkijMadison> get your nails and toes down and your make up at the mall at a Department store

<KaraCame> Well, I would have to figure that out, cause I have to finish my interview this trip

<KaraCame> I would enjoy going to get a mani and pedi, never had one of those myself

<NikkijMadison> whenis your interview

<KaraCame> I find that out when I get up there

<NikkijMadison> then do you nails after the interview

<KaraCame> I could do that

<NikkijMadison> stay femme as long as you can... never wear male undies the whole time

<KaraCame> I had already planned on only packing panties for this trip

<NikkijMadison> don't pack any male undies

<KaraCame> Ok, that is a deal

<NikkijMadison> wear your sexist for the interview

<NikkijMadison> it will keep you on the edge

<KaraCame> haha, I like the way you think

<KaraCame> You push me get me to push my limits and experience more

<NikkijMadison> yep

<NikkijMadison> your gfs adore Kara right

<KaraCame> Yes they do

<NikkijMadison> surprise them as Kara the whole time

<NikkijMadison> they will love to take to shopping

<NikkijMadison> are any Domme like

<KaraCame> Yes, we always go shopping when I am there

<KaraCame> Yes, one is very Domme like

<NikkijMadison> enfemme?

<KaraCame> I think only once enfemme

<NikkijMadison> go for it

<KaraCame> I usually leave my dressing up to the girl I stay with, she has always decided when I am Kara or not

<NikkijMadison> she the domme

<NikkijMadison> do you fuck her a male

<KaraCame> Yes She is the Domme one

<KaraCame> No we play but only with the strapon and me getting fucked by her

<NikkijMadison> cool

<NikkijMadison> then you would always be my bitch

<KaraCame> Her boyfriend stays with her most the time, he is cool with it all and has fun when I dress as well

<NikkijMadison> then be femme the whole time

<NikkijMadison> will she let you

<KaraCame> Yes, I can always be your bitch, if that is how you want to have it be

<NikkijMadison> your male self would not show up

<KaraCame> I do not know if she will let me stay dressed the whole time, it depends what she has planned and if company is over or not

<NikkijMadison> people than do not know Kara?

<KaraCame> Yes, I would be enfemme 1005 always as your bitch, never a male or acting like a male around you

<NikkijMadison> cool

<KaraCame> Some know Kara, but not all of them. I am slowly meeting more and more

<NikkijMadison> cool

<KaraCame> 100% not 1005

<NikkijMadison> you will want to be Kara more and more if you spend days asher

<KaraCame> Yes, but then I would have to make the choice

<NikkijMadison> yes you may

<NikkijMadison> when i got married there was no turning back

<KaraCame> Did you do it for the marriage, or was it something you finally decided yourself?

<NikkijMadison> was dressing enfemme while not at work

<NikkijMadison> met her in enfemme

<NikkijMadison> we never went out socially with me not enfemme

<KaraCame> Yes, I need the one to push me and force me to go enfemme more and more

<NikkijMadison> the last time i had cock as male was in college

<NikkijMadison> it became natural to me

<KaraCame> YEs, I find that more and more as it goes

<NikkijMadison> at my bachelor party i burned my male undies

<KaraCame> And you were dressed enfeeme, wouldnt it be a bachelorette party?

<NikkijMadison> well sorta

<NikkijMadison> the guests were her bfs

<NikkijMadison> and i was enefemme

<KaraCame> I see

<KaraCame> So ultimately, you want a woman, a man, or another girl like yourself to be with?

<NikkijMadison> yes

<NikkijMadison> i like variety right now

<NikkijMadison> i need cock often but need to have GG domme me

<KaraCame> Yes, but if you had to choose one, which one would make you the happiest?

<NikkijMadison> and i need to play with other tgirsl

<NikkijMadison> truly i like it all too much

<NikkijMadison> i like a dom man controlling me

<NikkijMadison> i love cock

<NikkijMadison> so that might be the way for now

<NikkijMadison> but i crumble at th foot of Domme

<KaraCame> Yes I love and crave the cock, but only like the women and tgirls as Dominants over me

<NikkijMadison> i like the humilation of a Dom male

<KaraCame> Yes, but the guy has to be really dominant, not just for kicks for me to really get into subbing for them

<KaraCame> Yes, that humiliation I crave and get it when I submit to men

<NikkijMadison> but not as Kara

<KaraCame> As Kara, I crave the cock more and want men to dominate me

<NikkijMadison> thats what i like

<NikkijMadison> when Jonathan had the key that was awesome the unknown

<KaraCame> I know the feeling

<NikkijMadison> then the humiliation of him giving to the Alex

<NikkijMadison> alec

<KaraCame> Yes, I was passeda around the club like that one night from girl to guy with my leash and collar

<NikkijMadison> wasn't it just hot

<NikkijMadison> you there

<KaraCame> Yes it was, but I just hoped I was not passed along to some douche

<NikkijMadison> true

<NikkijMadison> have you done gang bangs

<KaraCame> No but I want to so badly

<NikkijMadison> doing bbc gang bang at noon on wed

<KaraCame> I want to join :(

<NikkijMadison> your interview

<KaraCame> Yes, I know

<KaraCame> HOw many is the gangbang?

<NikkijMadison> 3 this time

<KaraCame> How many is the most you have done at one time?

<NikkijMadison> six at one time

<NikkijMadison> i did twelve once over 3 days

<KaraCame> Wow I am jealous I want to be trained to do that for you

<KaraCame> Have you ever done a dp before?

<NikkijMadison> dp?

<KaraCame> double penetration

<NikkijMadison> ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

<NikkijMadison> i have two in my mouth never in my butt

<KaraCame> I have done two in the ass before, and have done two in the mouth

<NikkijMadison> big ones

<KaraCame> Not in my mouth, but I took a 7inch and 8 inch in my ass for a dp

<NikkijMadison> wow

<KaraCame> It hurt like hell, but felt so damn good at the same time

<NikkijMadison> were you cuffs or leashed or blindfolded

<KaraCame> Niether for the dp

<NikkijMadison> did they stroke your clitty

<KaraCame> Yes they stroked it, and then they both shot their loads on my face

<NikkijMadison> cool

<NikkijMadison> how did you feel?

<KaraCame> Like a little cockslut

<NikkijMadison> yes we do

<KaraCame> Yes, but realizing it in the moment it all happens is priceless

<NikkijMadison> i like to be used then left on the floor

<NikkijMadison> as they talk about me when they leave

<NikkijMadison> always do gang bangs with leash and in pink

<KaraCame> My biggest fantasy is to have a bbc gang bang

<NikkijMadison> its awesome

<KaraCame> I gotta run and do some things

<NikkijMadison> kisses

Pool Day

Need Some

Podge This !

Today's Word "gallimaufry"
A hodgepodge

gallimaufry \gal-uh-MAW-free\ (noun) - A medley; a hodgepodge.

"Terry was wont to express her freespiritedness in her clothing which was a gallimaufry of styles, textures, and colors, all merged together into a style uniquely 'Terry.'"

Gallimaufry, originally meaning "a hash of various kinds of meats," comes from French galimafrA(c)e, from Old French, from galer, "to rejoice, to make merry" (source of English gala) + mafrer, "to eat much," from Medieval Dutch maffelen, "to open one's mouth wide."


Security of investments and your personal future feel like it's coming apart. You must be actively engaged to keep the inevitable changes under control. Don't let wild chance create a future you do not want.

Love It!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


1. This vegetable is said to be the least nutritious when it is eaten raw. Name it.

2. True or false: All Champagnes are made from the grape juice and grape skin of green, gold or yellowish colored grapes.

3. Kopi Luwak, or civet coffee, is the most expensive coffee in the world and has been known to sell for between $120 and $600 U.S. dollars per pound. Unlike coffee beans, which grow on trees, the Kopi Luwak is harvested in this unusual manner. Name it.

4. These are the top 8 food allergens in the United States. Name them.

5. This unusual tree nut is in the top five food allergens in India, where it is a common food source. Name it.

6. The fruit of this plant comes in a variety of colors when ripe, including yellow, purple and red and is made up of 75 percent water and 25 percent dry matter. Name the fruit.

7. The absence or lack of this important nutrient can lead to goiter and thyroid problems. Name the element.

8. Garlic plants can be grown year round in mild climates and are grown globally. However, this country is by far the largest producer of garlic in the world. Name the country.

9. This popular food is actually a stem or, in botanical terms, a tuber. Name it.

10. This vegetable has twice as much Vitamin C as an orange and is also a good source of iron, calcium and vitamin A. Name it
Andy Seamans and Dawn Seamans-Shook

I See It Getting Larger

You see a reduction in tension today. Relationships are unusually pleasant. Agreement comes easily. Many barriers to success disappear now so make the most of it while this lasts.

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