Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yes ... Do Me Now!


Kelly Shore

Just Showing Off!


Can You Ask For Anything Better Than This?

I will Miss Quinn and Alexa's Pool!

My Pleasure

Looking For ....

Next Week ... I Have a Surprise For Steven ...

A Nikkij sandwich with Robbie ... Just like old times... well amost anyway

I Love Being The Center of Attention

I Prefer Shaved Pussy.. Do you?

A Paci Caption

A Little Booty Play ... soon!

Just Yummy

Wish I Could Wear One....

I Love Strings Under My Bodysuits

Stepping Out!

Well Said!

Does Size Matter?

Two At Once is Ideal

Couldn't Wait Steven!

Isobella's Captions

Does It Get Any Better?

Back in Maryland!

Back in Maryland! I know I haven’t had many adventure updates lately. I was back and forth to Dallas; drove back  and made few stops with friends along the way…. I will update you on the stops too. I have been busy getting back in the grove at work … literally. It’s riding a bike. John my boss still loves his daily blow jobs. I must admit I missed sucking his cock too
I am still seeing Chelsie. We try to see each other often but with my work, her job and daughter  we’re working it out, even if it’s only a booty call.
The reunion was fantastic. I have been with Robbie and Mindi several times since the party. She has one luscious shaven pussy and she’s fascinated with my clitty/boobie combo. Robbie is in love too… it’s been a fantastic threesome. No one is dominant. We just fuck and suck whenever we are together.  
I will be seeing them again tomorrow night.  They will be at John’s Halloween party. I am serving the party but will be … I always try to be … the center of attention.  I will be dressed as maid… I think I will wear my blue outfit.
I am seeing Steven too .. . from the reunion party. His girl friend doesn’t know but he can’t get enough of my clitty … a little role reversal for me. If you recall Robbie and Steven are my boyhood mates. We use to play with our growing cocks in the sixth grade together. The first cocks besides my own that I ever touched. Steven has been stopping by to suck me off at least twice a week.  He might even try dressing up for me. We shaved his balls and legs last week. I wonder how he is explaining that to his girl friend? Maybe she’ll come around.
Tonight I am headed off to a party with Cash and Jonathan. I have been told to wear one of my body suits and the tallest heels I have. I have five inch platforms … I think I will wear my black sheer nylon bodysuit. I have a silver g-string bikini with matching bra that contrasts nicely with the bodysuit. I can wear my silver dog collar then too. I have silver mask as well. It matches the leash. I will keep my cock ring in my purse. I am sure I will put it on when i discard my g string.
I will update you soon!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Love Gloves ...

Love to Show My Stocking Tops!

Make Me Scream!


Yes I Do!


Can You Pick Just One?

Ok Girls ... Who Gets To Dress Enfemme for Halloween This Year?

I am serving a Halloween party at my Boss' House. He wants me dressed as a Maid ... hell I thought he was going have me dress as a boi! I chuckled ... I serve all of his parties as a maid!

Happy Halloween!

Public Excitement!

Dressed But Not Ready ...

How Would You Complete Her?

Fortunate Perhaps!

Today's Word "fortuitous"

fortuitous \for-TOO-uh-tuhs; -TYOO-\ (adjective) - 1 : Happening by chance; coming or occurring by accident, or without any known cause. 2 : Happening by a fortunate or lucky chance. 3 : Fortunate or lucky.

"All agreed that the arrival of the off-duty emergency medical technicians just as Frank fell over from a heart attack was a fortuitous event."

Fortuitous comes from Latin fortuitus, "accidental," from fors, "chance, luck."