Sunday, July 27, 2014



I Know You Want Me


Lick It


He Loves Me

<YourBitch> hello

<YourBitch> nikkijhere
<ILoveTrannies> hello beauty
<ILoveTrannies> how are you ?
<YourBitch> awsome
<YourBitch> you are hunk
<ILoveTrannies> that you beauty, you look gorgeous indeed
<ILoveTrannies> and very feminine
<YourBitch> yes
<YourBitch> ty
<ILoveTrannies> just waiting for a beautiful trans girl to defoliate me
<YourBitch> never been fucked in your booty
<ILoveTrannies> never
<YourBitch> sucked a cock or shemale clitty
<YourBitch> so you want to be my bitch
<ILoveTrannies> well not yet
<ILoveTrannies> yes I want
<ILoveTrannies> hehe
<YourBitch> cool
<ILoveTrannies> my mouth is virgin to as my ass
<ILoveTrannies> never been with a shemale before
<YourBitch> cool
<YourBitch> i have been with a man before
<YourBitch> but it says you are a translover
<ILoveTrannies> yea cause I wanna find a shemale mistress
<ILoveTrannies> I really love trans
<YourBitch> i am more submissive now
<ILoveTrannies> also regular girl, but really not feel attracted to guys
<ILoveTrannies> well thats ok
<YourBitch> you want a bitch like me
<ILoveTrannies> would be nice indeed
<ILoveTrannies> how big is your cock?
<YourBitch> my clitty is 7 cut and of course shaved
<YourBitch> you
<ILoveTrannies> that's nice, a big size for my tight hole
<YourBitch> cool
<YourBitch> you have nice cock
<ILoveTrannies> mine is 8
<ILoveTrannies> not so big

<ILoveTrannies> but a thick one
<YourBitch> cool
<YourBitch> bigger than me
<ILoveTrannies> haha just a little bit
<ILoveTrannies> I think yours is a good size with your body, sure you look very sexy
<YourBitch> ty
<ILoveTrannies> and it would feel very bigger if you do my little hole
<ILoveTrannies> very big
<YourBitch> practice and you will love it
<YourBitch> you ever plug it
<ILoveTrannies> not yet, one time one girl finger my ass a little bit
<ILoveTrannies> I think she put 2 fingers inside me, that's the maximum that I ever had inside
<YourBitch> buy a plug
<ILoveTrannies> but feel so excited when I see an active shemale, always feel that I wanna be penetrated by them
<YourBitch> its awesome
<ILoveTrannies> specially when is very feminine one
<ILoveTrannies> love the vision of a beautiful girl, that is thinking to fuck me in the ass hehe
<YourBitch> i love fucking virgins
<ILoveTrannies> mmm so nice
<YourBitch> are you shaved
<ILoveTrannies> yes
<ILoveTrannies> but not in my ass yet
<YourBitch> are you bi
<ILoveTrannies> I consider myself straight
<ILoveTrannies> cause I don't feel guy attractive, just girls with pussy or dick hehe
<YourBitch> that makes you bi silly
<ILoveTrannies> with girls I love to be active and specially fuck them in the ass
<ILoveTrannies> yea probably it makes me a little bit bi
<YourBitch> sorry it does
<YourBitch> hey i do lots of married men
<ILoveTrannies> but only with very feminine girl like you
<YourBitch> thats cool
<YourBitch> most only do me
<ILoveTrannies> well thats not a problem, indeed you are closer to a girl for me, only with something extra
<YourBitch> i know

<ILoveTrannies> I like your extra indeed
<ILoveTrannies> it hurts when you get fucked?
<YourBitch> yes it will at first
<ILoveTrannies> I think maybe I will love it after
<YourBitch> you will
<ILoveTrannies> and I think you will feel very powerful when your cock goes inside specially the first time
<YourBitch> my clitty
<YourBitch> it looks like a cock buts its a clitty to me now'
<ILoveTrannies> oh sorry hehe
<ILoveTrannies> a beautiful clitty
<YourBitch> i call her she or her now
<YourBitch> never cock
<ILoveTrannies> ok
<ILoveTrannies> you like forced feminization?
<YourBitch> never had to be forced
<ILoveTrannies> well just for role play i mean
<YourBitch> you mean force you
<ILoveTrannies> yeah
<YourBitch> cool

<YourBitch> you would have to be 100% shaved

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


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