Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Who Has Time For Vinegar?

Health and Beauty Tip -- More Uses for Vinegar

You may have read before that drinking apple cider vinegar is good for your body ... but guess what? It's also good for your hair! Rinsing your hair with about a tablespoon of vinegar in two cups of warm water after shampooing helps get rid of any shampoo residue. It also adds shine and strengthens hair -- good news for women with fine hair.

Male or Female Face?

Same face may look male or female
BOSTON (UPI) -- Where a person sees a face within the person's field of view can determined whether the face is perceived as female or male, U.S. researchers say.

Lead author Arash Afraz, a post-doctoral associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, and colleagues said they were surprised by their discovery.

"It's the kind of thing you would not predict: that you would look at two identical faces and think they look different," Afraz says in a statement.

Afraz says the finding challenges a longstanding tenet of neuroscience -- how the brain sees an object should not depend on where the object is located relative to the observer.

The study, published in the online edition of the Current Biology, reports patterns of male and female biases were different for different people. Some people judged androgynous faces as female every time they appeared in the upper right corner, while others judged faces in that same location as male.

Afraz and colleagues asked subjects to classify by gender a random series of faces -- ranging along a spectrum of very male to very female. The subjects were told to fix their gaze at the center of the screen -- as faces were flashed elsewhere on the screen for 50 milliseconds each.
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I Wonder If There are Other Ways?

Influenza can be transmitted via a gas
HONG KONG (UPI) -- Influenza is usually spread through direct contact and droplets, but under some conditions transmission via aerosol is possible, Honk Kong researchers say.

Dr. Nelson Lee of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and colleagues say examined an influenza outbreak via aerosol -- or gas -- transmission in their own hospital in Hong Kong.

Lee, the study author, says on April 4, 2008, seven inpatients in the hospital's general medical ward developed fever and respiratory symptoms and ultimately, nine inpatients tested positive for influenza A.

The cause of the outbreak was believed to be an influenza patient, admitted March 27, who received a form of non-invasive ventilation on March 31, and was then moved to the intensive care unit where he was located right beside the outflow jet of an air purifier --- which created an unopposed air current across the ward.

"We showed that infectious aerosols generated by a respiratory device applied to an influenza patient might have been blown across the hospital ward by an imbalanced indoor airflow, causing a major nosocomial outbreak," Lee says in a statement. "The spatial distribution of affected patients was highly consistent with an aerosol mode of transmission, as opposed to that expected from droplet transmission."

N95 respirators may need to be considered when aerosol-generating procedures are performed on influenza patients, Lee suggests.

The findings are published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.
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What's Next?

School lip balm ban baffles parents
SMITHFIELD, N.C. (UPI) -- Parents of students at a North Carolina school district are questioning a policy banning lip balm without a note from a parent or doctor.

Stephanie Boyd, a parent at West View Elementary School, said she and other parents received a letter Nov. 9 from Johnston County Schools saying lip balm and cough drops would not be allowed in schools without a note from a parent or doctor, the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer reported Thursday.

"I just don't see how Chapstick can even remotely be perceived as medicine," Boyd said. "Is it me or has common sense just gone out the window lately? They seem to ban something new every single year."

Schools spokeswoman Terri Sessoms said the policy was the result of a county Health Department edict.

"Parents were afraid that children would share the Chapstick and spread germs," Sessoms said. "By requiring written permission from the parents, parents would be aware that their children had Chapstick and would be able to remind them not to share it with other children. This would also be a way for teachers to be aware so that they could deter students from sharing it with others."
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Lap Dog!

How old is a bottle of whisky?

The age recorded on a whisky bottle refers to the number of years it is aged prior to being bottled. Once in the bottle, whisky does not improve.

Step Into My Web!


What do spiders think of chestnut?

Spiders never spin webs in structures made of chestnut wood. That is why so many European chateaux were built with chestnut beams – spider webs on a 50-foot beamed ceiling can be difficult to clean.

Hmmmmmm... What Do You Want To Do?

What do men and women like to do?

Other than sleeping, men and women differ on what is their favorite thing to do in bed. Of the men polled, the top response was to have sex at 50 percent; for women, only 20 percent responded the same. Women would prefer to read (23 percent), whereas men put books at just 11 percent.



What can piranha be used for?

Native peoples of South America catch piranha and use their razor-sharp teeth to make tools and weapons.

Will You Respect Me in The Morning?

Events today are unexpected. Your flexibility and ingenuity are tested. Maintain a good humor and try to stay on top of developments. People will respect you better if you at least appear to be in charge.

Doing The Broad!

Planning to Travel Abroad? Leave These Items at Home!

Anyone who travels regularly is aware of luggage and carry-on restrictions post 9-11. However, if you travel abroad, there are other considerations to keep in mind. No foreign country wants undesirable insects, rodents, or diseases to infiltrate their population via border crossings.

Before reading further, remember that if you have outstanding police warrants or a criminal record, you should probably forget about foreign travel. Period.

* What NOT to Take With You *

Regulations vary by country. The snacks you pack for a domestic flight may not pass customs inspection for an overseas destination. Start with a good dose of 'common sense' and you will quickly realize why most of the items on the following list are not permitted:

- Beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages that have been opened

- Pets without appropriate vaccination certificates

- Native wildlife

- Weapons - or toys and other items that look like weapons

- Big game bagged while on your safari or hunting trip

- Prescription drugs without an accompanying doctor's prescription

- Drugs, vitamins, or nutritional supplements with unreadable labels

- Illegal drugs or paraphernalia - *DEATH PENALTY* in some countries

- Potted houseplants, seeds, soil, pebbles, or sand

- Natural products like seashells, pieces of coral reef, whalebone

- Uncooked pork, poultry, beef, and other meat or animal products

- Unprocessed or uncooked vegetables, fruits, tubers, roots, etc.

- Hay, straw, oats, and similar items

- Any other natural products that may harbor diseases or pests

- Fireworks and incendiary devices

- Clothing and souvenirs manufactured with any of the above products

Some prohibited articles may be allowed with appropriate permits or certification. If you don't know for sure - don't pack them or bring them back home with you.

* What you MUST Take With You *

Imagine your chagrin should you go through customs on your return trip and discover that you must pay duty on your laptop computer, digital camera, and jewelry - even though you purchased them in your own country prior to your trip. Yes, it can - and does - happen. Protect yourself!

Pack copies of documents such as sales receipts, credit card statements, insurance policies, and appraisals for all valuable items to prove ownership and purchase date - especially for anything that looks like new.

No receipts or paperwork? Take a picture of each item next to a newspaper that plainly displays a readable date. Note the serial number(s) with each photo. Keep all photos and paperwork in a safe place along with your passport and other important documents. They will be invaluable when you fill in customs declarations - both leaving and returning.

*Do Your Homework *

Spend some time doing research on the internet before you travel. You should be able to find a government or embassy website that provides the regulations online. Do searches such as:

- customs regulations France

- customs regulations Spain

- customs regulations Brazil

- customs regulations USA

Advance investigation may save you considerable time, money, and effort as you pass through each border crossing.

Be aware! The resulting peace of mind will make your holiday much more enjoyable.

Kathy Steinemann
Kathy writes regularly for 111 Travel Directory

Let's Party!

Today's Word "bacchanalia"

bacchanalia \bak-uh-NAIL-yuh\ (noun) - 1 : (plural, capitalized) The ancient Roman festival in honor of Bacchus, celebrated with dancing, song, and revelry. 2 : A riotous, boisterous, or drunken festivity; a revel.

"The bacchanalia which celebrated Neil's graduation was such to shake the pillars of heaven, or at least enough to be heard across the street, which is why the police were called."

Bacchanalia comes from Latin, from Bacchus, god of wine, from Greek Bakkhos. The adjective form is bacchanalian. One who celebrates the Bacchanalia, or indulges in drunken revels, is a bacchanal \\BAK-uh-nuhl; bak-uh-NAL\\, which is also another term for a drunken or riotous celebration.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cadillac Ranch

This has been a long time coming. Here's a teaser ...
I did make the Reunion after all. Chelsea went with me but couldn’t stay.  We both wore black. I was in a black cocktail dress that showed off my boobies. I wore pantyhose but no panties (I did have a red pair stuffed in my clutch).  I wore a red lacy bra no straps with 3” red CMFM heels.  Chelsea was a little more conservative. Her LBD was short but she wore panties but no pantyhose.  She also had red heels.
Robbie, Mindi, Steven and the group were outside on the second floor lounges…  It was a gorgeous night. .. So Chelsea and I made a grand entrance. Steven was there with Cindi, his fiancee as we learned later. Chris and David were there with their wives Janet and Melissa.  Steven’s was speechless. Robbie and Mindi hugged us both, then Robbie introduced me and I introduced Chelsea … then Robbie couldn’t resist so he had to mention ‘that you all know Nikkij from high school.”  I must admit I got a few blank stares from Chris and David and even Janet, who was Chris’ gf from school.  Melissa had no clue. Then Robbie said … not too loud thank you very much… that I was called Jimmy then.  Janet’s hand went to her mouth. Chris couldn’t stop coughing. David gave me a big smile. Melissa still didn’t have a clue.
Now Steven started to talk but Cindi grabbed his hand let’s take walk. Steven leaned in to whisper that’s he’d be right back.
We all talked about many things but no one was brave enough to ask a lot questions yet. Chelsea and I talked mostly with Robbie and Mindi, who couldn’t take her hands off me.
After a few glasses of red wine, Chelsea had to leave… no babysitter for the night … so we slipped out for a few minutes. I told everyone I would be back as we both left to walk to her car.  Chelsea and I held hands as we left. We crossed the pedestrian bridge to the garage and I could see Steven leave. I think he was going to follow us.
Now it was Chelsea’s turn to have her hands all over me. Yummy! We kissed a long good bye. We were meeting for breakfast… she knew I was going home with someone … but not sure who yet.  As I turned to walk back towards the bridge I saw a shadow…. Yep it was Steven.
“So you really are a bitch now. You are beautiful. You didn’t cut off that perfect cock of yours did you?  
I just smiled and flashed Steven my hard clitty tucked in my pantyhose. “Nope, and it’s yours any time!”
We chatted for a few minutes and I reached down and patted the bulge in his pants. “Your Bitch will be missing you again… let’s go join the others and catch up.”


Could you?

I Would Love To Be An Exotic Dancer!

Want It!


I Wonder What I Could Charge?


Friday, November 26, 2010

What Happen To My Panties?

Can You Be Too Big?

Keeps It Tight!

Want You ... and You!

Show Me!

You Wants Us!


It's Yours!

I Know!

That's Not All I Want!

I Know You Want Me!

This is For Elise!


Take Me!


Go Terps

Party Time



Caught Me!

We Hope You Had a Happy Thanksgiving!