Sunday, October 26, 2014

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Doggie Party

As I said i had to be in the doggie role all night. I was walked to our elevator and heeled next to Tommy the whole time... walked up steps to the house and throughout the whole party. All the time I was on all fours. 

At the party house, they had several doggie bowls in the kitchen lined up. one was margarita;one was vodka martini and one was white wine. One was water with ice. We had to lick the drinks like doggies. I will say the bowls were kept filled. There were also a few food bowls.It was ground human food the best I could tell.  Every now and then the "owners"would throw scraps to us form the party food on the tables . 
There were four of us as doggies. Daisy, Spike, Pearl and me Honey-- our doggie names. Daisy was a female .. very cute with short hair. She was mostly naked except for her collar, leash and tail plug. Pearl was another chastity caged tgirl like me and Spike was a submisive also mostly naked but Spike has a huge gorgeous cock. He was a boi not a tgirl. Then there was this bitch... dressed in stockings, garter, bustier, chastity, heels -- why heels i still don't know, collar and leash.
We were all on  all fours all night except when we begged or were serving someone from my knees;

I was walked on a leash to the dog walk area in the back yard. They had roped it off for us. i had to lick Daisy -- the real gg after she peed. There were other submissives there but we were the only doggies.Pearl, another t and had to rim each other...both of us were caged.  When not at attention i played with a cock shaped dildo all night spread eagle  and had to chase a few balls in the yard. rolled over had my belly rubbed. 

We all sucked lots of Dom cock, and a few Domme pussies  and did get the honor to lick Daisy's pussy. Daisy licked my caged clitty.  Spike the stud doggie as he was uncaged-- Spike  did all three of us. He was nice size too. Daisy had to put his protection on him each time. 
i fetched a $1500 on the top bid at the charity auction. The second bid was was $1400 and I agreed to service both. Thomas and Steffie asked if i could do two weekends from now. They paid $1000 for me last year. Thomas is in his 60's and Steffie is a gorgeous cougar.

They had commitment the next day but wanted me again.  Jonathan wants me mid week.  I did enough his cock  during the play time.Jonathan is a BBC and said he had guests coming to town later this week.I know I am going to enjoy HIM again!

Role Reversal

Clitty ...

Blondie # 3

Blondie # 2


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A Favorite Play Time

Garter is Nice Touch

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