Sunday, February 23, 2014


Master Says

Are you?


Bar Time

Too Short?



You Can Grab Me!



You Want To ... Too!

Hotel Spread!

I Did!


Must Use A Straw Now


Tight ,,, I Guess The GString is Not Necessary!


Gag Me!

Tranny Poker

What Do You Think?


Blow Buddy .. I Love This Post!

The importance of reposting it is that YOU DO need a blow job buddy!

Someone you can practice on.  But I differ from the last line it is all about giving him pleasure. What is most important is you learn to develop not just your techniques and skills, but your craving and desires.

The more adDICKted to dick you becum the happier you will be because two wonderful things will happen:

Not only the more you want, need and crave it, the happier you will be when you get it.  JayneTraining™ will help you get an even more intense orgasm from sucking than even they guy gets.

But wait, it gets better than that.

I told you there were two wonderful things and the second thing is even more wonderful.  When you are adDICKted to dick and you actually have super intense orgasms from sucking it, you are going to realize that to be a happy and sexy girl you have to look as happy and sexy and feminine a girl as you know you want to be.

Trust me you will be so happy when you find a blow job buddy.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?


More Pictures Less Talk?

What do you want to see? 

Do You Like the Chats Or Do You Really Care?

More Pictures or Less Chats? 

Just The Stats

Let's Talk   -- I have been blogging since 2009.  I really do appreciate all of my supporters. On the seven blogs I post on there are 2970 followers.  I know some of you follow more than one blog. I thank you! Surprising Maids of the World is second, followed by Respectful, Lingerie and then Leashed! 

Lately I have been posting more on the Kinky Adventures of Nikkij. I guess I am getting a little lazy. Which is your most favorite blog?  

The Joys of Being Leashed 

The Maids of the World
Why TGirls Love Lingerie?
No Respectful TGirl is Ever Completely Naked
Some of the Most Perfect Views In the World
Kinky Travels with Nikkij Madison
Kinky Adventures of Nikkij

Should I go back to splitting my posts? Or do you really care? If you don't that's okay. If you do, please tell me. 

What's also interesting is that I have made 14,539 posts on all seven blogs. Whew! Kinky Adventures by far is the most. Joys of Being Leashed is next, followed by Perfect Views. That must tell something about me!

I would like to see more comments ... but hey, who has time to comment when you are drooling. I must say I don't comment on other posts as much either!

Pageviews -- You like to turn the pages 9,671,451 and counting pageviews.  Almost 3 million on Kinky Adventures but Maids, Lingerie, Respectful and Leashed hold their own. Not as many views on Perfect and of course Travels is last by far!