Saturday, March 19, 2011

Steppin Out - What are You Wearing Right Now!

This very minute ... jeans, heels, black bustier. I am siting in the sports book at the Hilton in LV

Not Just Here For The Sex

Won money on the Georges  -- Mason beat Viilanova and VCU beat Georgetown ...Also took Michigan over the Pearl guy. I loathe cheaters. Rooting for Cincy over UConn ... and I like Pitt tonight. Getting ready for WVA and Kentucky.

Its awesome to watch all the games, bet and then have all the sex you can handle!


New Friends


I Have An Idea ... The Games Don't Start For Two Hours!

I Have Had My Share This Week!

I Will Be Wearing This To The Clubs Tonight

Getting Ready For Today's Games!

Oh Yes!

I Love Meeting New Friends!

Who are Quinn and Alexa ?

They are a couple I lived with in Dallas for about 9 months. She is also a shemale and he was our Dom

Are you wearing any jewelry right now?

My clitty jewelery and belly button babble so yes

Have you ever had poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac?

All in the wrong places!

The first time you fell in love, what was the first thing that made you realize it?

His cum was oozing out of the side of my mouth

Have you ever had a REALLY bad haircut?

Of course every woman has .. even shemales

If you could live on another planet, would you?

Sometimes I think I am another planet!

Have you ever held a snake?

It depends upon your definition of a snake!

i though you were leaving us for good?was the draw of your fans too much for you to stay away?loki

I was actually ... just not goning be here often....

are you on "facebook"?? Have a great weekend sweetie. Love you NikkiHuge Huggs and KissesYour Loving and Devoted FriendTimxoxo

I don't do Facebook Tim

where can I see some pictures of you Nikki...non-nude of course sweetie.

my new blog is the Kinky Adventures of Nikkij on blogspot

When was the last time you made out with someone?

Twenty minutes ago... I sucked his c*ck. Is that considered making out!

Have you ever played Dice?

Played craps yesterday!

Do you ever lift weights?

Yes I work out everyday!

Have you ever been called a boring person?

No Never!

Have you ever been strip searched?

Yes I have!

Are you better at using your brain or your brawn?

I speak with my mouth ... I suck with my mouth... I lick with my tongue.

You Will Find Us at Cosmopolitan Sports Book!