Friday, January 29, 2010

Do You Like Phone Sex?

Earlier this week, Quinn walked in on me in the middle of the telephone conversation i was having with one of my lovers back in Maryland. We started out chatting and ended up with my clitty hard and ultimately cream all over my belly.

Quinn showed up just as i was getting hard and stayed throughout not making a sound. i knew HE was there but i continued onthinking there would be consequences but ... who cared! Once i came, He motioned me over to him so i could finish HIM off .. all the while he was talking to my friend telling him what i was now doing to him. It got me hard again, getting Quinn off and listening to his blow by blow account of my mouth all over his huge cock.

i then had to masturbate for HIM while HE continued the conversation with Tommy.

Do you like phone sex as much as i do?

Let me know, leave this bitch a comment

Thursday, January 28, 2010

We Need Some Feedback Here

Please someone give me some luv ... I really need it today!

Perfect .. Just Perfect

It was a difficult decision to get them but implants have made my life what it is today. No more breast forms and my suitors just loove me in nice wholesome.. although silicone... boobies and large clitty.
Quinn justs loves them. So does Alexia... afterall how many guys has two; not one .. tgirls with boobies and clittys. He's the talk of the town.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Toy Performed!

When we got to Manny’s place, as we soon found out later Alexia and I remained in the cage as we were lifted and carried inside. They kept the cage covered. There must have at least four guys carrying the cage. There could have been more. We were lowered to the floor. We could feel the heat coming from the outside.

The drape was removed from the cage and we were awash in bright lights coming from all angles. They had flood lights on us. All I could do was squint. Then all we heard were cheers and whistles coming from outside the lights.

“Perform bitches … “ was followed by intense clapping. So Alexia and I obliged. I started licking the nipples on her D cup
boobies. We then heard more screaming as one guy noticed that we had clittys in cock cages.

“The bitches have caged cocks and tits!” We then heard a chorus of the guys repeating the same phrase, “The bitches have caged cocks and tits!” This was followed by a great deal of laughter.

Alexia responded loudly “Who here has a bigger clitty than me? That was followed by more cheerrs and laughter.

Soon a big handsome man appeared next to the cage and told Alexia to move closer. He (Manny we found out later) reached in and unlocked Alexia’s clitty cage exposing for the guys assembled her huge cut and shaved clitty. Manny motioned to me … “Suck it Bitch!” And boy – this tgirly - did.
I love alexia's clitty in my mouth.

Since Alexia and I had been playing with each other all the way there, it didn’t take me long to bring her to the edge. Alexia knowing this pulled her clitty out of my mouth to give me a facial. Here I am trying to catch every last drop as Alexia is holding her clitty away from my mouth wiggling it so it will squirt all over my face. The room erupted into cheers and clapping “Spray the bitch!”

Alexia was done and then kissed me to get a taste of herself as I had caught some of her cream but not yet swallowed a drop. We swapped her cum. I looked up and all I saw were cocks being poked into the cage. “Suck me first Bitchor I want the big bitch on mine" We tried to get as many off as we could. A few couldn’t wait as all they wanted to do was dump their loads all over us.

I kneeled down exhausted with a cream all over my body, hair and face. I think I was the only one in the room who hadn’t cum yet.

The cage was unlocked and Alexia and I were orderred to crawl out. We were "stood up" in front the group. The bright lights were finally turned off. We were still in nothing but our garter belts, stockings that now had runs and 3” heels. Our boobies glistened with cum and Alexia’s huge clitty dangled from her body. It was getting harder as we stood there. Me … I still had my clitty cage on.

Manny came over and put collars around our necks and attached silver leashes to the collars. Alexia’s collar was a pearl choker that I know that was hers from Quinn. I had a gold collar that Quinn gave me but the collar one that was around my neck was a silver dog choke collar.

Manny looked me in the eye and talked very softly to me. I don’t know why, you could hear a pin drop in the room so everyone heard what he was saying. “I understand you are “slut bitch” so you will have to earn your real collar back this week. The doggie choke collar is perfect. Quinn tells me you love to perform, you love humiliation and the more cocks the merrier. Well, we’ll see how many you can handle bitch. You can be my F*k toy all week…but first … entertain us”

My clitty was straining against my cock cage. Alexia reached to hold my hand to reassure me by squeezing it. I was a little frightened as I didn’t really know Manny. I love cock, humiliation and performing but the excitement of the moment was clearly rushing to the head of my clitty.

Manny gave the keys to my cock cage to Alexia. “Unlock the bitch and step away from her!” Alexia did as told.

“Now Bitch … no let’s call you Toy Bitch … So Toy Bitch I want you to cum for us but you can’t stroke it yourself. I want you to dance like a stripper for us. a bitch in heat.” He pulled me by my leash causing my new choke collar to tighten around my neck over to one of guys… “Give Hector a lap dance Toy!”

Hector was standing there with his rock hard cock still protruding out of his jeans. I took Hector over to a chair to sit him down then knelt over him pushing my boobies into his face as I began unbuttoning his shirt. I then unbuckled his jeans pulling them and his underwear down to his ankles. I gently push back into the chair as I stepped back to begin my dance.

My clitty was now as hard as Hectors as I turned and squatted over his cock to rub my booty along the inside of his leg making sure my lacy garter belts was rubbing against his cock. His hands were on my waist trying to keep my booty on top of his hardon. he wanted his cock in my booty. I quickly turned to face him, and climbed on the two arms of chair to begin my front slide down his body.

More cheers; more clapping; more whistles. They were all screaming “Go Toy Bitch ... Cum for us!”

Manny pulled my leash to pull me off Hector. "You can suck him off again later Toy Bitch. Now dance for us like a stripper would. I know you are heat Toy Bitch. I want you to cum for us. I know you can do it." Manny just smiled at me.

"Lean over Toy Bitch and grab your ankles." He then inserted a butt plug in my booty. More cheers, more whistles and more laughter.

"Dance Toy Bitch .. Dance!"

Hold Me Close

Love The Thought

Yes Alexia and I Love To Perform!

Our last night there we had to perform a tgirl lezzie act for Manny and his friends. They enjoyed it but not as much as alexia and me!

I Love A Little ... Actually a Lot of Cream in My Expresso

Ready ...

I love being ready! The excitement is a rush!

Keeping Busy

Cleansing Time!

Quinn loves to be cleansed


My Motto .. The More The Merrier

Manny and his friends used me often. I lost count one morning. All I can remember is that i had cream all over my body, in my hair and all over my lacy top. When done I fell asleep curled up where they left me. I woke up in the middle of the room tied to the chair with my clitty back in clitty cock cage.
More on that excitement later!

Lovely ...

We were bad (attitude) one night and we found ourselves tied and gagged. They took off Alexia's gag so she could suck off Manny while her booty was being serviced by one (Arnie) of his friends. All I could do was lay there and watch. Then it was my turn to servidce Tiny -- but not very tiny -- Hector and and they flipped us like pancakes ... yum!
Tiny did my booty and Alexia licked his shaft

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Am Sore As Hell!

I am as sore as I have ever been in my life. My mouth aches; my booty aches; my arms ache but I still can’t get enough cock and pussy. I love it here in Dallas. I think I have been in Dallas for the entire week; but I am not sure where I have been for last 5 days.

It started on Monday… the holiday and I returned this morning. Alexia and I came home from Sunday night without Quinn. We had been watching the football games at one of his places but we left at half time of the second game Sunday. Quinn wasn’t too happy with either of us when he got home… something about leaving one of his friends “wanting” or something like that.

All he said was … “Nikkij get your ass in the cage, you bitch!”

Of course I did as told. Still in my garter belt and stockings, I fell asleep and then early Monday morning I awoke with the cage being lifted by two men. I couldn't quite understand them as they were speaking spanish. (note to self -- learn spanish bitch). They took me and the cage out through the garage and loaded me onto a van. They threw a large blanket over the cage and everything went to darkness min the van.

In a few minutes, I heard Alexia’s voice but much clearer as if he was right outside the van I heard Quinn talking … “These two bitches are yours for the rest of the week. They are yours to do with what you want. The bitch in the cage loves to suck cock. I don’t need either one of them back until Friday morning. They love cuffs, blindfolds and cock and even more cock. The bitch loves a little humiliation too.”

Then Alexia said … “Why me Lover?”

Quinn said “It’s simple bitch … you both need to service my good customers. You didn't last night. They have rented you for five days. You best get in the cage with the bitch. I want a full report when you get back slut! I know this time you will satisfy Manny and his friends.”

I heard, what sounded like a few bags being thrown in the van and then Alexia unlocked the cage and crawled into my cage with me. We were dressed the same … stockings and garters and heels. Her huge clitty was in a cock chastity ring and soon my clitty sported one too. As Alexia kissed me I heard the lock on the cage click closed.

I couldn’t suck Alexia’s clitty; nor her mine but we could certainly do some heavy petting to where ever we were headed.

Locked Tight!

How long have you ever been in one of these?

Personally I Liked That She Used A Golf Club!

You Go Girl

I Am Thinking About Getting My Very Own P.O.T. ... Do You Have One?

What Might You Find ...?

All The More Reason to Love Wine

Mile High Club

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sorry I Couldn't Resist

Now ... who out there hasn't been done by Tiger ... let me think... I was... it was him... yea i'm positive .. yes i'm pretty sure i was. Hmmmmm!