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[14:24:26] <Delicious> hi

[14:24:31] <NikkijMadison> hey

[14:24:55] <NikkijMadison> so where were we

[14:25:01] <Delicious> you had to go to work

[14:25:12] <Delicious> Work is the curse of the sexy class

[14:25:31] <NikkijMadison> keeps me in stockings

[14:25:36] <Delicious> We were going to dress and play

[14:26:08] <NikkijMadison> in tight slacks right now

[14:26:21] <Delicious> I'm wearing leather mini skirt and bra, 5" heel crotch boots

[14:26:31] <Delicious> I kiss your lips

[14:26:38] <Delicious> bra?

[14:26:53] <NikkijMadison> lacy black

[14:26:58] <NikkijMadison> that's all

[14:27:09] <Delicious> mmm

[14:27:24] <Delicious> I hold you

[14:27:28] <NikkijMadison> ring on my clitty so i have a bulge

[14:27:35] <Delicious> mmmm

[14:27:42] <Delicious> PA?

[14:28:42] <Delicious> I urge your hands to my leather skirt

[14:28:56] <Delicious> what would you like to do?

[14:28:59] <NikkijMadison> Deli?

[14:29:01] <NikkijMadison> i don’  t role play sorry

 [14:29:08] <NikkijMadison> i chat

[14:29:10] <Delicious> yes, Nikki?

[14:29:24] <Delicious> OK what would you like to chat about?

[14:29:35] <NikkijMadison> me and you

[14:29:48] <Delicious> OK

[14:29:58] <Delicious> I would love to see you

[14:30:09] <NikkijMadison> see me?

[14:30:33] <Delicious> Real life

[14:30:45] <NikkijMadison> we will

[14:30:50] <Delicious> Mmmm

[14:31:04] <Delicious> Dress and play

[14:31:14] <NikkijMadison> i am always dressed

[14:31:43] <Delicious> dress each other

[14:31:44] <NikkijMadison> lol

[14:31:48] <NikkijMadison> of course

[14:31:49] <Delicious> sexy

[14:32:24] <NikkijMadison> yes always

[14:32:38] <Delicious> YES ! ! !

[14:32:43] <Delicious> LOVE IT

[14:33:17] <NikkijMadison> i love playing with other girls

[14:33:26] <NikkijMadison> it’s a dress up all weekend

[14:33:27] <Delicious> ooh yesss

[14:33:33] <Delicious> SOON

[14:33:45] <Delicious> do you like to go out?

[14:34:01] <NikkijMadison> well yes i am 24/7

[14:34:08] <NikkijMadison> i love to club

[14:34:19] <Delicious> Tell me about a club you like

[14:35:12] <NikkijMadison> Tsunami in Annapolis

[14:35:26] <Delicious> OK what’s it like?

[14:35:30] <NikkijMadison> a few nights a week its bi night

[14:35:35] <NikkijMadison> restaurant

[14:35:43] <NikkijMadison> nota dance club

[14:35:56] <NikkijMadison> then we go to a sophisticated place called Metropolitan

[14:36:17] <Delicious> tell me about me about metropolitan

[14:36:31] <NikkijMadison> martini bar

[14:36:57] <Delicious> drink - anything else interesting?

[14:37:05] <NikkijMadison> nice place with hotties

[14:37:21] <NikkijMadison> older crowd

[14:37:29] <NikkijMadison> some of my good clients go there

[14:37:39] <Delicious> to play?

[14:38:08] <NikkijMadison> yes

[14:39:06] <Delicious> i hit the wrong button

[14:39:12] <Delicious> please repeat

[14:39:53] <Delicious> Nikki?

[14:39:56] <NikkijMadison> yes here

[14:40:04] <Delicious> I'm sorry

[14:40:12] <NikkijMadison> repeat what

[14:40:37] <Delicious> You were telling about Metropolitan

[14:40:44] <Delicious> what you do there

[14:40:56] <NikkijMadison> Delicious: martini bar[14:36:57] <Delicious> drink - anything else interesting?[14:37:05] <NikkijMadison> nice place with hotties[14:37:21] <NikkijMadison> older crowd[14:37:29] <NikkijMadison> some of my good clients go there

[14:41:10] <NikkijMadison> drink and meet people

[14:41:47] <Delicious> And what do you do with them?

[14:42:41] <NikkijMadison> fuck them

[14:43:03] <Delicious> Can I play too?

[14:43:09] <Delicious> PLEASE?

[14:43:23] <NikkijMadison> some love to have others join

[14:44:08] <Delicious> mmmm

[14:44:41] <Delicious> sounds good

[14:45:07] <NikkijMadison> i date mostly married men

[14:45:13] <Delicious> how often do you do this?

[14:45:45] <NikkijMadison> 2 or 3 nights a week

[14:46:00] <Delicious> during the week, weekends, whenever?

[14:46:42] <NikkijMadison> whenever

[14:46:47] <Delicious> cool

[14:46:51] <NikkijMadison> not working i go out

[14:46:56] <NikkijMadison> i go out

[14:47:07] <Delicious> great

[14:47:44] <NikkijMadison> i need cock often

[14:47:47] <Delicious> OHH YESSS

[14:48:04] <NikkijMadison> smiles back

[14:48:13] <Delicious> giving and getting

[14:48:21] <NikkijMadison> yes

[14:49:19] <Delicious> Could I come up there this summer for a while?

[14:49:40] <NikkijMadison> sure

[14:50:13] <Delicious> Could I bunk with you for a bit?

[14:50:33] <NikkijMadison> don't you work?

[14:51:16] <Delicious> yes but I can arrange a business trip for a couple of weeks and see what happens

[14:51:37] <NikkijMadison> work that flexible... you won't get any work done

[14:52:04] <Delicious> hehehe all work and no play

[14:52:19] <Delicious> I can arrange a trip to Baltimore or DC

[14:52:30] <Delicious> turn it into time off

[14:52:32] <NikkijMadison> what industry you in

[14:53:31] <Delicious> Taxes

[14:53:45] <NikkijMadison> okay so you are winding down

[14:54:27] <Delicious> not necessarily but what you do would be MUCH more fun ! ! !

[14:54:55] <NikkijMadison> keeps me in stockings

[14:55:12] <Delicious> hehehe

[14:55:18] <Delicious> love it ! ! !

[14:55:24] <Delicious> mmm

[14:56:58] <NikkijMadison> lol

[14:57:31] <Delicious> Would we go as a pair of girls?

[14:57:46] <NikkijMadison> absolutely

[14:58:06] <Delicious> GREAT ! ! !

[14:58:29] <Delicious> How would June or July work?

[14:58:44] <NikkijMadison> slow down sweetie

[14:58:54] <NikkijMadison> we need to get to know each other better

[14:59:22] <Delicious> yes, honey.

[14:59:31] <Delicious> as You say.

[15:01:00] <Delicious> do You want me to cum up on business for a week, to get to know each other?

[15:01:27] <NikkijMadison> that's something we can works towards

[15:01:36] <Delicious> ok

[15:02:59] <NikkijMadison> ah

[15:03:42] <Delicious> What foods do you like?

[15:03:59] <NikkijMadison> meat

[15:04:18] <NikkijMadison> i stopped eating bread, pasta, all grains

[15:04:22] <Delicious> Beef, pork, chicken

[15:04:27] <NikkijMadison> dairy

[15:04:42] <Delicious> I like seafood and salads

[15:04:42] <NikkijMadison> keeps my weight down

[15:04:51] <Delicious> Yes! ! !

[15:04:53] <NikkijMadison> fish, beef and chicken some pork

[15:05:41] <Delicious> I like seafood broiled or sautéed; meats I like BRQ

[15:06:04] <NikkijMadison> i most liked being porked

[15:06:13] <Delicious> ???

[15:07:07] <NikkijMadison> porked = fucked

[15:07:21] <Delicious> Oh YES

[15:07:55] <Delicious> will you deep throat someone?

[15:08:02] <NikkijMadison> yes

[15:08:04] <NikkijMadison> love it

[15:08:19] <NikkijMadison> you must practice though'

[15:08:22] <Delicious> can You teach me how to take more than i can now?

[15:08:28] <Delicious> practice on you?

[15:09:39] <NikkijMadison> what do you practice with?

[15:09:49] <NikkijMadison> I am serious

[15:09:55] <NikkijMadison> banana

[15:10:00] <NikkijMadison> cucumber

[15:10:03] <Delicious> peeled or?

[15:10:49] <NikkijMadison> with skin

[15:10:55] <NikkijMadison> cuc is better

[15:11:03] <NikkijMadison> slowly push

[15:11:08] <NikkijMadison> you will gag

[15:11:16] <NikkijMadison> but stay at it

[15:11:27] <Delicious> how is a cuk is better

[15:11:41] <NikkijMadison> stiffer

[15:12:01] <Delicious> hehehe

[15:12:38] <NikkijMadison> what’;s your largest so far

[15:12:45] <Delicious> my jaw has been broken so getting it really wide is tough. What about angle of the neck?

[15:12:58] <Delicious> he was about 6"

[15:13:09] <Delicious> forced me

[15:13:28] <NikkijMadison> how much you get in

[15:13:55] <Delicious> i was tied down and he forced it as far as he wanted

[15:14:12] <Delicious> i know i felt his balls

[15:14:49] <NikkijMadison> so you did it

[15:14:56] <Delicious> yes

[15:15:07] <Delicious> and i want more

[15:15:08] <NikkijMadison> the angle of his cock determines your position

[15:15:16] <Delicious> hehehe

[15:16:24] <NikkijMadison> put your head over the edge of bed or table

[15:16:45] <Delicious> laying on my stomach or back?

[15:17:24] <NikkijMadison> if he angles down on your back

[15:17:39] <NikkijMadison> if he angles up then on your stomach

[15:18:03] <Delicious> I was tied on my back.

[15:18:20] <NikkijMadison> well he managed

[15:18:23] <NikkijMadison> lol

[15:18:25] <Delicious> yes! ! !

[15:18:34] <Delicious> he came down on me

[15:18:50] <Delicious> Others i have been in control but they were smaller

[15:19:13] <Delicious> at least i had SOME control

[15:20:13] <NikkijMadison> have you ever waken him up in the morning by sucking on his flaccid cock

[15:20:30] <Delicious> no.

[15:20:41] <Delicious> tell me about doing it that way

[15:21:12] <NikkijMadison> wake up before him and start by licking his soft cock

[15:21:39] <Delicious> on his side or between his legs?

[15:22:19] <NikkijMadison> between his legs

[15:22:30] <Delicious> mmmm

[15:23:08] <Delicious> should I try to get my arms and shoulders under his legs or spread them

[15:24:07] <NikkijMadison> move him gently and just start licking

[15:24:23] <NikkijMadison> the power of him growing gives the feeling of control

[15:24:29] <Delicious> oohhh

 [15:24:41] <Delicious> should i try to suck his balls?

[15:25:33] <NikkijMadison> you will get to that

[15:25:38] <NikkijMadison> i always do

[15:26:06] <Delicious> after a while he wakes up and then

[15:26:33] <NikkijMadison> you own his cock

[15:27:05] <Delicious> mmmm

[15:27:42] <Delicious> what about playing with his ass?

[15:28:04] <NikkijMadison> i like to play with his anus

[15:28:18] <Delicious> how far do you go?

[15:29:49] <NikkijMadison> i don't fist

[15:30:03] <Delicious> lick lick

[15:30:08] <Delicious> fingers

[15:31:58] <NikkijMadison> yep

[15:32:23] <Delicious> while stroking or sucking

[15:33:11] <NikkijMadison> i have done that yes

[15:33:33] <Delicious> what else?

[15:35:18] <NikkijMadison> follow his moans

[15:35:27] <NikkijMadison> try it and see if he likes it

[15:35:35] <Delicious> I'll be right back - need a potty break

[15:37:10] <NikkijMadison> ok

[15:40:25] <Delicious> back

[15:41:08] <Delicious> condoms or bareback?

[15:41:20] <NikkijMadison> condoms

[15:41:42] <NikkijMadison> it’s been a long time since i have done bareback

[15:41:47] <Delicious> yeah

[15:42:05] <NikkijMadison> smiles

[15:42:06] <Delicious> i got tested last week & clean

[15:42:10] <NikkijMadison> cool

[15:43:01] <Delicious> what other things do you do with a client?

[15:45:35] <NikkijMadison> whatever he wants

[15:45:53] <Delicious> such as?

[15:46:41] <NikkijMadison> different clients have different wishes

[15:46:56] <Delicious> examples, please

[15:46:59] <NikkijMadison> i wear all pink for some

[15:47:05] <NikkijMadison> wear cages

[15:47:14] <NikkijMadison> they can have my booty

 [15:47:22] <NikkijMadison> leash me

[15:47:27] <Delicious> leash and collar?

[15:47:33] <NikkijMadison> cuffs and blind folds

[15:47:37] <NikkijMadison> yea

[15:47:44] <NikkijMadison> i love to be leashed

[15:47:49] <Delicious> YES

[15:48:09] <NikkijMadison> been cuffed to chair and been used

[15:48:33] <Delicious> Ohh that would be great

[15:49:01] <NikkijMadison> i give a lot of bjs

[15:49:07] <NikkijMadison> not into pain

[15:49:16] <Delicious> hehehe

[15:50:47] <Delicious> what else?

[15:51:10] <NikkijMadison> i do gang bangs love BBC gang bangs the best

[15:51:25] <Delicious> Tell me about them please

[15:55:12] <NikkijMadison> Jonathan has a few friends he wants me to service. I do them about every six weeks. I dress up in all pink ... including toes, nails and lipstick

[15:55:30] <NikkijMadison> always wear pink and have pink ribbon on my clitty

[15:55:55] <Delicious> that sounds delicious ! !

[15:56:25] <NikkijMadison> i am and they are

[15:56:35] <Delicious> Hehehe

[15:57:42] <Delicious> What other things do you do?

[15:58:05] <NikkijMadison> besides sex

[15:58:29] <Delicious> I'm more interested in sex

[15:58:34] <Delicious> I need cock

[15:58:47] <NikkijMadison> how often you get it

[15:59:58] <Delicious> every 3-4 months and want more

[16:00:14] <NikkijMadison> ahh

[16:00:18] <NikkijMadison> i get it daily

[16:00:22] <NikkijMadison> sorry

[16:00:57] <Delicious> like i said i want more - PLEASE

[16:01:11] <NikkijMadison> yes we do

[16:01:19] <Delicious> hehehe

[16:01:21] <NikkijMadison> do you go trolling

[16:01:56] <Delicious> no but how?

[16:02:06] <NikkijMadison> where are you again

[16:02:15] <Delicious> Florida

[16:02:21] <Delicious> Tampa

[16:02:32] <NikkijMadison> there must be bars there that cater to tgirls

[16:02:37] <NikkijMadison> drag bars

[16:03:04] <Delicious> yes and i've been to many. What am I doing wrong or not doing?

[16:03:13] <Delicious> I dress and go

[16:03:29] <NikkijMadison> are you meeting other girls

[16:04:02] <Delicious> sometimes, usually gay guys who aren't interested

[16:04:14] <NikkijMadison> i avoid the girls that have issues with their cock

[16:04:28] <NikkijMadison> gay guys are not interested in trannys … fact

[16:04:36] <Delicious> yes i figured that out

[16:04:38] <NikkijMadison> other tgirls are though

[16:04:47] <Delicious> ok

[16:04:52] <NikkijMadison> and so are married men secretly

[16:05:11] <NikkijMadison> how often you go

[16:05:33] <Delicious> not often enough - tax season just ended

[16:05:38] <Delicious> :-(

[16:06:04] <NikkijMadison> so get a routine

[16:06:16] <NikkijMadison> any bdsm scene there

[16:06:31] <Delicious> like one night a week here, another night there?

[16:06:46] <NikkijMadison> be a regular

[16:07:44] <Delicious> once a week at one place?

[16:08:39] <NikkijMadison> so 3 different places

[16:08:44] <NikkijMadison> can you dress there?

[16:08:59] <Delicious> some can

[16:09:19] <Delicious> like one Friday, another Saturday and so on?

[16:10:01] <NikkijMadison> easier to go as male then dress there

[16:10:10] <NikkijMadison> or can you dress from home

[16:10:16] <Delicious> ok

[16:10:37] <Delicious> what about bdsm clubs?

[16:10:42] <NikkijMadison> that was a aquestion sorry

[16:10:54] <NikkijMadison> they love trannys

[16:11:10] <NikkijMadison> never met a Dom who didn't want his cock sucked

[16:11:12] <Delicious> ok

[16:11:20] <Delicious> mmmm

[16:12:25] <NikkijMadison> how many bdsm clubs

[16:13:01] <Delicious> 3

[16:13:37] <NikkijMadison> full week then

[16:14:27] <Delicious> What about gay bars and motels/bars?

[16:14:51] <NikkijMadison> do T's hang at the gay bars

[16:15:20] <Delicious> certain bars are

[16:15:45] <NikkijMadison> go to them

[16:15:57] <Delicious> ok

[16:16:38] <NikkijMadison> what are you doing tonight

[16:18:08] <Delicious> YES. I'm in Ft. Lauderdale on business so I'm looking for a TG place on line for tonight

[16:18:42] <NikkijMadison> go fot it

[16:18:52] <NikkijMadison> perfect

[16:19:48] <Delicious> sounds like a plan. Any chance you can cum down some time?

[16:20:15] <NikkijMadison> sure is Tampa tgirl friendly

[16:20:53] <Delicious> yes and St.Pete Clearwater. Outlying areas not so

[16:21:26] <NikkijMadison> far from you?

[16:22:54] <Delicious> no, Tampa is close -20-40 miles. St. Pete & Clearwater are 50-60.

[16:23:07] <NikkijMadison> road trip stay over

[16:23:36] <NikkijMadison> so what will you wear tonight

[16:23:48] <Delicious> Leather and boots ! ! !

[16:23:56] <Delicious> What would you like me to wear?

[16:24:02] <Delicious> Corset and skirt?

[16:24:12] <NikkijMadison> cool

[16:24:13] <Delicious> Corset dress (SHORT)

[16:24:15] <NikkijMadison> panties

[16:24:23] <NikkijMadison> cool

[16:24:26] <NikkijMadison> heels?

[16:24:29] <Delicious> yes thong

[16:24:42] <Delicious> 5" heel boots are all I brought.

[16:24:51] <Delicious> knee high, thigh or crotch

[16:25:12] <NikkijMadison> where does skirt come to?

[16:25:27] <Delicious> mid thigh

[16:26:03] <NikkijMadison> knee high

[16:26:22] <Delicious> or corset dress. VERY short.

[16:27:28] <NikkijMadison> pantyhose or

[16:27:48] <Delicious> I have but also crotch less

[16:28:43] <NikkijMadison> wear knee skirt with corset and crotch less pantyhose

[16:28:54] <Delicious> ok

[16:29:00] <Delicious> knee boots?

[16:29:13] <NikkijMadison> sure

[16:29:19] <Delicious> mmm

[16:29:27] <NikkijMadison> will corset with skirt cover your clitty

[16:29:41] <Delicious> the skirt will

[16:29:58] <NikkijMadison> is that sexier on you

[16:30:11] <Delicious> I have a corset dress that will when I'm standing - sitting , well. . .

[16:30:27] <Delicious> the skirt sexier than ???

[16:30:32] <NikkijMadison> cross your legs

[16:30:36] <NikkijMadison> flash a little

[16:30:38] <Delicious> hehehe

[16:30:53] <NikkijMadison> which are you sexier in and which make sense to be in public

[16:32:01] <Delicious> some of corsets and corset dresses are strapless

[16:32:12] <NikkijMadison> okay

[16:32:14] <Delicious> what do you think?

[16:32:22] <Delicious> strap or strapless

[16:32:22] <NikkijMadison> strapless works

[16:32:27] <Delicious> ok

[16:33:18] <NikkijMadison> so describe what you will wear

[16:34:05] <Delicious> I'm going to shave and take a hot bath. Try on some alternatives

[16:34:28] <NikkijMadison> cool I must run anyway

[16:34:33] <Delicious> what do you do about body hair? I've been using something like Nair that doesn't sting

[16:34:50] <Delicious> ok