Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today's Word "Magisterial"

Magisterial \maj-uh-STEER-ee-uhl\ (adjective) - 1 : Having the characteristics of a master or teacher; authoritative. 2 : Domineering or overbearing. 3 : Of or relating to a magistrate.

"Everyone agreed that Jason's magisterial qualities ensured that he would not long be toiling in the company's mail room."

From Late Latin magisterialis (of authority), from magisterium, from Latin magister (master), ultimately from Indo-European root meg- (great) that's also the source of words such as magnificent, maharajah, mahatma, master, mistress, maestro, maximum, and magnify.

Today's Word "multifarious"

Multifarious \muhl-tuh-FAIR-ee-uhs\ (adjective) - Having great diversity or variety; of various kinds; diversified.

"Others will follow, others will outstrip me on the same lines; and I hazard the guess that man will be ultimately known for a mere polity of multifarious, incongruous and independent denizens." -- Robert Louis Stevenson, 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'

Multifarious derives from Latin multifariam, "on many sides; in many places."

Today's Word "Pococurante"

Pococurante \po-ko-koo-RAN-tee, -kyoo-\ (adjective) - Indifferent, apathetic, nonchalant.

"Nikkij's only claim to fame was a single pococurante addition to the company's rules and regulations yet this, along with his esteemed name, was enough to guarantee him a cushy position in upper management for life."

From Italian, poco little + curante, present participle of curare, to care, from Latin, curare, cure, care.

Fill Me!

You love conversing but dislike arguments and debates. You would have a good time writing and blogging. Take yourself away from what other people are saying and concentrate on developing your own ideas and thoughts. A writing project can be begun, continued or polished up.

Love This Outfit!

Love Bims

could i suck your clitty mistress and how thick is your clitty

have you ever placed a large chocolate eclair into your mouth? Think white chocolate ... and squeeze the cream out!


no i haven't nikki but i would like to be

It's awesome sweetheart ... being totally under someone else's control!

could i be your slave nikki

Taz .... have you ever been leashed or blindfolded or cuffed?

i wish could be your slave nikkiare u comando under the skirt

Actually yes ... My clitty is framed by black lacy garter belts and stockings

are u going to let it out of the cage how is your day going so far

not caged now ... was last night at work. It was good that I was wearing a skirt

that is along time do u still the lady is your clitty caged right now and u getting horny

It/s been caged this week yes ... but not now!

i am thinking about u while i am jerking off. what's the longest u went without letting your clitty cum

Three weeks ... I was caged! I wife (now ex) caught me doing her Adminstrative Assistant on her office couch. She was off limits but I couldn't resist ... nor could she she.


are u playing with your clitty

I play with my clitty 24/7

Do you think its silly when some ppl call the wrong ppl sluts and dont even know how to define one?

Anyone that has called me a slut .... has got it 100% correct!

i just wanna take your cock in me :( and blow you all the time :(

Bre baby ... I bet you do!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rush In ... Rush Out!

i was hoping as long as you need me

you want me to own you?

maybe i should just come to you :) i'll bring a bunch of clothing and stay with you :)

for how long ... a week ... and you will suck my clitty on command!

so would you let me blow you when you need it?

Of course ...where do you live?


that is very naughty and i am getting hard right now thinking about u wearing that outfit!is anyone over with u

Jason gets off work in two hours ...

so u just ate out the hostess. what sexy naughty outfit did u wear to the party

3" heels ... skinny jeans and see through lacy blouse with lacy black bra underneath ... black lycra thongand clitty tring that pushed my bulge. Pearl choker!

i bet the hostess liked that! did the hostess get to suck your clitty in return

She sure did ... not tonight ....

did u get fucked at the party u went to

No but I licked the hostess dry!

Is there any significant moment in your life that helped to define who you are?

When I shaved my legs and rolled the first pair of stockings up my bare legs and attached them to my lacy garter belt.... I was hooked ... no pun intended!

what are u going to wear for the party time how does your ass feel from your booty call last night

My booty is always sore ....

Do you ever get to travel?

Yes I do!

3 Important ways you can tell someone is lying

Their eyes, their movements with their hands and their posture

Hair or bare? Shave or Wax? How old when you shaved/waxed for the first time?

shaved ... and have been waxed.... I think I was about twenty!

would you... 1) go out with me 2) flirt with me 3) kiss me 4) hug me 5) smile at me 6) wink at me 7) hate on me 8) dance with me 9) be friends with me 10)protect me. -sent to all-

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 8

what are u doing tomorrow

Party time

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Getting Ready!

i wish i could fuck u and suck your clitty is your booty call going to fuck u or u going to fuck the booty call

He will have his way with me!

Do Him Now!

Milk Me!

is stevie still over with u and u wearing anything sexy

Actually in a pair of tight short shorts and tee shirt/. I have a booty call in about 45 minutes

that is great. what else did he do to u?

Stevie does what he always does ...

did u make them gag. did they also fuck u in your ass

He DT'ed me yes

so u didn't fucked today? i bet your friends did a good job sucking your clitty

Awesome job!

Its Fun To Share

The Eyes Have It!

Don't Ever Skip A Day!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Don't Neglect Your Appearance

Even if you're staying home today and no one is going to see you, go through your regular hygiene routine. Skipping a day could be detrimental to your skin, hair, and teeth ... and keeping up will make you feel better, too.

Today's Word "Relegate"

Relegate \RE-leh-geyt\ (verb) - 1 : To refer or assign to an insignificant position or priority, as to relegate a diplomat to an obscure post or relegate a task to someone of little authority; 2 : To turn over, refer or assign, as to relegate a task to someone.

"Richard has been relegated the task of keeping the office windows clean."

Today's word comes from Latin relegat-, the past participle of relegare "to send away, dispatch," based on re- "again" + legare "to appoint, to send on a commission." The Proto-Indo-European root from which "legare" derives, *leg-, is associated with speech and is also the source of the lex- (leg-s) in "lexical" and Greek logos "word, idea," the root beneath the suffix logy found in such English words as "biology," "cardiology," and "sociology." The same root also gave us the leg- in "legal" and "legislation" (from Latin lex, leg- "law"), probably from a concept such as the 'Word of God,' which was the original law. Today's word is often confused with a word of similar sound and meaning: "delegate." While these two words share the secondary meaning of today's word, to simply refer or assign, the primary meaning of "relegate" is "to assign a low position or priority," even "to banish or exile." "Delegate" has no such pejorative meaning. The process is "relegation" and a person exiled or relegated to an insignificant position is a "relegate."
You promote change today. You have an appreciative eye for innovations, especially new technology. You should also be aware of how to relate to people better, against the alienation technology makes so easy.

What About Dildo Batteries?

Laptop battery wearing down? In this week's episode of Upgrade Your Life, Yahoo! News' Becky Worley shows us how to help batteries last longer ... and what to do when they run out!

First, the basics
Most laptops use batteries that can last for 3-5 years, or about 1000 charges. (A premium laptop's battery might last longer.) Every time you charge your battery, the total capacity of the battery is diminished. Originally it may have had a run time of 3.5 hours, but after a year it'll run out of juice at 3 hours, even on a full charge.
If your battery capacity has diminished, there are a few things you can do about it. First, you have to correctly gauge how much capacity has been lost. There are free downloads to do this job, like Battery Eater (for Windows PCs) or Coconut Battery (for Macs). These will compare your battery's current maximum capacity to how long it lasted when it was new.
Calibrating your Battery
You can't miraculously reconstitute your battery's capacity. It loses power over time due to chemical reactions taking place in the battery, as it chugs along powering your laptop. You can't undo those changes, but there is one common battery issue you can fix: In many laptops, the operating system's battery meter gets out of sync with how much juice the battery actually has.
Imagine if the gas gauge on your car dashboard was misreading how much gas you actually had in the tank. You'd either run out of gas when you thought you had a quarter of a tank left, or you'd be filling up too frequently. In your laptop, this can mean your laptop shuts down abruptly when the meter says you have 30 minutes left. Or else the meter might warn that you only have 2 minutes of battery life left and shut your laptop down, when it really has another 20 minutes remaining.
Recalibrating gets the battery meter to correctly read the current state of the battery, so you and the operating system know where you stand with existing battery life.

How to recalibrate
First, charge your laptop's battery to full, and leave it that way for at least two hours. Then unplug your laptop, and set its power management settings to never turn off or lower the monitor brightness. (HP has instructions for how do to this on Windows 7 and Vista, as well as Windows XP, while Apple has instructions for Mac laptops on their site.)
You want to drain the battery completely, then let your laptop sit for at least five hours this way -- like, say, overnight. (Just be careful and mute the volume, since some laptops make a warning sound when they're about to run out.) Afterwards, charge it up again, and you should notice a more accurate portrayal of your battery capacity. In some cases, you may even get more life out of it.
Best practices to maintain battery life
You'd think that the best way to keep your laptop's battery from wearing out is to not use it. Right?
As it turns out, batteries are like muscles; they need to be worked out regularly to stay healthy. Ideally, you'd use your laptop unplugged at least once a day, like on a train or bus commute or on the couch in front of the TV. If you're not going to use it, constantly charging your battery is a bad idea; HP recommends on their website that if you're going to leave your laptop plugged in or put up in storage for more than two weeks, you should take the battery out of your laptop.

Past the expiration date
So when is it time to throw out that old battery? The answer, surprisingly, is "never." Laptop batteries contain lots of toxic chemicals, and should never end up in landfills. Fortunately, e-stewards.org has a list of environmentally responsible recyclers that will take your old battery with no fuss.
When is it time to replace your battery, then? Use the free utility apps Becky mentioned, and when they say that your battery can only hold around 25% of its original capacity it's probably time for a new one. You can buy a replacement battery from the original laptop manufacturer, and there are plenty of places online that sell discounted PC laptop batteries, like Laptops for Less and Batteries.com. Owners of newer Mac laptops can get their laptop's non-removable battery swapped out at any Apple store, with a scheduled appointment