Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last Sunday

After last Sunday’s online conversation at the pool with Lacy I was still horny by the time I made back to the condo. Yes I did cum, but once is never enough!

Tommy said we were headed to Fagers Island for some late afternoon fun, so he  told me to hurry up and get ready.   After a quick shower  I pulled my hair back into a ponytail, wiggled into a lacy red g string,  red heels,  and a white sun dress.  As I was standing in front of the upstairs balcony slider, with the late afternoon sun beating through the glass, I was posing but really trying to see if you could see my red panties through my sun dress, 

Tommy popped in,  “Put your cage on Bitch! I told if you jerked off at the pool, you would go out in your cb6000 tonight. Stuff your string in your purse. “

I gave him a face, but did as was told.  Of course I gave him the key. All I could think about was the fun, I had last Sunday.  Little did I know that this Sunday would get better?

Hanging out listening to the music, meeting some friends, I cruised the outside bar area looking for hunks. Tommy lets me do my own thing when we go out on Sundays.  He’s always looking for new adventures so he lets me too. So I circled the bar… hell I love the attention I get… I finally worked my way back to our group.  Besides I need my orange crush refilled anyway.

Tommy was chatting with two nice looking guys.  They were not hunks like him, but they seemed personable enough. Jason, a blonde beachy type guy and Derrick, dark hair with a mustache were drinking car bombs. I had one too.

Jason started chatting me up. I like him.  We danced a few times, and after a few more crushes, Jason was rubbing my leg as we sat at the bar.  Then it dawned on me,   I had met him before. He was one of Tommy’s Baltimore buddies.  I am pretty sure he knows about my surprise.

 I excused myself to go to the ladies room. But as I jumped off the stool, Jason’s hand got caught in my dress and found its way to my bare booty. Certainly I didn’t brush it away, but he smiled but acted a little embarrassed.

When I returned Tommy was with  Jason and Derrick along with Allison, one of his regular blonde booty calls on his arm. Allison is gorgeous and bi. 

Tommy grinned at me, “Jason and Derrick will get you home.  They are staying up the street at the Holiday Inn.  Oh and btw, I have both keys.  Don’t be too late.”  My jaw dropped. Tommy must have removed the extra cage key from my purse. 

 Allison, who I adore leaned in and whispered in my ear, “I want your tongue to clean me up later, bitch!” I could feel her, my clitty,  strain against the hard plastic. Allison reached under my dress and caressed her. 

After, Jason ordered more drinks, and a few more side cars. They were yummy.  He winked at me and said, “Let’s blow this pop stand, we have some fun ahead of us tonight. “

 We walked out to the car, with Jason’s hand on my booty. Jason tossed the car keys to Derrick, so he could drive and then jumped into the back seat with me.  The HI was not far… just close enough for me to go into heat.  Jason ran his hand up my dress and discovered my cage. “He said you were locked, and so you are!”

With Jason holding my hand, the three of us almost sprinted to the elevators and to their ocean front suite. Derrick just followed us on in, so this twosome was definitely a threesome. With a king size bed in the middle of the room, I think they are a twosome too!

 I have never seen two guys get naked quicker, so I was slowing dropped my sun dress to the floor, stepping out, so they could admire my boobies, my body and her in her cage.  Jason turned to Derrick, “I told you she was a bitchboi. You didn’t believe me.

Both guys have average size cocks. Certainly big enough to enjoy She was bigger, but that made no difference she was caged.  

Derrick fell back on the king size, pulling me with him. He poked his cock in my mouth, Jason dropped  in behind me to start licking my booty. In no time, he had my booty cunt dripping with his saliva.   He found my purse and my rubbers and in no time he was pumping my booty cunt. It didn’t take me long for Derrick to cum… in fact he was hard again before Jason exploded. My mouth does wonders!

In turn, Jason emptied the rubber all over my back. Derrick was spent a second time …. Like twice in fifteen minutes. This time he gave me facial. Of course I ran make fingers all over face and licked my fingers clean. 

Jason made us some more shots... tequila this time. 

Both took turns teasing her.  Jason said he wished she was uncaged, but find ways to licked through the cage. She was pushing the cb6000 to its limits. They inquired about the cage, asked questions about me. They wanted to know more about my boobies. Then they started licking on my nips. Soon Derrick got me into a reverse cow girl pumping my cunt hard. Jason was just amused as my cage just kept banging in the air. When Derrick came again, I climbed off him and noticed that Jason had stroked his cock to hardness. 

He was ready for another blow job…. Needless to say I devoured him. A few more tequila shots and soon Derrick was passed out on the couch.  Jason was also half drunk and half spent and just fell off my boobies on his back on the bed.   I looked at the clock it was three in the morning. I did enjoy it but need to cum badly.

I then remembered what Allison said…   so I started looking for my things. I found my heels, my sun dress and my purse. It had no money in it, no house key, no cage key but my string was rolled up inside. I was out of condoms.   Tommy you bitch! 

I stuffed her and her cage into the g string, and with dress and heels in hand, I left. The fun was done here.

The condo was about fifty blocks north. Allison’s pussy was motivation.  On the way out, I found their pool. I took my hair out of the pony tail and jumped in.  I needed to get their sticky cum off my body. Still wet,  I wiggled back in my sun dress.

No money, no cab, no bus… so I hiked home.  I was soaking wet, but I am glad that I didn’t wear more than three inch heels tonight. Barefoot was not option. I was going to pound on the door to wake everyone up but Tommy had posted a note… Glad to made it back Bitch… join us in the guest room. Attached to the note was the cage key. I unlocked her and made a beeline to Allison and Tommy!

I Can’t Wait Until Next Sunday.

Two Sunday nights ago I went with Tommy to one of the night clubs here at the beach.  We wanted to listen to music.  Tommy always likes to show his hunkiness and I just like to show off my body.   My tan is coming in perfectly this summer and I love to show off my long legs and any time I can I always dazzle them with my cleavage ... well I just do! So a short sun dress and heels were in order.  Underneath I wore a push up bra to make my cleavage look even more enticing. I wiggled her into a small white lycra thong, that was just enough to cover her, but with no pantie lines.

Just before we got to the club, Tommy asked if I brought it? Ahh, the it was of course my cage.  Outside of my lipstick, I always have room for condoms a little cash, and my cb6000 in my purse. “Well put it on bitch!” and of course I did. I just love having her encased in one of her cages.  I locked the rhinestone lock and flipped the key to Tommy.  I stuffed her into my thong again

Inside, we chatted with friends, had a few cocktails.  Lately I have been into sidecars, they are just yummy.  Tommy was chatting up some girls. I was flittering back and forth, just looking for attention.  I was standing and chatting with a couple local girl friends. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted this young hunk floating about. I turned around giving this stud a great look at my booty. I love it when MEN stare at my booty.  The three us were chatting but now all of us were looking out onto the dance floor. 

I could feel the presence around me and wouldn’t you know it, the young stud was taking up skirt pictures of me and my firends.  I am sure when he shows his friends they are still trying to figure out exactly what they were seeing.  I am not exactly small in the clitty department but of course his picture may not be in focus. 

A little later the young stud got up the nerve to buy me a cocktail. We chatted. His name is Jimmy and he comes to the beach with his friends and sometimes his girlfriend a couple times a month.   As we were talking I asked Jimmy about his cell phone shot and if he enjoyed the scenery under my sun dress.  He stammered a little bit, trying to deny it of course. Saying he needed to get back to his friends, but I was determined not to let him off the hook too easily. Besides he was a hunk.  He said something about the flash didn’t go off, so the picture wasn’t in focus.

I then of course, teased him, “Do you want a better look? If so, let’s take a stroll in the parking lot? “ As we leaving, Jimmy saw, that his friends werealso heading out… and since they were driving back to DC he would have to go. 

“That’s okay, I will walk you out. “ On the way out, I gave Tommy the high sign that everything was cool.

I wrapped my arm under his as we walked out chatting. I changed the subject and asked when he was coming back. His friends were way up ahead and I motioned him to slip in between two cars.  I quickly slid my hands up underneath my sun dress and rolled my panties down. Of course, they were wet with precum. I handed them Jimmy and a little convincing told him to smell them. Of course he did what he was told. 

“Get your phone out again Jimmy!”  I then lifted my dress so he had a clear shot of her caged. Oh wow was all he could say but he snapped a few pictures, this time with the flash working.  I nuzzled against him. I could feel the heat between us and whispered in his ear.  “Do you want to rub her?” I had no resistance as I led his hand down to my cage. I was straining against the hard plastic.  I knew this was a whole new world Jimmy

“God, how do wear it on your cock?”

“Does it excite you Jimmy?” All he could do was stammer oh yes.

“Well, if you are interested she is yours when you come back to the beach! You might want to try a cage on yourself.”   I think kissed him hard grinding my body against his. I know he felt my boobies and I just loved grinding my clitty into him.

I heard his friends calling, perhaps hooting was more like it. So we exchanged cell numbers. He promised to call as he ran to his buddies.  I went back to the club. I went straight to Tommy. I need your cock tonight!

Jimmy’s friends must have thought he was sleeping on the ride back to DC. I know better. I must have exchanged twenty texts from him. BTW, he finally admitted that the flash did go off on the upskirt shot.  I knew it did and I know he wants her.


Who wouldn’t want to live at the beach?  I love all seasons – winter spring, summer and fall.  It’s been a terrific time. I was going to be here for two—three weeks at max. I am now into my second summer season.  My arrangements are terrific for a bitch like me.

I love in Ralph’s five bedroom three story ocean block condo. It’s a twelve unit condo building with a private pool.  On the second floor, I have my own bedroom… well sort of anyway.  Actually my bedroom has been converted into my clothes closet. We have set racks up to accommodate my shoes, my outfits and a small bed.  I don’t sleep there much, but it’s my getaway place when I need it for those alone moments.

There is a huge Master bedroom on the third floor with a terrific ocean view.  That’s Ralph and Tommy’s place.  I will sometimes sleep and play there either in their bed or on my doggie bed situated at the foot of the Master bed.  Down the hall, there is a guest bedroom,  that is often used by local stay overs, out of town guests and for private interludes by Ralph or Tommy. Their relationship is not 100% exclusive so the guest room can take on many characteristics during the course of a week or month. Tommy does like his pussy and not many bitches would turn away his huge cock. I will say he says know how to use it. 

On the floor is an open concept with living, media, dining, bar and balcony that also opens up to a view of the ocean. The view is not as good as the third floor but still good.   Also on the second floor is the gym and play room.  The play room is not a full dungeon per se, but there are enough play spots to make for an interesting evening.  My favorite is the cage that sits in the corner. It’s Nikkij’s time out location.

We have access to a private condo pool that sits over the parking garage.  The pool’s view is really  of other units in the condo, so in reality the best view of the pool is from the units. The scenery at the pool can be much better than the view of other buildings besides us. The best time is spring, early fall or Sunday afternoons when most of the weekenders are headed home.  I do use the pool all the time, but also enjoy my time on the beach. I can also sun privately, au natural,  on the roof.

Summers are busy but I do get my time off. Long hours, but we squeeze in our kinky sex time.   I get my free time, too. I did enjoy spending the entire year here. I didn’t think I would but the sex was terrific.  More time to visit with friends that come down to “getaway” from the hustle and bustle of the western shore.  The golfers are here all summer, but spring and fall also attracts them.  Some of favorite friends come down for golf weekends.  Most of them are sans family … if you know what I mean.  

So What Am I Doing Now?

I am now a bartender. I also do private parties and for the most part, I am living the life of a sex toy for  two bi guys at the beach.  Ralph is older than me.  He’s in his fifties. He won’t say exactly.  He’s a very fair and reasonable Dom who enjoys putting me through my paces. He keeps control over me but also allows for flexibility to let me be my kinky self. Ralph relishes in me being his toy sexually. He loves that. So do I for that matter.

Tommy is the third partner in our naughty escapades. Tommy is the same Tommy that was my so-called straight roommate that loves my mouth on his huge manhood. He also said he was straight; not gay or even bi.  Ralph put him under his wing, brought him into his businesses and into his bed.  Tommy and Ralph have a great relationship both enjoy each other but also enjoy girls as well.  Tommy loves girls …  Tommy is more bi than Ralph, if you have to measure. Tommy is maturing and is one hunk.  I enjoy Tommy being a Dom and of course bisexually speaking its awesome.

How did we meet? Ralph knows my Dom and restaurant owner, boss and friend on the western shore of the Chesapeake.  He played in one of John’s monthly poker games.  He was the big winner that night, and as typical then, I served and serviced the parties.  I was Ralph’s bonus prize that night.  He came home with me… no sense in driving back to the beach that night. He spent the weekend and met Tommy while I was sucking on Tommy's manhood Sunday morning.  Ralph so wanted to suck Tommy too. Surprisingly they clicked. After all, they had me in common.  Tommy was looking for a job change and moved to the beach to work for Ralph. Three months later, I received an invite from Tommy to visit for a weekend. How could I pass up a beach visit with my young hunk?

Upon my arrival I discovered that Tommy and Ralph had become an item. I had a wonderful weekend of servicing both MEN and being introduced to the beach lifestyle.  During the weekend Ralph had some issues with two of his bartenders.  This was days before the summer season was ready to take off. He asked me, and of course John, if I could help him out for a few weeks to get his bars straight… in exchange, I would stay with them, no expenses and keep any money I earned at the clubs.  That’s was last May I am still here.  

The sex toy I have become.  I still do my shifts at the restaurants and am free to do as wish on my own time.  I have the best of worlds so to speak.   Control when I need it, freedom when it makes sense and all the cock and pussy I can devour.  I am not owned but from time to time,  I do hook that pearl choker to my neck and all is right in the world. 

Who am I?

If you read my driver’s license or passport, it says male.  If you were judge me by the clothes I wear you would say wholeheartedly female. If you look under my shirt or blouse or down my dress at my cleavage, you most likely would see my boobies encased in a lacy push up bra or small bikini top and say oh wow, I want to see more… and by the way, I love showing the girls off.  If you were to see booty, from behind, I am sure you would say, very nice and I love your sexy panties.  Once I turn, you most likely would see my bulge…. You might be speechless, you might even smile or grin from ear to ear, or you might be disgusted.  What you will find is a 7” cut and shaved clitty as we like to call it.  She, which I always refer to her as, is fully functional and almost always encased in panties or some sexy bottom. The times she is not is when you might find her encased in a cage… a cb6000, a metal bird cage or some other chastity device. Even when caged I love to stuff her into panties. It does get chilly under short dresses. With this recent heat spell, I have been commando, except for my chastity, underneath my sun dresses. That’s been quite interesting experience, but that’s a story for another day.

For the most part I am always in heels.  Three inch is my norm, but I do wear 4” and 5” heels. The sexier the shoe the better! Yes, girls, I wear flip flops too.

That’s describes my features so to speak… but who am I really. There are labels out there. I enjoy being referred to as a slut or bitch.  Both describe me perfectly.  A common label is sissy, but that’s not me. I have been a cuck or fluffer and still enjoy playing both roles.  Sextoy is a much better label for me… as I so enjoy and thrive on the sex. I am submissive, but not a slave. Both BDSM terms but pain is not my thing so to speak. I enjoy the lifestyle for the fetish and some of the kinky toys that come with it.  I am in my element with a leash, cuffs, collar or chokers, gags, plugs, and of course chastity.  

Recently I have enjoyed a little remote electronic control, especially as I flitter through a club or party.  

Other labels, such tgirl or transgender do fit.  I prefer shemale or even ladyboi…. which to me has a different connotation. I think ladyboi is sexy but mostly associated with Asian girls.

Okay --  now that we have that out of the way. What you will discover is a fun loving, confident, but not too confident kinky girl with the aspect of surprise that’s encased in silk, satin, lace or nylon or lycra daily.  I enjoy being the best at whatever I do. I was a terrific and successful marketing executive. I was also an extraordinary fluffer and best girl friend for my ex.  I do enjoy sucking cock and I do it quite well. I also take pleasure in licking pussy. 

I can be your BFF but don’t’ cross me. Don’t take advantage of my disposition. I have my limits and I am cautious. Most times, I follow intuition, not my clitty and when I do I am normally spot on. When I am led around by my clitty, I normally get into trouble. I always find a way out.

So who am I … my motto is for a good time call and don’t’ leave a good time for a potential bummer!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Feeling Against My Body Still Makes Me Scream for Joy

Don't Drip On The Shoes

Need to Get My Lips Right!

Would Love to Be A Dancer

You Know You Want Me!

Oozing Sex!

Men Beg For Her

Cute Caption From Femslut21

Kimber James

Chat With New Friend Lacy

<lacyladyboi> hi!
<NikkijMadison> hey slut
<lacyladyboi> enjoying the pool i hope, if you're still there anyway
<NikkijMadison> yes
<NikkijMadison> getting my booty tanned
<lacyladyboi> nice, i should do that too
<lacyladyboi> sit out on the deck in a g and bikini top when no one else is around
<NikkijMadison> it’s awesome
<lacyladyboi> no hiding what i am when i have a bikini tan, lol
<NikkijMadison> all the others in our building go home on Sundays so the pool is ours
<lacyladyboi> oh nice, all the weekenders take off i guess. are the two guys you are with both Doms?
<NikkijMadison> in tight lycra black g string
<NikkijMadison> yes they are
<NikkijMadison> Ralph is the stronger Dom
<NikkijMadison> Tommy is learning but Tommy's cock is 9
<lacyladyboi> sounds like a dream. i'm sure they come up with lots of interesting ways to use you
<lacyladyboi> wow, not bad
<NikkijMadison> 4 years ago Tommy said he was st8 but loved it when I sucked HIS cock
<NikkijMadison> sextoy daily
<NikkijMadison> then Ralph took HIM under HIS wing so to speak
<lacyladyboi> i'm sure every guy would enjoy you; it's just whether they can admit it
<NikkijMadison> lots of married men in my stable
<lacyladyboi> ah sure, I’ve been with one or two. of course the others could have just lied
<NikkijMadison> married men love my mouth
<lacyladyboi> i'm sure i could learn a lot from you, i've got more work to do on my oral skills
<NikkijMadison> biting or DT?
<lacyladyboi> both i guess, on a nine incher my jaw might have trouble. i wish i could DT, but i can't always do it
<NikkijMadison> practice on cuck or banana
<NikkijMadison> helps with both
<NikkijMadison> also oil them
<NikkijMadison> teeth marks can be seen
<lacyladyboi> i've started practicing more recently with my mouth, i used to just start fucking myself right away
<NikkijMadison> lots of tongue all over
<NikkijMadison> always keep them wanting more
<lacyladyboi> yes that sounds like the key. keep them always on edge
<lacyladyboi> i need to get more used to cum too, i love the taste of precum but haven't really gotten used to swallowing

<NikkijMadison> yes
<NikkijMadison> some guys really like spraying on your face
<NikkijMadison> I love to swallow
<lacyladyboi> yes i've noticed, lol. i don't mind guys cumming on me
<lacyladyboi> just not in my hair, that's a pain in the ass
<NikkijMadison> true but part of the job
<NikkijMadison> you stroking her now
<lacyladyboi> wish i had someone to practice on but not right now
<NikkijMadison> Tommy is laughing at me... he sees me rubbing her through my string
<NikkijMadison> dildoes and cucumbers
<lacyladyboi> lol, don't blame you. i don't really like touching myself
<lacyladyboi> but i can definitely practice on one of my dildos
<NikkijMadison> so you don’t like cumming yourself
<lacyladyboi> well not usually! i like cumming from penetration, not that it always happens but when it does it is fucking amazing
<NikkijMadison> I assume you wish you did not have her
<lacyladyboi> usually, though i don't always mind so much when it's locked away
<lacyladyboi> still it would be nice to not have it at all
<NikkijMadison> a know girls that feels the same way
<NikkijMadison> Me I love her
<NikkijMadison> Tommy says if you make me cum HE will lock HER up for a while
<lacyladyboi> i think i would love her too
<lacyladyboi> lol in that case i'll have to watch what i say, unless you would like to be locked away for a while
<NikkijMadison> I do
<NikkijMadison> He wants to take me Seacrets tonight. I guess I will go in a sun dress
<lacyladyboi> that's one of the problems with locking her away, tougher to hide
<lacyladyboi> i wish there was a chastity device that just tucked her away completely
<lacyladyboi> do you ever top other girls?
<NikkijMadison> yes I do
<NikkijMadison> I like to show her off sometimes anyway
<lacyladyboi> you're like a dream come true then
<NikkijMadison> wore a short skirt there last Sunday ... a guy used his phone to upskirt me
<NikkijMadison> I had device on her
<NikkijMadison> so I have been told
<lacyladyboi> lol that guy got a hell of a surprise, he either screamed or came in his pants, depending on his proclivities
<NikkijMadison> we chatted later
<NikkijMadison> he wants to see me
<lacyladyboi> can't say that shocks me
<NikkijMadison> Tommy is stroking HIS cock now
<NikkijMadison> he comes up in two weeks
<lacyladyboi> you going to help him out? lol
<NikkijMadison> no Tommy wants to stroke it
<NikkijMadison> the guy is Jimmy

<NikkijMadison> says he's subbie
<lacyladyboi> ahhh, different idea entirely then
<lacyladyboi> i don't think i could ever be Domme
<NikkijMadison> he has nice body
<NikkijMadison> I might take him there Seacrets on a leash
<lacyladyboi> every other submissive there will be insanely jealous
<NikkijMadison> so true
<NikkijMadison> if not a leash then a collar
<lacyladyboi> i'm not even there and i'm jealous thinking about it
<NikkijMadison> the locals that i know will know
<lacyladyboi> they can figure it out i'm sure
<NikkijMadison> oh yeah
<lacyladyboi> i've never really been collared or leashed, i wore a collar once but it just for a few photos
<NikkijMadison> that night I will wear a cock ring under my sun dress
<NikkijMadison> how did it feel
<lacyladyboi> lol, i'd like to see that

<lacyladyboi> having it put on me was so fucking sexy
<NikkijMadison> did she precum
<lacyladyboi> black leather with a big metal ring in front, i loved it
<NikkijMadison> awesome
<lacyladyboi> she was leaking all night pretty much
<NikkijMadison> mine is a three ring pearl choker
<NikkijMadison> cool
<NikkijMadison> how was that feeling calling your clit a she
<lacyladyboi> i might pick that up from now on, just sounds better
<lacyladyboi> i sort of hate her, but at least i can use a properly feminine pronoun
<NikkijMadison> I have called her she or her for 20 years now
<NikkijMadison> that what she is
<NikkijMadison> a she
<lacyladyboi> makes sense to me

<NikkijMadison> make all my MEN call her a she or her
<lacyladyboi> i've always just called her my clitty, but even that doesn’t sound right most of the time
<lacyladyboi> i'd call her whatever you told me to, i'm sure they do as well
<NikkijMadison> she is a she
<NikkijMadison> lol
<NikkijMadison> I love to oil her up too
<NikkijMadison> Tommy is using my oil now
<lacyladyboi> seems obvious to me now. you have me daydreaming about her now
<NikkijMadison> she is 7" cut
<NikkijMadison> how big is her
<lacyladyboi> just about the same actually, maybe 6.5
<lacyladyboi> but i like to keep her as small as possible usually
<NikkijMadison> do you cage her
<lacyladyboi> whenever possible, which is most of the time
<lacyladyboi> I almost never play without her caged
<NikkijMadison> she caged now

<lacyladyboi> yes, all locked away in my cb6000
<lacyladyboi> i need to get a cuter lock for it, still using the ugly one that came with it
<lacyladyboi> i need a rhinestone heart shaped lock or something more femme
<NikkijMadison> awesome

<NikkijMadison> so what are you dressed in Tommy wants to know
<lacyladyboi> what device do you use?
<NikkijMadison> cb6000 mostly
<lacyladyboi> white stockings, pink halter top
<NikkijMadison> like birdcages too
<NikkijMadison> braless
<lacyladyboi> no panties at the moment
<lacyladyboi> i'm doing my breast massage so no bra right now
<NikkijMadison> Tommy wants to know why you don’t match
<NikkijMadison> pink and pink
<NikkijMadison> your toes painted
<lacyladyboi> i ripped one of my pink stockings, sadly. got to get new ones
<lacyladyboi> yes my toes are still painted
<lacyladyboi> hot pink
<lacyladyboi> but covered by the stockings right now
<NikkijMadison> you keep them painted
<NikkijMadison> clear polish on fingers
<lacyladyboi> usually
<NikkijMadison> yourself or have them done
<lacyladyboi> i try to keep my fingers neat, but i don't have any polish or color on them now
<lacyladyboi> i've always done it myself
<NikkijMadison> I wore clear when was male
<lacyladyboi> maybe i'll try, never really occurred to me
<NikkijMadison> my ex had me go have them done
<NikkijMadison> SHE would drop me off
<NikkijMadison> sometimes I was male sometimes enfemme

<NikkijMadison> Miss Nikki you crazy
<NikkijMadison> yes they did
<NikkijMadison> when I was male I had make up on
<lacyladyboi> Miss Nikki, i like the sound of that
<NikkijMadison> sexy when an Asian calls you that
<NikkijMadison> Alexis the one I go to back in Annapolis says her brother is cd

<lacyladyboi> i guess there's a lot more of us out there than we realize most of the time
<NikkijMadison> he was there as male once when I was there

<NikkijMadison> we chatted the whole time
<NikkijMadison> many
<NikkijMadison> he wanted to know where I got my clothes
<NikkijMadison> panties and lingerie
<lacyladyboi> you must have been looking good, he wanted to emulate
<lacyladyboi> but who wouldn't i guess

<NikkijMadison> I took him shopping at VS
<NikkijMadison> Tommy says we must go now
<NikkijMadison> kisses

<NikkijMadison> BTW I just came in my g string

Saturday, July 20, 2013



FillHER Up!



Do I Look Smart?

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