Monday, February 22, 2010

Does Tiger Owe These Women An Apology?

Tiger Woods' speech made one of his mistresses want to bare her claws yesterday.
Busty Playboy model Loredana Jolie Ferriolo -- who has been known as Woods' mistress No. 10 -- wondered why the golf great's long-winded statement seemed to have an apology for everyone in the universe but her and the other "other women" in his life.
"He didn't mention anything about the girls [he had trysts with]," the Sicilian-born tomato told The Post, after watching his 11 a.m. press conference.
"It seems like he was just brushing it off and not getting into it. I think he should've mentioned something in regards to the girls -- an apology or something."
Ferriolo thought that the horn-dog club swinger owed his list of mistresses an apology because he is responsible for dragging their names into the mud.
"He was saying how the media was harassing him and going around after his kids, disturbing his family. But I'm sure all the girls have dealt with the same," she said. "I have, my life has changed drastically."

Other mistresses, such as former "Tool Academy" reality-cast member Jaimee Grubbs, demanded an apology this week. Yesterday, porn star Joslyn James, who claims to have been impregnated by the stroke master, said after the speech that she would "be open to a telephone apology from Tiger" because "I didn't deserve this."
But in his speech, Woods said didn't say "sorry" to any of the hookers, waitresses, hostesses, porn stars and reality-show wannabes he allegedly bedded behind the back of his wife Elin.
Ferriolo told The Post the whole event seemed phony.
"He just didn't seem genuine enough and it was very much scripted," the alleged call-girl told The Post.
"It just didn't sound like it came from him, it was more like someone wrote a script and he just read it. I think they wanted to hear more about him going back to play, his fans especially," she said.
"He was definitely nervous and he kept saying constantly that he needs help, he kept saying that he needs help and needs a lot for guidance and a lot of people's support, so I believe that's why it was scripted."
Ferriolo says she now has a deal to write a book about her sexploits with Tiger. She wouldn't give details about it, but she has already called Tiger a crazed sex freak with an uncontrollable lust for "threesomes and girl-on-girl sex parties."
"He would engage in sex from 9 p.m. until the sun came up the next morning," she told The Post last month.
Yesterday, she said the speech made her feel sorry for him a little.
"I kind of feel bad for him. Just the way he was apologizing. He kept saying it constantly over and over. I feel like he has no other choice and he is just repeating himself and it's on a script I think and he just has nothing else to say," she said.
"He seemed very stressed and he has been dealing with a lot. This is embarrassing for him, I just felt bad for him."
She did appreciate that he seemed to be getting help.
"I think the fact that he is getting help and I think he is trying to work it out with his family, to keep his family together" was a high point of the speech, she said.
She also is glad that he copped to his couplings.
"Well, he did admit that he was cheating and there's a lot more that the public does not know, that's why I'm writing a book. Just the extent of his behavior, that's why I understand why he kept saying, 'I'm getting help, I believe I need help.' "
She actually agreed with golf fans who believe he should just get back on the course.
"He has so many fans, he should go back to playing and getting his endorsements. His whole life just, like, crumbled."

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Sentiments ... Exactly!

Perfect Picture For Today!

Heidi's Trophies

They are so big you can put one in one ear and one in the other ear and listen to yourself shoot ... I know an old joke but who wouldn't want to bury your head in Heidi's cleavage... Now that's one press conference I want to attend.

Tiger Woods "Tell All" Today .... NOT

Patricia Hannigan, the Golf Girl, commented she thought some golf writer, if invited to ask Tiger questions, today (Friday) may ask, "Tiger, what is the current status of your relationship with Rachel Uchitel?"

Personally, I would ask, "Tiger, have you ever propositioned Elin's twin sister, Josefin".

How about, "Was the toilet paper at the Sex Clinic one or two ply"?

Then, "Tiger, at what age will you sit Sam and Charlie down and give them the details of your sexual disorder"?

Or, "For the record, Tiger, just what club did your wife hit you with that night"?

And, finally, "How do you rate the Cadillac Escapade's off-road capabilities"?

Actually, I honestly believe the above six questions would be the most reasonable ones posed to Tiger. And, these guys get paid for this...