Saturday, December 28, 2013

Subbie Plus

Me: my tongue or your tongue
subplus: mine but both perhaps?
Me: yours would be fine
subplus: thank You
subplus: erotic as i licked YOUR ass hole
Me: nice
subplus: indeed, it would be
Me: must run
Me: see ya
subplus: hello sexy
Me: hey bitch
subplus: love to watch You with several BBC's
subplus: my cunt is moist from that
Me: as it should be
subplus: yes Ma'am, thank You for permitting.
Me: i should really complete my profiles on people
Me: lol
subplus: smiles, one day
subplus: distracted with masturbation
Me: always
Me: you
subplus: same, always pulling on my clit (and nipples)
Me: i love that
subplus: blushing,
subplus: thanks
subplus: like being naked quite a bit also
Me: never fully naked
Me: always have something either femme on
subplus: panties or bra?
Me: right now sheer black nylon gown
subplus: sexy, naked underneath, clit arouse?
subplus: aroused!
Me: what are you up today
subplus: am certain i could learn so much more about being a woman around You!
Me: i have had good teachers
subplus: that is positively apparent. How long ago did You do the breasts?
Me: sixr years
subplus: they are superb
Me: HE did a fantastic job
subplus: indeed, would take Him for a recommendation to do mine.
subplus: lol, great barter deal!
Me: my ex wife’s bf -- now hubby-- bought them
subplus: All in the family!
subplus: pitty, i'd love similar tits
Me: when i go back to Annapolis he is always a visit
Me: me too
Me: he has a great cock
subplus: always a plus - ever fuck him?
Me: no never
subplus: suck only then.
Me: he would play with her but for the most part he was st8
Me: he fucked my ex alot..... i fluffed him for years
subplus: nice arrangement!
subplus: ever clean up after?
Me: all the time
Me: SHE always brought HER bfs home
subplus: mmmmm, adds to a stronger aroma
subplus: while sucking it out
Me: we would go out trolling together
subplus: i'd love that
Me: i love sucking HER pussy
Me: still do
subplus: mmmmm, pussy is nice
subplus: (so is cock)
subplus: love both!
Me: my fav now is cock
Me: but i wont pass on a pussy though
Me: i cant get enough cock these days
subplus: smiles, W/we share a similar passion. i luv to swallow also!
Me: me too
subplus: What about piss play? (have W/we talked about this?)
Me: i have done golden
Me: not fan
subplus: i'm the same
subplus: Have been made to drink my own at times
Me: me too
Me: not into animals either
subplus: k9? no but would love to watch one time (i think)
subplus: Not a fan of "scat" either.
Me: was with a real kinky bitch... GG ... she loved it .... this guy had four dogs
subplus: have you seen a k9 encounter?
Me: she did three
Me: shivers
subplus: mmmmm, can only imagine. But overall, not a fan of doing it again?
Me: nope
Me: done alot
Me: gang bangs
Me: been auctioned a few times
subplus: auctioned off as a slave?
Me: four times
Me: at a bdsm camp twice
subplus: i see
Me: at two private parties
subplus: sweet, Your experience is quite extensive.
Me: at one camp i was placed on picnic table in a grove. There must have two dozen subs auctioned
Me: another auction was off the back of a pick up truck
subplus: mmmmm, and when auctioned are You naked?
Me: first time i was in heels, garters, stockings and no bra ...
Me: flat chested bitch then
subplus: smiles,
Me: second time i had my boobies
subplus: mmmmm, so nice
Me: was in sheer catsuit ... clit in chastity and black bra
Me: the key was dangled from the cage
subplus: am certain You brought a high price!
Me: the private parties -- i was a maid once
subplus: the clit cage key?
Me: yes
subplus: i adore chastity
Me: the fourth time i was in cocktail dress
Me: me too
subplus: sexy
subplus: i luv being "un-locked" and directed to masturbate before others.
subplus: licking up all my juices!
Me: oil her up and do the show
subplus: mmmmmm, am hard already
Me: you and i are just whore bitches
subplus: yes, w/we do resemble those. Would luv to "partner" with You even offer You my leash.
Me: i would take it
subplus: thank You Ma'am
Me: dont you like being with a MAN when you are on HIS leash
subplus: my cock dangling as i walk on all 4's?
Me: sweetheart she will be a clit to me
subplus: smiles, am delighted - a clit always then
Me: i like my subbies in heels when on a leash as we enter
Me: then you turn to a doggie
subplus: mmmmm, would luv to be an owned slave doggy Ma'am
Me: i haven’t had a cock since 25
subplus: yes Ma'am
Me: and i always refer to her as her
Me: or she
Me: my ex gave her that name
subplus: and Your subbies clit? A she also?
Me: ditto for my subbie
subplus: very good. And Your desire for a dog slave?
Me: i like to have play doggie in heat
subplus: mmmmm, the doggie's pussy is always ready
Me: and her cunt too
subplus: anticipates being "bred"
subplus: yes, her cunt
Me: i love when i came home work and there is note to do an emema
subplus: smiles, a puppy who can also write, nice
Me: yes
Me: yes yes
subplus: will You pierce Your doggy?
Me: her clit or her belly
subplus: thank You
Me: or both
subplus: smiles, indeed
subplus: thank You, thank You!
subplus: a P.A. through the clit head - affix a leash?
Me: i had small ring on the foreskin under my helmet for leash or bell
subplus: lovely - had, however?
subplus: (or had as in done?)
subplus: an attached bell is very erotic.
Me: small silver bell on the ring so when i walked it rang ... w/o panties of course
subplus: very lovely image - one for Your doggy slave, perhaps?
subplus: (with panties pulled down)
Me: yes

Me: yes yes

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