Monday, February 17, 2014


WannaBeTGirl joined the channel.
<NikkijMadison1> hey bitch

<WannaBeTGirl> Good morning Nikkij
<NikkijMadison1> how are you
<NikkijMadison1> dressed
<WannaBeTGirl> I'm good, just got to work.
<NikkijMadison1> in panties
<WannaBeTGirl> Normal guy clothes with panties on. Weekends are not work from home days.
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<NikkijMadison1> have you worn panties 24/7 for a week now?
<WannaBeTGirl> Yes Nikkij. Have been naked or panties 24/7.
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<NikkijMadison1> enjoying it
<NikkijMadison1> love you new profile pic!
<WannaBeTGirl> I'm glad Nikkij likes. I tried very hard to take something she would like.
<NikkijMadison1> yummy
<NikkijMadison1> love your butt
<NikkijMadison1> have you enjoyed being sexy
<WannaBeTGirl> Yes Nikkij. Since I started being sexy, I have come to think I would love to have Nikkij have her way with me
<NikkijMadison1> yummy

<WannaBeTGirl> Also went shopping again Thursday. Two plastic boned corsets, a purple tutu piece with a top, and red PVC boots.
<NikkijMadison1> did you dressed while working at home
<NikkijMadison1> yummy
<WannaBeTGirl> Yes I have been as much as possible.
<NikkijMadison1> did you buy nighties to sleep in
<WannaBeTGirl> Have yet to put on things I bought Thursday. Been so busy.
<NikkijMadison1> okay
<WannaBeTGirl> The red thing in the photo is a nightie. Haven't slept in it yet since people tend to open my door without permission in the morning
<NikkijMadison1> ic
<WannaBeTGirl> Think I may put a lock on my door so I can...

<NikkijMadison1> cool
<NikkijMadison1> would not sleep in anything else
<NikkijMadison1> you will be sexier if you did
<WannaBeTGirl> Hm, well I'm working on sleeping in nightie. Currently I sleep in just panties. Normally before I just slept naked.
<NikkijMadison1> love the feel of wearing gowns to bed
NikkijMadison1> so who have you told about the new femme you
<NikkijMadison1> you are well read i c
<NikkijMadison1> i like smart bitches
<WannaBeTGirl> I just consider myself well educated.
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<WannaBeTGirl> I'm a hacker. So reading is a passion. I just don't get to do it as much as I like.
<NikkijMadison1> what do you think of your femme side now

<WannaBeTGirl> I think this is the right path to go down. I rather like the femme side more than I thought I would.
<NikkijMadison1> so does your clitty get and stay hard in panties
<WannaBeTGirl> Oh gawd, quite often.
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<NikkijMadison1> is she hard now
<WannaBeTGirl> Semi, I'm walking around doing work so it's half & half.
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<NikkijMadison1> now i call my clitty she or her now
<NikkijMadison1> clitty
<NikkijMadison1> never cock or dick
<WannaBeTGirl> So far I've told my latest ex, who freaked out a bit. Which is weird since I was her dom for 3 years. My Vietnamese Tgirl friend in San Francisco whose wanted to fuck me for years. A crossdressing friend who I had help my pick out what to buy the first time. Got a girl who likes to fuck me periodically who picked out everything I bought on Thursday. She didn't know till I told her what I was doing she wanted to dress a guy as a girl be

<WannaBeTGirl> Yes Nikkyj. My clitty, she, or her.
<NikkijMadison1> do you care what your ex says or thinks or did you do to get a reaction?
<WannaBeTGirl> Oh and an artist friend of mine from NYC. Now she wants to come pick clothing out for me too. Well, her & my Tgirl friend.
<NikkijMadison1> SF friend knows a good thing
<WannaBeTGirl> Not really, just was surprised given the things we did over the years.
<NikkijMadison1> so when will the Thursday girl get to see you dressed
<WannaBeTGirl> Were going to go shopping again Monday so probably Monday.
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<NikkijMadison1> have you shown them your clitty in panties yet
<WannaBeTGirl> She saw everything on me before I bought it.
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<NikkijMadison1> where did you buy it
<WannaBeTGirl> Only my ex has seen me in panties so far. We still fuck periodically.
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<NikkijMadison1> cool

<WannaBeTGirl> First day was VS & Fredericks. Thursday we went to the mall, got one top at Express, where I only managed to buy one thing. They are geared for large & below. I wear large bottoms, and XL tops.
<WannaBeTGirl> Everything, but the top we got at the forum shops. I asked my friend if she wanted me to try it on, but she said it'll fit fine.
<WannaBeTGirl> I was shocked my crossdressing friend had never shopped for clothes in person before. Only has bought things online before so they were very awkward.
<WannaBeTGirl> I made sure to tell everyone what I was buying them for that was an employee who helped me.
<NikkijMadison1> its fun to go shopping in person
<NikkijMadison1> i also have found that the lingerie clerks if you tell them dont get turned off
<WannaBeTGirl> Yeah, and supprisingly the employees get into it. It's something different. Had one chick trying to give me her coworker's number.
<NikkijMadison1> did you take it
<NikkijMadison1> first time i went fully clothed as male with ex wife... she told everyone they were for me
<NikkijMadison1> i love going now and hinting i have a bulge
<WannaBeTGirl> Nice
<NikkijMadison1> okay
<NikkijMadison1> but its cool that women love us
<WannaBeTGirl> Indeed
<NikkijMadison1> so the Thursday girl can’t wait to fuck you now

<NikkijMadison1> i would have taken her number
<NikkijMadison1> but hey i am a slut
<NikkijMadison1> are you bi
<WannaBeTGirl> My phone won't stop vibrating with good looking women wanting to fuck me just as a regular guy. Already a slut, but only so much time in a day so I raise my requirements a little to help manage my time better.
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<NikkijMadison1> will they fuck you enfemme
<WannaBeTGirl> I believe I'm bi with a really good Tgirl or amazing crossdresser. Normal guys however don't do anything for me.
<NikkijMadison1> bois?
<NikkijMadison1> but you like to suck tgirtl clitty
<WannaBeTGirl> Never fucked anyone with a dick, or been fucked by a dick. But have had blowjobs from my SF Tgirl friend.
<NikkijMadison1> i bet she gave you best bj
<WannaBeTGirl> Bois are rough. Tgirls & good crossdressers are soft, and have the right mentality.
<NikkijMadison1> yes we do
<NikkijMadison1> have you bought breast forms yet
<WannaBeTGirl> Not the best, but she was damn good. She was my big exploration with ass toys years ago.
<NikkijMadison1> cool

<NikkijMadison1> she getting better
<NikkijMadison1> you still wear a plug
<WannaBeTGirl> There’s still 1 or 2 who have given better head than her, but those people's BJ skills were their big skills. They didn't have many other.
<NikkijMadison1> lol
<WannaBeTGirl> She has way more skills than just giving head.
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<NikkijMadison1> such as
<WannaBeTGirl> From time to time I wear a plug. I have all ot of various different plugs.
<NikkijMadison1> i love to be plugged
<WannaBeTGirl> Shes kinky, loves to learn, smart as hell, runs a music school, and just has her shit together.
<NikkijMadison1> she 24/7
<WannaBeTGirl> Oh yeah, shes certainly 24/7.
<NikkijMadison1> awesome
<WannaBeTGirl> Has tits, had her face reconstructed at the bone level, on hormones, no adams apple, etc.
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<NikkijMadison1> so tell me how big is your clit
<WannaBeTGirl> I love being plugged too, but I end up having to shit a few hours later usually. Plus my ass won't take large items.
<NikkijMadison1> not yet
<NikkijMadison1> so you have virgin ass
<WannaBeTGirl> Think I need someone to help me train it in person. I haven't been able to do what's needed. End up causing tears when I go just a bit bigger than my usual.
<WannaBeTGirl> Yes it's virgin

<NikkijMadison1> practice, practice ,practice
<WannaBeTGirl> 6.5"-7"? Depends how hard I am. Super tiny soft however.
<NikkijMadison1> wear heels yet?
<NikkijMadison1> so you can hide her when you want
<WannaBeTGirl> Red PVC boots I bought are pretty substantial heels.
<NikkijMadison1> first heels?
<NikkijMadison1> i am 7" cut
<WannaBeTGirl> Yes they are my first.
<WannaBeTGirl> Ah, I'm cut too. Kind of wish I wasnt.
<NikkijMadison1> so you need make up practice too
<NikkijMadison1> why so
<NikkijMadison1> i like it that i am cut
<NikkijMadison1> actually prefer sucking cut cock
<WannaBeTGirl> Somewhat the same reason I'm doing this. Always want to know how other things feel.
<NikkijMadison1> ic
<NikkijMadison1> to me cut cocks are beautiful
<WannaBeTGirl> Yeah my friend from Thursday has said she'll be teaching me makeup, and I'm going to have my SF Tgirl friend come teach me her ways.
<NikkijMadison1> cool

<WannaBeTGirl> Cut cocks do look better to me. Some uncut ones just look gross.
<NikkijMadison1> yes they do
<NikkijMadison1> so when you shop on Monday will you try on everyday in the shop too
<WannaBeTGirl> I won't buy anything I don't try on. Well, besides panties obviously.
<NikkijMadison1> any dresses or skirts yet
<NikkijMadison1> hair long or need wigs?
<WannaBeTGirl> I kind of get a kick seeing the staff's faces as I walk in with women's clothes, and my friend stays outside the room. They expect her to walk in, and she doesn't.
<WannaBeTGirl> No dresses, or skirts yet. Probably Monday.
<NikkijMadison1> its cool
<NikkijMadison1> she should come in and help you
<WannaBeTGirl> I'll need wigs. I'm balding a bit up top anyways, and will be cutting straight down the center to do a bihawk for my guy side anyways.
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<WannaBeTGirl> She helped me at Deja Vu. I certainly can't put a corset on by myself yet.
<NikkijMadison1> is she sexy too
<WannaBeTGirl> Just some places only allow one person at a time in the room.
<NikkijMadison1> color your bihawk?
<NikkijMadison1> true'

<WannaBeTGirl> She is a skinny rail with pale skin. Pretty body, but she needs to get her teeth fixed.
<WannaBeTGirl> Probably going to color it.
<NikkijMadison1> nice boobies then
<NikkijMadison1> hmm
<WannaBeTGirl> I'd say she has smaller B boobies.

<NikkijMadison1> but you will fuck her dressed?

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