Sunday, July 20, 2014

Key West ... Perhaps a New Adventure!

<YourBitch> hey suzi
<KeyWestCouple> hi babydoll
<YourBitch> love your pensive look at the cafe
<KeyWestCouple> wow your body is a hot as any girls. JP will seriously love you
<YourBitch> cool

<YourBitch> i love sucking cock
<YourBitch> will he do my booty too
<KeyWestCouple> I hope you guys really hit it off I would love to have you around all the time someday
<YourBitch> he looks long not that thick
<YourBitch> i could live in key west
<KeyWestCouple> he is pretty thick and very long but he has friends who are super thick
<YourBitch> love tick in my mouth
<YourBitch> thick
<KeyWestCouple> he fucks booty and even gives a bj after a few drinks lol
<YourBitch> cool
<YourBitch> i love to have my clitty sucked
<YourBitch> will he let me fuck you'
<KeyWestCouple> you would love kw girl there are 5 ts bars that have drag shows every night and a few super hot gay bars with naked guys on bar and gay only resort too
<YourBitch> AWESOME
<KeyWestCouple> he will demand you fuck me and fuck me often thats his favorite and he will suck your balls as you fuck me and its so hot u wont believe it..its how he got last t girl to cum lol
<YourBitch> love that

<YourBitch> did you enjoyed being fucked by her'
<YourBitch> she have boobies'
<KeyWestCouple> you are only ts on here that has met his approval so we should make definite plans to get you down here..this could be a permanent arrangement and a new start for you
<YourBitch> has jp has seen my profile
<YourBitch> will i work
<KeyWestCouple> are u kidding I loved getting fucked by her and she had big boobs and I couldnt get enough of her cock it was so taboo and different I was addicted to it and have been begging for a ts cock ever since
<YourBitch> we are awesome
<YourBitch> i like to call my cock clitty and always refer to my clitty as she or her

<KeyWestCouple> u wont have to work jp doesnt do the financial dominance he has plenty of money girl you can work if you like..and he has people that want girls like us but I dont call that
<YourBitch> they pay tribute'
<KeyWestCouple> oh yea...big time
<YourBitch> cool
<YourBitch> JP keeps all
<YourBitch> but buys everything
<KeyWestCouple> but we dont have to and I do just for shopping money and because I love keeps some not all and buys everything, lots of clothes, make up, shoes, food, you name it
<YourBitch> AWESOME
<YourBitch> i live with two bi guys now'
<YourBitch> their sextoy
<YourBitch> keep all my money from work bartender and tribute i earn myself'
<YourBitch> share my tribute with Ralph when he pimps me'
<KeyWestCouple> well could be time for a change and time to be our new sex toy.. we play harder and more often and with us you get a female to were in key west girl big house with a pool and your own room with full bath...
<YourBitch> cool
<YourBitch> i like that

<YourBitch> i love cock daily
<YourBitch> and i am a GREAT pussy licker
<KeyWestCouple> thats cool but im sure you have bills and you will have no bills and no needs and everything will be provided for you and youll never have to wake up scared that if you cant trick you cant pay rent or eat
<YourBitch> so true
<YourBitch> how often will we be pimped
<KeyWestCouple> you will get all the cock you can handle here and eat me every nite...
<YourBitch> i like that
<YourBitch> i see you are bare
<YourBitch> i love eating when you have cum inside
<KeyWestCouple> honestly..its usually just weekend night and occasional group cream pies huh then this is where you belong baby
<YourBitch> cool
<YourBitch> but i will suck HIM daily
<YourBitch> i need cock daily
<YourBitch> more than once
<KeyWestCouple> jp has ability and people to pimp you 7 days and nights a week but he likes to start off slow and has other girls too but if you want more all you do is ask and cocks will be provided for runs an adult store and strip club so he has access to thousands of horny hard men
<YourBitch> i could bartend and waitress/hostess there
<KeyWestCouple> off to work lets text ill email you my number

<YourBitch> i have always wanted to dance

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