Sunday, November 23, 2014

Did You Go To Your Homecoming?

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  1. High school was a terrible time for me. No homecoming, no prom, no friends. I was a lonely and bullied sissy just tying to get through it.

    My grandmother was accepting and supportive which got me through a terribly difficult time. I also found some cruising areas that I could get to occasionaly on my bike or the bus. Finding men who wanted to have sex with me was about the only thing that made me feel worthwhile. In retrospect, I took a lot of dangerous risks for those moments of pleasure to mask the pain and worthlessness I felt.

    Sorry for being a downer Nikki, just this particular post brought back a flood of memories and emotions. I really love your work on this blog and will go back to the posts that make my sissy clit tingle and make more upbeat comments.