Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Should I Go to "Hook 'Em Horns" Country?

I have been given a proposition! It’s winter here in Middle Atlantic. Very slow at the beach until Spring. Ralph says take a break for awhile. 

An African American friend, William, has offered to put me up for three months at his place in Austin, Texas. William is a stand up guy with a good professional job.  Better yet William sports nine inches.  Room and board is a fair exchange for favors to William. 

He will set up gang bangs -- 4 to 5 brothers - and poker nights - up to 10  guys and gals -- with his friends. I will receive tribute for both weekly events.  On Poker nights, I get a share of every pot as well and I have agreed to go home with the winner. 

I am free to come and go. We will also have an arrangement for anything else William sets up.

Should I go for three months? 

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  1. Hope that you visit Austin and moreover hope to get the opportuniy to meet you. Happy New Years!