Sunday, January 4, 2015

You Can Always Learn

-There are already too many opinions in the world. Make sure yours is necessary before you voice it.

- You miss less than you think when you go to bed early, and more than you think when you wake up late.
-Always be able to honestly answer the question “what are you reading?”
-When in doubt, side with the people who say the system is broken, not the people insisting it’s not. Historically, the latter are generally wrong.

-Be careful with digital music. The more access you have to something, the cheaper it is. Music is too valuable to be cheapened.
-Don’t laugh at every joke, and don’t excuse racism, bigotry and misogyny as just rude humor. You can’t fight too hard against injustice.
-Invest in a great jacket and good shoes; the rest of your wardrobe will take care of itself.
-Listening trumps talking. Every time.

-If you don’t like your home, find a new one. There is a lot of value in having a home you truly love.
-The best open mind knows when to shut down on something solid.
-Emotions are guides, not dictators. Listen to them, but know when to overrule them.
-Love isn’t about finding a “keeper.” It’s about finding someone who sets you free.

-If something stresses you out, do less of it. If something makes you come alive, make time for it.
-Beware comfort. It cushions you against the real, wild, violent adventure of life. No amount of comfort is worth that. Live wild. Die wild.

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