Friday, July 3, 2015

Your Bitch

<YourBitch> hey sir
< IOwnyourWorld > bitch
<IOwnyourWorld> how are you
<YourBitch> awesome
<YourBitch> you like that
<IOwnyourWorld> why awesome....

<IOwnyourWorld> because you were full with cum today already
<YourBitch> yes
<IOwnyourWorld> good girl
<YourBitch> i am dripping Tommy
<IOwnyourWorld> mmmmmm
<IOwnyourWorld> you need a good cleaner
<IOwnyourWorld> have you to you a lifestyle family
<IOwnyourWorld> and a sub cleaner
<YourBitch> i do
<IOwnyourWorld> who
<IOwnyourWorld> who is your cleaner
<YourBitch> i havea a few bois who clean me
<IOwnyourWorld> nice.....
<IOwnyourWorld> looking for some of them in Vegas now..
<IOwnyourWorld> trying at some of the casinos and t bars
<YourBitch> jason gave me an enema last night
<IOwnyourWorld> whos jason
<YourBitch> one of my bois
<IOwnyourWorld> what does he look like?
<IOwnyourWorld> sub to u
<YourBitch> young
<YourBitch> 23
<IOwnyourWorld> mmmmm
<YourBitch> skinny although nice chest
<YourBitch> hung about 7
<IOwnyourWorld> cock size
<YourBitch> he services me
<IOwnyourWorld> we think alike
<YourBitch> yes
<IOwnyourWorld> good then clean
<IOwnyourWorld> that a good house boi
<YourBitch> wears a bell on his cock
<YourBitch> bell
<IOwnyourWorld> that must be fun
<YourBitch> it is
<IOwnyourWorld> is to locked on
<YourBitch> i used to wear one all the time
<YourBitch> tiny bell just below your helmut on the foreskin there
<IOwnyourWorld> Sir will have to get you a new one
<IOwnyourWorld> and one around your sack
<YourBitch> i loved the foreskin one
<YourBitch> a little hook
<IOwnyourWorld> must be fun when you are in public with a dress on and no panties
<YourBitch> fun to wear with no panties and strutting in heels
<YourBitch> it was
<IOwnyourWorld> that Sir bitch...mmmmmm
<YourBitch> people would look around
<YourBitch> they couldnt figure where the noise was coming from
<IOwnyourWorld> it must be fun mounting jason with the bell on
<IOwnyourWorld> luv seeing the tail wag
<YourBitch> it is
<YourBitch> he does me mostly
<YourBitch> he was naked in heels last night
<IOwnyourWorld> that is the hottest thing.... the wagging tail
<IOwnyourWorld> mmm
<YourBitch> Tommy had him strutting
<IOwnyourWorld> at home or the bar
<YourBitch> he had to keep himself hard
<YourBitch> home
<IOwnyourWorld> did Tommy mount him
<YourBitch> i did
<IOwnyourWorld> when are you going to visit Sir?
<YourBitch> fall
<IOwnyourWorld> nice may have a new home then
<IOwnyourWorld> I home
<IOwnyourWorld> hope that why Im working so much
<YourBitch> cool
<IOwnyourWorld> did you work this week
<YourBitch> yes i do
<IOwnyourWorld> what did you wear?
<YourBitch> very busy
<IOwnyourWorld> and where
<YourBitch> cool here lots of rain
<IOwnyourWorld> 109 here ...all week
<YourBitch> mostly yoga pants with t tops
<IOwnyourWorld> youll never get dressed
<YourBitch> in bikinis during the day'  - g strings
<YourBitch> wore skirt last night
<YourBitch> will tonight
<IOwnyourWorld> did you think  of Sir last week at work?
<YourBitch> truthfully no
<IOwnyourWorld> that all I ever want....
<IOwnyourWorld> is the truth
<YourBitch> cool
<IOwnyourWorld> wear something special tonight just for Sir...
<IOwnyourWorld> oh and a good health slut mind
<YourBitch> short skirt
<YourBitch> see through blouse
<YourBitch> lacy bra

<YourBitch> red or black or pink?
<YourBitch> matching heels to bra
<YourBitch> panties -- yes or no?
<IOwnyourWorld> what color blouse?
<YourBitch> black, pink or red or white
<IOwnyourWorld> pink
<IOwnyourWorld> no bra or panties
<YourBitch> perfect'
<IOwnyourWorld> nipple clamps?
<YourBitch> need to wear bra
<YourBitch> it will match blouse
<YourBitch> will wear pink lacy ankle socks too
<YourBitch> might as well wear matching pink chastity
<YourBitch> pink lips stick
<IOwnyourWorld> good girl take a pic and send when you’re ready for work
<IOwnyourWorld> luv to see the style of a good bitch
<IOwnyourWorld> chastity but no panties
<IOwnyourWorld> heels?
<YourBitch> no panties
<YourBitch> i will take a pink pair with me
<IOwnyourWorld> why?
<YourBitch> if i go out after work i like to take them out of my little purse when i get my money out

<YourBitch> to pay for my drink or freshen my lips

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