Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Sissy Manifesto

The Sissy Manifesto - An Evolving Social Contract

A SISSY HAS NO PUBES Pubic hair is a sign of masculinity; thus, a sissy must have hairless genitalia at all times to show her subservience to real men. Hair should preferably be removed through waxing, threading or tweezing as standard shaving techniques leave an unacceptable amount of stubble on the slut. At the first opportunity a sissy should subject herself to a full Brazilian utilizing laser hair removal or  electrolysis.

A SISSY WEARS PANTIES A sissy must wear panties all of the time to remind herself of her place in the world. Unless her owner is rewarding her with a special pair of panties, a sissy must purchase her own panties and make it plain to everyone witnessing the purchase that the garment is for her own use. The humiliation the sissy feels in being exposed in this way to complete strangers helps reinforce to the sissy that shame and ridicule are her new ways of life.

A SISSY SUCKS COCKS Most sissies are not actually gay, but this does not matter. Sucking cock is not for the pleasure of the sissy, it is for the enjoyment of her owner and guests. The humiliation a sissy experiences by being reduced to a cock-sucking whore is priceless, and certainly helps the bitch learn her new place in life. Sissies are expected to suck cock enthusiastically, and like a pro; this means proper guidance, training and a lot of practice. One technique is to only allow a sissy to cum with a dick in her mouth. Eventually, just the sight of a hard cock will get her excited. Brainwashing tapes and videos are also recommended.

A SISSY TAKES IT UP THE ASS The sissy must surrender her ass, accepting the fact that she is just a vessel for the pleasure of others. Every ounce of what was once a man can be fucked out of her silly head if done properly. Both strap-on training and sex with real men will do the trick. For most sissies (especially those who identified themselves as hetrosexual) this is the most humiliating stage of training and mentally conditions her to accept her fate as fuck meat to be used and abused.

A SISSY IS KEPT IN CHASTITY A sissy should be put into chastity, her orgasm denied and controlled by her owners. The sissy does not have a penis, she has a sissy clit. Some clits are bigger than others, but they are sissy sticks for the owners to control and train their property. Chastity training makes a sissy very submissive and compliant. Eventually they are willing to do anything in hopes of getting release. Some owners may reward their sissy with a periodic milking (perhaps as often as weekly), while others deny the sissy any orgasm for the rest of her term of service. In extreme cases a sissy may not be allowed to ever have an orgasm for the rest of her life. In addition to chastity devices, genital piercings are also quite popular to control and humiliate a sissy.

A SISSY RIDES A PLUG A butt plug is like a collar around the neck, or a chastity device around a sissy clit. When a sissy’s hole is not being used, it should be plugged. This is another reminder that the sissy has no rights and is property. Plugs may also vibrate or shock for training purpose; some plugs even have an attachment for a leash. Eventually a sissy will feel awkward without something shoved up her ass, re-enforcing her conditioning as a submissive bitch to be used by others.

A SISSY SITS TO PEE A sissy must only sit down when using the bathroom facilities, even when just peeing. Only men stand while taking a pee, and sissies should know better. This rule applies any time the sissy must use the bathroom, regardless of location. Sissies should wait for a bathroom stall to open even when an empty urinal presents itself. 


  1. grazie tesoro un decalogo molto chiaro e ben dettagliato io cerco in tutti i modi quando posso di seguire i tuoi preziosi consigli grazie ancore amore baci baci baci

  2. Hi, Nikkij I love your manifesto and you are so right. It is so right and wonderful to be a sissy and I love it. Here is a post of a story that I made telling about one of the "sissy adventures" I do to expose myself as a true sissy for all to see. "I always keep my legs and body completely shaved, but I have a thing for girl's shorts. I buy from a company called, Charlotte Rousse on line. They carry what they term as hi waisted millennium shorts. The style I get are very short, have no pockets, zip up the side or back, and fit very tight. I usually get them in medium which is really to small but I want them to fit very tight and I tuck my clit back, but my little balls bulge out making it look like I have a camel toe. One of my favorite sissy outfits I wear out to expose myself as a sissy gurl is pink panties with cute little bow on the front, a matching "b" cup bra, a pair of the white zip up the side shorts, a pink girlly tank top with a little bow at the top and my bra straps are pulled to the side so you can plainly see I'm wearing a bra, open toed strappy girls white sandals. I paint my toes and finger nails with red polish (Revelon) and wear red lipstick. I have pierced ears and wear gold hooped ear rings that dangle. I have a boy hair cut and don't wear a wig. I wear a touch of eye makeup and perfume. You can tell I'm a boy dressed as a sissy. I dress like this when I'm out of town on business. What I do is go to the local mall, get out of the car, and priss, wigging my ass to the door and go in. I then start walking around and I always get stares and laughs. I always look for a pack of teen girls, they are the best. They will start giggling and pointing at me and sometimes as I go by one might yell out, "fag" or "homo". I turn and look at them and smile and say, "thanks that's what I was going for". They always burst out in laughter and I love it and keep walking until I find the lingerie store. I always go in and go to the panties and bras and start looking, and holding them up to me. I pick out a set to buy and look for a young girl to check me out. I love to watch the expression on her face because she knows i'm a sissy and the bra and panties are for me. I'm such a sissy and I love it. Kisses, Steph(Sissybra).