Saturday, September 10, 2016

To Be Auctioned .... Yum!


  1. Oh Sugar, I understand the notion of devotion and obedience as sexy - but this is really too much. It's one thing to be submissive. It's something horrible to be subjugated to tyranny. I understand a value in these pictures towards understanding one of the great unforgivable legacies of a terrible experience uncomfortably recent to our times, but I just cannot find anything, in the context of your blog, as sexually gratifying about these pictures.
    These belong in a narrative expressing the horrors of being forced into slavery that white people can understand beyond the "Gone With The Wind" story-line they retreat into...
    It's one thing to volunteer to be a servant. It's another thing to make an industry out of forcing people into such a vicious experience.

  2. noi piccole trav passive siamo abituate e forse ci piace molto avere dei padroncini o delle padroncine che ci insegnano ad essere più femminili e servizievoli possibile...!! ma senza catene...solo collari per le belle cagnette come noi !! baci baci baci