Saturday, December 17, 2016

Doesn't it feel nice jimmie...the soft smooth material against you ....tell me feels so nice....doesn't it?"

"Yes feels so nice!"

"And you like me stroking your little sissy clit.....don't you jimmie?

"Yes Auntie.....I love it!"

"jimmie you no longer have a cock or dick penis anymore! In fact your little clit will be called he or she from now on!"

"I love when you stroke my clit Auntie!"

"Say what...jimmie?"

"I love it when you stroke her Auntie!"

"Do you want to cum you want to shoot your sissy cum into your pretty nightie? or do you want to take if off?"

"Yes please"

"No....I don't think you're ready....let's wait a couple of days and we'll off to sleep with you......"

"But first ...

"It's so hard Auntie...."

Let's put you into something fitting... jewelry no ...."

"Please Auntie!... Pretty Please!"

"No you can wear the pearls tomorrow jimmie!"

"Let me think! I found it!"

"jimmie this is perfect for you tonight! So Change!"

"Yes Auntie!"

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