Saturday, July 15, 2017

Man Convinced Girlfriend to Become Chastity Mistress

Boyfriend’s Chastity Keyholder
The Nudie Graphic*
Donovan told Janis about his enforced chastity fantasies. As he feared, she thought the whole idea of orgasm denial was bizarre. He did not press his girlfriend.
A few weeks later, Janis digging through drawers in search of something, discovered a small package. She thought Donovan must be hiding a gift of jewelry.
The little box contained a male chastity device. She was more surprised than disappointed. Her boyfriend really wanted her to deny him orgasms.
Janis read the Wikipedia’s entry on consensual erotic male chastity. Lots of cunnilingus sounded great. If Donovan kept her satisfied, she would play the game. Teasing him should be fun.
Donovan blushed to see the box on a table. He started to apologize to Janis.
She said:
“Put it on.”
She laughed at his instant erection.
He was clumsy. Janis took control, positioned the MCDsecurely. She locked it. She told Donovan he would stay locked for a week. He shook with excitement.
“Come to the bedroom.”
His tongue had never been more energetic. Excitement made him passionate.
They were a physically affectionate couple. That did not change. Sometimes while kissing and cuddling, Donovan winced or shivered. Janis’ touch teased him. He begged for early release. Janis shook her head.
She made him give her orgasms every morning and evening.
Janis unlocked Donovan at the end of the week. They made love. Donovan’s frustration made him a little too quick. The second time was better.
His tension released Donovan asked her if she would lock him again. She said only if his time in chastity was two weeks. He refused. Later, desperate for her control, he agreed.
She looked at the Femdom chastity Tumblr blogs in her boyfriend’s history. Some of it was too cruel. Some guys just wanted to serve and worship women. Extreme masochism was gross.
One Tumblr featured F/m analingus. She decided to make Donovan try that. He hesitated. He lay back. Janis sat on his face.
Analingus exceeded her expectations. Standing up, she ordered Donovan to wash his face and gargle. Then she kept him at cunnilingus so long his tongue ached.
One-sided sex took up most of their free time. Janis had never felt happier and more satisfied. She became more assertive.
Janis’ increased forcefulness deepened Donovan’s love and adoration.
Soon he agreed to a month locked in chastity. Their relationship changed.
Janis often called him Donnie. He hated the nickname. She was often sarcastic, even a little abusive. She knew how to make him cry. Comfort and tenderness followed verbal cruelty. Their romance changed but did not end.
She became the woman he secretly fantasized about. Donovan was a little afraid.
When the month ended, she told him that he must stay in chastity. She would let him out when she wanted.
She never used the title but Janis was now Donovan’s Mistress.
* The artist’s Tumblr has vanished. The quality of his line and his minimalism make me wish I had discovered The Nudie Graphic much earlier.

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