Friday, November 29, 2013

UK Man!

UkMan3 joined the channel.
<NikkijMadison> hello

<UkMan3> hi nikky
<NikkijMadison> nikkij here
<NikkijMadison> sorry i forgot your names
<UkMan3> sorry hi nikkij
<UkMan3> stuart and zainab
<UkMan3> its ok
<NikkijMadison> are in africa or uk
<UkMan3> i am sure you have many people
<UkMan3> talk with you
<NikkijMadison> i do get around
<UkMan3> talk with you
<UkMan3> mmmmm
<UkMan3> nice
<UkMan3> i am in uk at moment zasha is in kenya
<NikkijMadison> i would love to play with both of you
<NikkijMadison> SHE is beautiful
<UkMan3> yes she is
<NikkijMadison> you are handsome too
<UkMan3> thank you
<UkMan3> the 3 of us would look good together
<NikkijMadison> yes we would
<UkMan3> you like black women then?
<NikkijMadison> many people would be jealous of you
<UkMan3> yes very
<UkMan3> i would love you both as my wives
<UkMan3> or wife and girlfriend
<NikkijMadison> i love women and men and i love women as stunning as zasha
<NikkijMadison> is she your wife and sub
<UkMan3> good
<UkMan3> and of course only the 3 of us will know our secrets
<UkMan3> yes
<UkMan3> she is my wife my lover and slave girl
<UkMan3> all 3
<NikkijMadison> i would especially love cleaning her pussy after you deposit your manhood
<UkMan3> if we have a third with us we would want them as the same
<NikkijMadison> i could be that
<UkMan3> so there is fun pleasure kink and a little vanilla
<UkMan3> mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<NikkijMadison> does everyone travel between the homes
<UkMan3> you would both feel it
<UkMan3> zasha is coming to uk soon , but she is mainly in kenya
<UkMan3> i travel between the 2
<NikkijMadison> ic
<NikkijMadison> so you want my pussy and cunt
<UkMan3> i want everything
<NikkijMadison> awesome

<UkMan3> we just want our third to share our life, does not matter if they are woman man or tv
<NikkijMadison> i am 97% shaved only hair on head and eyebrows
<NikkijMadison> how would i go over in Kenya?
<UkMan3> thats lovely zasha would love looking after that for you
<UkMan3> honest answer i dont know
<UkMan3> but we can see and behind closed doors who cares
<NikkijMadison> getting into the country would that be an issue
<UkMan3> no i dont think so
<UkMan3> do you mean visa wise?
<UkMan3> or what do you mean
<NikkijMadison> yes
<NikkijMadison> and passport that reads male
<UkMan3> yes i see to get you i you will have to act as a man
<UkMan3> until i can get you back not some lovely cloths
<NikkijMadison> no nail polish
<NikkijMadison> lol
<NikkijMadison> no lipstick
<UkMan3> lol
<UkMan3> no baby
<UkMan3> very bland
<NikkijMadison> i have done that when i fly
<UkMan3> once over i would soon get you naked again so we can get you back to who you are
<NikkijMadison> had to do that when i went to cabo recently
<NikkijMadison> went to dallas through security is ok here domestically ... did nails and make up when i got on plane
<UkMan3> ok
<NikkijMadison> almost never complet3ly nnaked
<UkMan3> who did you go to cabo with
<NikkijMadison> sugar daddy
<UkMan3> well baby you will have to get used to being naked with myself and zasha or both of us
<UkMan3> nice tell me about it
<NikkijMadison> we were there 10 days
<NikkijMadison> naked is cool but i like some frill on me
<NikkijMadison> even if just g string
<NikkijMadison> partied, went fishing, played golf, did a lot of sucking and fucking
<UkMan3> ok well everything is possible baby
<NikkijMadison> HE had friends in town as same time
<UkMan3> nice did they have pleasure of you
<NikkijMadison> yes yes yes yes
<UkMan3> mmmmmmmmmm would have loved to be there
<NikkijMadison> two couples m and f
<NikkijMadison> and two bi guys
<NikkijMadison> everyone played golf
<NikkijMadison> me and the other ladies played from ladies tees
<UkMan3> lovely and you served them all for him
<NikkijMadison> yes i did
<UkMan3> good girl
<NikkijMadison> i love servicing many
<UkMan3> yes you and zasha both
<NikkijMadison> would you loan me to one of your Kenyan male friends
<UkMan3> although she has not had the pleasure yet
<NikkijMadison> she has not had a shemale
<UkMan3> i might
<UkMan3> no baby she has not i meant a group of people
<UkMan3> but she drips at the idea
<UkMan3> and would love it
<NikkijMadison> i do

<UkMan3> especially with a lovely body like yours
<NikkijMadison> its thrilling to be the center of attention
<UkMan3> yes i am sure
<UkMan3> and would love her to be and so would she
<UkMan3> i have a another black man and woman i intend to have as slaves when the finances allow
<NikkijMadison> lovely
<UkMan3> prefer to keep it in the family so to speak where i control all
<NikkijMadison> i am sure your cock is awesome
<NikkijMadison> i do love black though
<UkMan3> mine baby is only average 7
<UkMan3> yes i know
<UkMan3> you have said
<UkMan3> was any of the couples black
<NikkijMadison> this time all white except the latino women the two bi guys introduced us to
<UkMan3> wow
<UkMan3> love a latino woman
<NikkijMadison> they took us to some local restaurants
<UkMan3> was she alone
<NikkijMadison> there were two at times
<UkMan3> jealous
<NikkijMadison> they were lovely
<NikkijMadison> surprised about me
<UkMan3> i bet its hard to get such things here
<UkMan3> lol
<UkMan3> but bet they liked it
<NikkijMadison> fascinated
<UkMan3> mmmmmmm

<UkMan3> did they kiss you all over
<NikkijMadison> yes they did
<UkMan3> mmmmmmm
<NikkijMadison> made one of the guys a little jealous
<UkMan3> good
<UkMan3> did you cum?
<NikkijMadison> yes
<UkMan3> good girl
<NikkijMadison> lots
<NikkijMadison> loved the beach too
<UkMan3> yes
<NikkijMadison> and playing at the pool
<UkMan3> thats one thing we have in Kenya
<UkMan3> the ocean
<NikkijMadison> yummy
<UkMan3> if i had enough money would get a place with a pool as well but its all about finances
<NikkijMadison> always
<UkMan3> yes lol
<NikkijMadison> how would i work in either uk or Kenya
<NikkijMadison> tough to hide my clitty in g string bikinis
<UkMan3> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<UkMan3> yes
<UkMan3> shorts in public places baby
<UkMan3> if all goes well you girls will not have to work
<UkMan3> work
<NikkijMadison> does zasha work
<UkMan3> but we can set a company up for you
<NikkijMadison> wear shorts all the time
<UkMan3> sometimes
<UkMan3> she is looked after and works when she wants
<NikkijMadison> i have been pimped too
<UkMan3> mmmmmmmmmm
<NikkijMadison> i was paid for the cabo trip
<UkMan3> cool

<UkMan3> you will be my property there and not pimped
<UkMan3> but will get plenty of things
<NikkijMadison> okay
<NikkijMadison> i would be proud
<UkMan3> proud?
<NikkijMadison> to be your property
<UkMan3> oh ok mmmmmmmm
<NikkijMadison> i like freedom but liked to be owned too
<UkMan3> yes all is ok
<UkMan3> as long as my baby is safe
<NikkijMadison> i liked being introduced at restaurants, bars, parties and they all know that i am HER and HIS bitch
<UkMan3> mmmmm well an idea is we can make the place really nice and invite special guests over on holiday
<NikkijMadison> cool
<UkMan3> you would like that
<NikkijMadison> sexy cocktail dresses for me and zasha
<NikkijMadison> would you want me in chastity
<UkMan3> yes baby especially with all those black men around
<NikkijMadison> would like that
<UkMan3> yes it wil be a anal and cock one if i can find one
<NikkijMadison> at private parties will i be scantily clothed
<UkMan3> but you will b loved by us both
<NikkijMadison> plug in booty works too
<NikkijMadison> i have four cages
<UkMan3> mmmmmmmm
<NikkijMadison> love wearing them at parties
<UkMan3> like to cage also and want to get a machine for strapping zasha too
<UkMan3> i might get a double
<NikkijMadison> i have a horse mane plug
<UkMan3> nice
<UkMan3> both you and zasha can have one
<UkMan3> yes will make sure you wear lovely cloths at parties

<NikkijMadison> cloths is what they wear in Kenya no western clothes
<UkMan3> yes baby they wear all sorts
<UkMan3> traditional and western
<NikkijMadison> i like being sexy underneath
<UkMan3> be nice to get you earning money for us all as we rent you out to special clients that fly over
<NikkijMadison> i like that
<UkMan3> i am sure you will look very sexy for your master at all times
<NikkijMadison> i do
<UkMan3> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<NikkijMadison> will zasha and i be equals or will she own me too
<UkMan3> thats business , and myself and zasha for loving side of kinky
<UkMan3> she will be above you to start with
<NikkijMadison> okay
<UkMan3> you will need to earn your position baby
<NikkijMadison> i just want to lick her pussy all day
<NikkijMadison> that's okay
<NikkijMadison> will she want my clitty... its 7" cut
<UkMan3> yes you will have to lick her pussy
<UkMan3> yes she will
<NikkijMadison> is she bare
<UkMan3> but she will have to be good and so will you
<UkMan3> you
<NikkijMadison> who monitor us when you are in uk alone
<NikkijMadison> lol
<UkMan3> zasha is mistress then
<UkMan3> she knows she will be punished if you do wrong
<NikkijMadison> so we will naughty upon HER command
<UkMan3> i will not punish you if you do bad
<UkMan3> i will punish zasha

<NikkijMadison> does SHE know about me
<UkMan3> she will still need permission
<UkMan3> yes she does
<UkMan3> you will be punished if zasha does wrong
<UkMan3> that way you both rely on each other to be good
<NikkijMadison> yummy
<NikkijMadison> if we good to each other
<NikkijMadison1> describe a day in Kenya
<UkMan3> ok
<UkMan3> you mean what we do at moment
<UkMan3> when we are both there
<NikkijMadison1> yes
<UkMan3> ok
<NikkijMadison1> and how i fit in
<UkMan3> well if i have no work to do
<NikkijMadison1> will we sleep in same bed or will i sleep elsewhere
<UkMan3> we wake up early to the sun and relax for a while
<UkMan3> in the same bed baby unless zasha has been bad then you will be punished
<NikkijMadison1> okay
<NikkijMadison1> when at home will my clitty be covered or bare or caged
<UkMan3> we normally go to the balcony and have tea and fruit or toast for breakfast listen to the birds
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<UkMan3> and watch the monkeys if they are around
<UkMan3> bare you will both be wearing collars
<UkMan3> but it needs to be bare incase i want to feed zasha your milk
<NikkijMadison1> when owned before my uniform was stockings and garters and heels
<NikkijMadison1> mostly in g strings or j strings or thongs now at home
<UkMan3> maybe not heels i dont like the clicking around the floor
<UkMan3> g string will be fine as i can feed zasha easily
<NikkijMadison1> wear spandex during the winter here
<UkMan3> and looks lovely

<UkMan3> we will all just relax
<NikkijMadison1> when is not caged i wear panties of some type.... mostly the type so you can see my bulge
<UkMan3> for breakfast
<NikkijMadison1> although i like showing her off
<UkMan3> well we shall see
<NikkijMadison1> so my cum will be zasha’s breakfast
<UkMan3> i may occasionally have to inspect her
<UkMan3> inspect her
<NikkijMadison1> i like that
<NikkijMadison1> she is yours
<UkMan3> yes i like her to have lots
<UkMan3> yes she is mine
<UkMan3> you are both mine
<NikkijMadison1> my clit is either her or she if you had not noticed
<UkMan3> or will be
<UkMan3> yes sorry for a moment i thought you were talking about zasha lol
<UkMan3> you are both mine
<NikkijMadison1> i thought i should interject
<NikkijMadison1> my ex called my cock a she once and it stuck so to speak
<UkMan3> yes
<UkMan3> both is nice
<UkMan3> cock she or clitty
<NikkijMadison1> so she is her or she now
<NikkijMadison1> never cock
<NikkijMadison1> sometimes clitty
<UkMan3> it does not worry me
<NikkijMadison1> i love her
<UkMan3> another reason to be unleashed i need to control when you pee as well

<NikkijMadison1> my MEN like it when i call her ... her
<NikkijMadison1> i like leashes
<UkMan3> good she needs to be looked after that is why i will inspect her occasionally
<UkMan3> yes i mentioned collar earlier
<UkMan3> i should have said leash as well
<UkMan3> you will be lead to where ever you are told you can pee
<NikkijMadison1> love leashes
<UkMan3> when i own my property i take control of everything
<UkMan3> you will be tied by them
<UkMan3> sometimes
<NikkijMadison1> tied together
<UkMan3> yes you and zasha
<UkMan3> you will have black leather she has white leather
<UkMan3> its nice to pull you down to relieve me
<UkMan3> by leash
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<UkMan3> adds to the power of the moment
<NikkijMadison1> i have pearl choker i have used as collar
<UkMan3> what colour is it?
<UkMan3> or is it just pearls
<NikkijMadison1> white pearls
<NikkijMadison1> three strands
<UkMan3> lovely
<NikkijMadison1> it is indeed
<UkMan3> but on my white girls i prefer dark
<NikkijMadison1> lovely with a leash
<UkMan3> yes i am sure
<NikkijMadison1> so we need to find some black pearls
<UkMan3> dont think they do them
<UkMan3> but yes

<UkMan3> you both would look good
<NikkijMadison1> are the cloths i will wear white or colorful and are they revealing
<UkMan3> have you been punished before depends on the occasion
<NikkijMadison1> i have been punished yes
<UkMan3> it will be nice to have you both in white long dresses
<NikkijMadison1> nice
<UkMan3> and sometimes black
<NikkijMadison1> what are cloths material
<UkMan3> and if we are going out one in black one in white
<NikkijMadison1> me in black she is black
<UkMan3> obviously which one in which
<UkMan3> both commando
<NikkijMadison1> awesome
<UkMan3> yes baby
<NikkijMadison1> but me caged
<UkMan3> you got how i like it
<UkMan3> yes
<NikkijMadison1> and plugged
<UkMan3> plugged yes
<NikkijMadison1> i have remote too
<UkMan3> but need you accessible so i can send you both to the wash room before dinner
<UkMan3> wash room
<UkMan3> so zasha gets her drink
<UkMan3> thats good
<UkMan3> i have never used remote
<NikkijMadison1> you can control me from across the room by hitting the button... send thingly sensation through my plug in my booty
<UkMan3> i will still expect you to be ready mmmmmmmm nice

<NikkijMadison1> SHE will milk me daily
<UkMan3> ready for zasha to milk even if in a restaurant
<UkMan3> yes
<UkMan3> at my command
<UkMan3> unless i have you on a cum ban
<NikkijMadison1> ilike her sucked
<NikkijMadison1> i must run do some errands
<UkMan3> good
<UkMan3> ok
<NikkijMadison1> i enjoyed our conversations today.
<NikkijMadison1> my panties are stained from my drippings
<UkMan3> have you had your pee controlled by a master before?
<UkMan3> good
<NikkijMadison1> no i haven’t
<UkMan3> i control everything
<UkMan3> it will be ok with you?
<UkMan3> if i introduce that
<NikkijMadison1> this is intriguing
<NikkijMadison1> i must say
<UkMan3> what
<NikkijMadison1> the thought of being owned and in Kenya
<UkMan3> good
<NikkijMadison1> a white bitch like me .... i think i will stand out
<NikkijMadison1> i love that
<UkMan3> i will know by December when it can happen
<UkMan3> good you will stand out
<NikkijMadison1> i am sure that there are not many bitches like me there

<UkMan3> the set up for us 3 and the extra sub black man and girl will come first

 <UkMan3> and then we can look at setting up the house for clients but that will take time
<UkMan3> none that i know of

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