Saturday, October 12, 2013


destiny:‎ ok sis, i need to get some sleep

Me:‎ ok good night
destiny:‎ nite nite
Me:‎ stroke her for me
destiny:‎ *smiles* i will honey
Me:‎ i would love to help
destiny:‎ mmmm i would love it if you did help
me:‎ yep
Me:‎ i think i will stroke her now too\
destiny:‎ mmmm i want to stroke her for you while i look up at you
Me:‎ hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Me:‎ hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
destiny:‎ tell you how beautiful you are while sensually stroke her
Me:‎ i lke an audience while i stroke her
destiny:‎ *smiles* i'd happily do in front of others
Me:‎ she is 7"
Me:‎ how big your her
destiny:‎ like 6
Me:‎ yum
destiny:‎ mmmm i'd present my neck to you for a collar and leash while i stroked her
Me:‎ you would already be there bitch
destiny:‎ mmm yes Miss
Me:‎ so are you stroking her
destiny:‎ yes Miss
Me:‎ she naked or in panties
destiny:‎ naked
Me:‎ too bad i like when my bitches stain their panties
destiny:‎ mmmm i was going to aim at my face Miss but i could put my panties on if You want
Me:‎ what type

destiny:‎ french cut Misss
Me:‎ stain them bitch
destiny:‎ mmmm i want to pleasure her while You sit back and enjoy Miss
Me:‎ yum
Me:‎ i am stroking her through my black nylon nightie
destiny:‎ mmmm i'd want You just relaxing and commanding, making me do all the work
Me:‎ oh
Me:‎ stroke her then bitch
destiny:‎ mmmm yes Miss, happily
Me:‎ are you still sleepy
destiny:‎ yes Miss but so horny
Me:‎ stroke her
destiny:‎ mmm i am, thinking of Your collar and leash
destiny:‎ thinking of You being comfy and commanding
Me:‎ ah yes
Me:‎ she is all oiled for you
destiny:‎ mmmm i wanna cum Miss
Me:‎ now bitch
destiny:‎ yes Miss!
Me:‎ Now
destiny:‎ yes Miss!
Me:‎ Now
destiny:‎ mmmmm my panties are stained Miss

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