Sunday, October 27, 2013

Old Bitch

·         OldBitch:‎ hey sis

·         Me:‎ hey sis
·         OldBitch:‎ what u up to?
·         OldBitch:‎ big plans?
·         Me:‎ going out with two couples tonight
·         Me:‎ you
·         OldBitch:‎ just chilling; supposed now to see the ct dom on monday
·         OldBitch:‎ two couples??
·         Me:‎ two m/f and the guys so 7 of us
·         Me:‎ cool are you ready for HIM
·         OldBitch:‎ we'll find out, won't we
·         Me:‎ yes we will
·         OldBitch:‎ supposed to chat shortly with a businessman in new england who's also a part time girl and is looking for a tg wife
·         Me:‎ not the maine guy
·         OldBitch:‎ no he's still around but on a back burner, I cooled that one down a bit
·         Me:‎ cool
·         Me:‎ a new one
·         OldBitch:‎ yes, haven't even seen a pic yet
·         OldBitch:‎ but he/she wants someone to surrender to him

·         Me:‎ on CM
·         OldBitch:‎ from another CM person
·         OldBitch:‎ who thought i'd be perfect for "her protégé"
·         OldBitch:‎ the CM contact said she had a protégé she'd trained but who was now looking for a sub wife
·         Me:‎ okay
·         OldBitch:‎ weird world
·         OldBitch:‎ and so am I
·         OldBitch:‎ leaving for SF in a week
·         Me:‎ cool you excited
·         OldBitch:‎ very
·         OldBitch:‎ got a few new boys lined up there
·         Me:‎ cool
·         OldBitch:‎ tonight just a social outing or an orgy?
·         Me:‎ you like them young
·         OldBitch:‎ no not really
·         Me:‎ oilder
·         OldBitch:‎ let's say 40-70
·         Me:‎ cool
·         OldBitch:‎ where u all going tonight?
·         Me:‎ place called Blue Coast
·         OldBitch:‎ what r u wearing
·         Me:‎ too chilly for short skirt
·         OldBitch:‎ yep

·         Me:‎ tight lycra yoga pants
·         Me:‎ bustier
·         OldBitch:‎ so i guess no chastity
·         Me:‎ should i wear red or black
·         Me:‎ i hope not
·         OldBitch:‎ don't know without seeing your skin tones in person
·         Me:‎ enough of bulge w/o it
·         OldBitch:‎ but i usually vote black
·         OldBitch:‎ haha on the bulge
·         Me:‎ i think i will wear red bustier .. still have tan
·         OldBitch:‎ cool….do u have a femme voice?
·         Me:‎ black yoga leggings and red heels
·         OldBitch:‎ sweet
·         Me:‎ more sexy then femme
·         OldBitch:‎ i'll bet very sexy
·         Me:‎ yout voice sexy
·         OldBitch:‎ i don't know, sometimes guys like it but i think they're thinking with their dicks when they do; it's not femme; i just lighten my boy voice
·         Me:‎ i think i will wear g string to keep her in place
·         Me:‎ cool
·         Me:‎ ditto
·         OldBitch:‎ gotta run….have fun tonight

·         Me:‎ see ya

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