Sunday, August 24, 2014

Doggie Play Day

IOwnYou joined the channel.
<Lildoggiepet> hey

<Lildoggiepet> woof
<IOwnYou> hello pet - this site sucks
<Lildoggiepet> lately is does
<IOwnYou> hit transmit and wait a minute
<IOwnYou> at least this is fast
<Lildoggiepet> server overload
<Lildoggiepet> true
<IOwnYou> more than likely pet
<Lildoggiepet> so you connect with your Tampa doggie
<Lildoggiepet> woof
<IOwnYou> plus I used to get an email that you have a message on cs from dogslut of instance - not getting the message anymore
<IOwnYou> are you getting emails on messages?
<Lildoggiepet> i dont have that set up
<Lildoggiepet> was getting overload on my yahoo
<Lildoggiepet> i check often daily
<IOwnYou> I did pet - little slut is suppose to meet me here after work tonight - we'll see
<Lildoggiepet> cool
<IOwnYou> we'll have to beat the dog’s ass first
<Lildoggiepet> ah
<IOwnYou> will

<Lildoggiepet> poor baby
<Lildoggiepet> not into spankings myself
<IOwnYou> only do it occasionally - seems to get pets attention
<Lildoggiepet> showing me your cock gets my attention
<Lildoggiepet> lol
<IOwnYou> nice - bad slut - lol - no good slut - smiles
<Lildoggiepet> i love sucking cock
<IOwnYou> would love to have you on your knees - then progressing to all fours like a good doggie
<IOwnYou> well I can help you out with that pet
<Lildoggiepet> hey the doggie day out was terrific
<IOwnYou> yes you did tell me some about it
<IOwnYou> so how did the day end pet
<Lildoggiepet> it stated Sunday after work
<Lildoggiepet> Tommy one of the bi guys i am the sextoy live in

<IOwnYou> and
<Lildoggiepet> and i went to SEAcrets
<Lildoggiepet> a club here
<IOwnYou> yes I know slut - need one of those myself - think he'd lend you out for a year or so
<Lildoggiepet> he keyed me
<Lildoggiepet> so I was there in my cage
<IOwnYou> just hanging out like pets do
<Lildoggiepet> I had to leave with him and Elise
<Lildoggiepet> one of his gg gf
<Lildoggiepet> she drove us home
<Lildoggiepet> i fluff him for her
<IOwnYou> nice - what is gg
<Lildoggiepet> genetic girl

<IOwnYou> how I see you get him nice and hard like a good slut - smiles
<Lildoggiepet> as soon as we got back he had me go into doggie mode
<Lildoggiepet> up the elevator on all fours
<IOwnYou> smiles
<Lildoggiepet> to my doggie bed in the kitchen on the hard tile
<IOwnYou> nice - how are you dressed at this point
<Lildoggiepet> in short sun dress and cage and heels
<IOwnYou> nice doggie outfit
<IOwnYou> sure you ass was looking good on all fours slut
<Lildoggiepet> to the doggie bed.. stripped
<Lildoggiepet> Elise tossed me a pink nightie
<IOwnYou> nice of her
<Lildoggiepet> and Tommy proceeded to fuck her in front of me
<IOwnYou> I like tommy - smiles
<Lildoggiepet> he has a nice cock
<Lildoggiepet> well
<IOwnYou> so you said slut
<Lildoggiepet> i then clean her out
<IOwnYou> after he came I assume pet
<Lildoggiepet> of course
<IOwnYou> smiles

<Lildoggiepet> they fucked all night
<Lildoggiepet> i could hear them
<IOwnYou> and poor doggie didn't get any YET
<Lildoggiepet> caged
<Lildoggiepet> so Elise wakes me in the morning standing over
<Lildoggiepet> me
<IOwnYou> in your cage at this point pet
<Lildoggiepet> yes
<Lildoggiepet> chastity
<Lildoggiepet> not animal cage
<IOwnYou> not a real cage ok pet
<Lildoggiepet> i have one of them too
<IOwnYou> sure you do like all good doggies
<Lildoggiepet> she's dripping all over me
<Lildoggiepet> on the tile too
<IOwnYou> dripping what
<Lildoggiepet> so i lick the tile of Tommy's cum
<Lildoggiepet> then lick her out again
<IOwnYou> oh cum - what a slut
<IOwnYou> good dog - plenty of licking I see by pet
<Lildoggiepet> Tommy comes out and says pee time
<IOwnYou> smiles
<Lildoggiepet> we go down the elevator me on all fours
<IOwnYou> pink nighty still on pet
<Lildoggiepet> pink shortie
<Lildoggiepet> yes
<IOwnYou> nice pet
<Lildoggiepet> to the dog area

<IOwnYou> where all the dogs pee and shit
<Lildoggiepet> we have green fenced in play area with green grass
<Lildoggiepet> yeppers
<IOwnYou> nice - all the pets go there I assume
<Lildoggiepet> so I pee
<Lildoggiepet> yes
<IOwnYou> then you fit right in
<Lildoggiepet> then squat and shit
<Lildoggiepet> Elise is watching from the balcony
<IOwnYou> as you shit pet
<Lildoggiepet> yeppers
<IOwnYou> nice - hope you didn't get any on your nighty
<Lildoggiepet> no
<IOwnYou> good dog
<Lildoggiepet> had to pick it in a shit bag
<Lildoggiepet> i thought the owner did that
<Lildoggiepet> lol
<Lildoggiepet> back up
<Lildoggiepet> on all fours
<IOwnYou> not in this case pet - smiles
<IOwnYou> with a nice shitty greasy ass
<Lildoggiepet> eat breakfast out of my bowl
<IOwnYou> no wipe for you pet
<Lildoggiepet> no
<IOwnYou> smiles
<Lildoggiepet> after breakfast
<Lildoggiepet> i shower and clean myself up
<Lildoggiepet> on all fours

<IOwnYou> good dog - lol - now you’re clean
<Lildoggiepet> yeppers
<Lildoggiepet> Elise leaves says she will see us later
<Lildoggiepet> i dress in my yellow bikini with thong
<IOwnYou> doesn't sound much like a doggie outfit - lol - but nice
<Lildoggiepet> dripping as i write this
<Lildoggiepet> its the beach
<IOwnYou> sure you are slut - smiles
<Lildoggiepet> take off the chastity but i get plugged
<Lildoggiepet> Tommy fills my backpack with our food, and toys

<IOwnYou> how big is the plug pet
<IOwnYou> good of tommy - smiles
<Lildoggiepet> he carries his chair and brella and towels
<Lildoggiepet> small one
<Lildoggiepet> 3 inches
<Lildoggiepet> just enough to know its there
<IOwnYou> hope you can keep that little thing in pet - lol
<Lildoggiepet> then off we go to the beach
<Lildoggiepet> i can
<IOwnYou> good dog
<Lildoggiepet> my cunt is tight but does expand
<IOwnYou> sure it has lots of practice pet
<Lildoggiepet> yeppers
<IOwnYou> be back pet - laundry and coffee - continue if you like - smiles
<IOwnYou> I need a good pet to do my house work - lol
<Lildoggiepet> down the elevator to path to the beach
<Lildoggiepet> over the dunes to water’s edge
<IOwnYou> do you do housework pet - smiles
<Lildoggiepet> now its about 8oo
<Lildoggiepet> yes i do
<Lildoggiepet> love to dress as maid
<IOwnYou> now the trek begins and good pet
<Lildoggiepet> lots of people starting to claim their waterfront space
<IOwnYou> mmmm love to see your maids outfit - think I would have you in it with a doggie tail hanging out
<Lildoggiepet> lots of folks pull their chairs out with their brellas

<Lildoggiepet> i have pony tail
<Lildoggiepet> the brella vendors are out too
<Lildoggiepet> our girl is Sara
<IOwnYou> yes 8:00 is getting beach time - that tail would be too - I'd have you try and buck me off - smiles
<IOwnYou> Sara - where did she come in
<Lildoggiepet> Sara love s Tommy too
<Lildoggiepet> all bitches do
<IOwnYou> I see
<Lildoggiepet> she rents umbrellas and chairs to beach people
<Lildoggiepet> i hang with her some days
<IOwnYou> ah - the plot thickens pet
<Lildoggiepet> yes i have
<Lildoggiepet> a cutie
<Lildoggiepet> Tommy has me chase a ball for her amusement
<IOwnYou> nice - maybe she can be a pet too - lol
<IOwnYou> or is

<Lildoggiepet> of course his
<IOwnYou> good dog - get the ball
<Lildoggiepet> older fella and she are watching the show
<IOwnYou> I bet it was a site pet
<Lildoggiepet> it was awesome
<IOwnYou> you on all fours chasing a ball - smiles
<Lildoggiepet> yes
<Lildoggiepet> he then leashes me and off we go
<IOwnYou> you must have a big doggie mouth to pick the ball up quickly
<Lildoggiepet> i have 30 blocks to walk before we get to the secluded spot
<IOwnYou> good exercise for you pet
<Lildoggiepet> the ball pick up was not easy
<Lildoggiepet> met jeremy in about 15 blocks
<IOwnYou> I can image pet - open wide - but that too sure you have practice
<Lildoggiepet> lots of people watching
<Lildoggiepet> one guy asked if he could join us
<IOwnYou> nice
<Lildoggiepet> he's on all fours waiting
<Lildoggiepet> we sniff butts
<Lildoggiepet> and walk on
<IOwnYou> good dogs
<Lildoggiepet> Tommy leashed him too
<IOwnYou> so brought a collar and leash for him too
<Lildoggiepet> had collar on already
<Lildoggiepet> and blue pouched bottom
<IOwnYou> yes I figured that out already pet - smiles
<Lildoggiepet> he did

<IOwnYou> little blue thong pouch
<Lildoggiepet> yeppers
<Lildoggiepet> off we went
<IOwnYou> nice pet
<Lildoggiepet> tommy set us up when we got there
<Lildoggiepet> we had to sit
<IOwnYou> like good pets lol
<Lildoggiepet> we both got wet in the water and came back to the towls
<Lildoggiepet> Tommy sat
<Lildoggiepet> i got to lay down in the sand
<IOwnYou> you must of been tired pet - on all fours quite awhile
<Lildoggiepet> jeremy sucked off tommy while i napped
<IOwnYou> he’s a good dog too I see
<Lildoggiepet> so we hung out
<Lildoggiepet> tommy on the blanket
<Lildoggiepet> us in the sand
<IOwnYou> nice relaxing - pets and owner lol
<Lildoggiepet> yeppers
<IOwnYou> smiles

<Lildoggiepet> water out of our bowls
<Lildoggiepet> he tossed us snacks
<IOwnYou> of course pet
<Lildoggiepet> we went to pee again
<Lildoggiepet> both of us
<IOwnYou> did you catch them in your mouths like good dogs
<Lildoggiepet> we had sniff each others pee on the ground
<IOwnYou> nice
<Lildoggiepet> no golden in mouth
<IOwnYou> no the snacks pet
<Lildoggiepet> yes we had to catch them
<IOwnYou> good dogs
<Lildoggiepet> i then had to suck jeremy
<Lildoggiepet> then Tommy again
<IOwnYou> tommy is having fun I see
<Lildoggiepet> Elise showed up at lunch time
<IOwnYou> round two
<Lildoggiepet> brought fresh drinks and food
<IOwnYou> nice of the bitch - smiles
<Lildoggiepet> she went topless
<IOwnYou> mmmmm
<Lildoggiepet> she said the bitches weren’t caged and asked tommy to put us in chastity
<IOwnYou> see she is a bitch - I like her already
<Lildoggiepet> yes she is
<IOwnYou> lol

<Lildoggiepet> since this is the so called nude area
<Lildoggiepet> a few folks were around us by then
<IOwnYou> yes I can see where the activity would draw attention pet
<Lildoggiepet> we were told to go frolic while she sucked Tommy off again
<IOwnYou> that dame tommy's having too much fun - lol
<Lildoggiepet> he should have been drained by now lol
<Lildoggiepet> we play like puppies
<Lildoggiepet> the others are watching us too
<IOwnYou> good doggies
<Lildoggiepet> we go back
<IOwnYou> fun over pet
<Lildoggiepet> to the blankets
<Lildoggiepet> nope
<Lildoggiepet> two guys plant themselves near us
<Lildoggiepet> Elise knows them
<IOwnYou> oh - good - smiles
<Lildoggiepet> tells them to come over
<Lildoggiepet> ahh they do
<Lildoggiepet> ones a hunk
<IOwnYou> now we are talking party
<Lildoggiepet> ones a little older
<Lildoggiepet> not as hunky
<IOwnYou> nice

<Lildoggiepet> we get introduced as Honey and Spike
<Lildoggiepet> jeremy and me
<Lildoggiepet> i am honey
<IOwnYou> honey - spike lol - sound like something out of gremlins
<Lildoggiepet> they are Chad and Eric
<IOwnYou> alias smiles
<Lildoggiepet> Elise tells us to give them a show
<Lildoggiepet> good doggies lick each other
<IOwnYou> like that bitch lol
<Lildoggiepet> so we had to lick each through our cages
<Lildoggiepet> in the sand
<Lildoggiepet> we were getting so hot
<Lildoggiepet> Elise dumped the cooler ice on us
<IOwnYou> in more than one way I believe pet
<IOwnYou> for ALS - smiles
<Lildoggiepet> lol
<IOwnYou> seems to be the thing to do now a days - why not on two dogs lol
<Lildoggiepet> she then told us bitches to reward Eric and Chad
<Lildoggiepet> so we did
<Lildoggiepet> jeremy got the hunk
<IOwnYou> lucky hunks and one not so hunky
<Lildoggiepet> or shall i say spike
<IOwnYou> and you got leftovers lol
<Lildoggiepet> got the hunk
<Lildoggiepet> i got eric
<Lildoggiepet> but honey got lucky
<Lildoggiepet> he was huge

<Lildoggiepet> bigger than the hunk
<IOwnYou> just switch off and do the together alternating licks and sucks
<IOwnYou> lucky dog
<Lildoggiepet> uncut too
<Lildoggiepet> i do like cut though
<IOwnYou> nice pet - as I am - smiles
<Lildoggiepet> eric was yummy
<IOwnYou> sure he was pet
<Lildoggiepet> i got him off pretty quick but he told me to keep sucking him so of course did
<IOwnYou> good dog - very obedient
<Lildoggiepet> oh yes
<IOwnYou> smiles
<Lildoggiepet> afterwards we got to go play in the surf some more
<IOwnYou> dogs got to cool off after play - don't want them overheated
<Lildoggiepet> chad joined us
<Lildoggiepet> on all fours
<IOwnYou> now we have three dogs lol

<Lildoggiepet> three bitches just frolicking and woofing
<Lildoggiepet> our owners are watching at the wet sand line
<IOwnYou> noisy bunch I'm sure
<Lildoggiepet> we were
<IOwnYou> lol
<Lildoggiepet> a few folks came down discreetly and watched
<IOwnYou> sure it was all an interesting site to behold
<Lildoggiepet> awesome
<Lildoggiepet> fun but humiliating
<IOwnYou> lol sure it was for the bystanders
<Lildoggiepet> it was
<IOwnYou> bet they all wished they could join the pound
<Lildoggiepet> honey spike and now betsy
<IOwnYou> chad became betsy - lol
<Lildoggiepet> yes
<Lildoggiepet> back to the blankets and sand
<IOwnYou> nice
<IOwnYou> so what happened to erik
<IOwnYou> the other hunk pet
<Lildoggiepet> he wasnt a pet
<Lildoggiepet> he was one of Elise's many bfs
<IOwnYou> an owner or just went home after getting sucked off - oh
<IOwnYou> ah I see

<Lildoggiepet> so she says the doggies are heat and need to breed each other
<Lildoggiepet> he stayed the entire time
<IOwnYou> sure he would
<Lildoggiepet> so off with our cages
<Lildoggiepet> me and spike
<IOwnYou> no need for them now lol
<Lildoggiepet> betsy put hers on
<IOwnYou> poor betsy
<Lildoggiepet> spike climbed on my back and barebacked me
<IOwnYou> good dog - smiles
<Lildoggiepet> betsy crawled under me and licked her
<Lildoggiepet> i love having her licked
<IOwnYou> mmmm sure you do pet
<Lildoggiepet> her = my clitty = never to ever be called a cock again
<IOwnYou> nor should it be a cock pet - smiles
<Lildoggiepet> hasnt since i was 23
<Lildoggiepet> she has been called a she or her since i was 28
<Lildoggiepet> gf tagged her as her
<IOwnYou> good slut - but sure the clit gets used when not caged smiles
<IOwnYou> tagged is good pet
<Lildoggiepet> yep[pers

<IOwnYou> smiles
<Lildoggiepet> anyway i am getting sucked and fucked by two bitches
<IOwnYou> lucky dog
<Lildoggiepet> oh yes
<Lildoggiepet> i came hard too
<IOwnYou> lol
<Lildoggiepet> i then fucked spike
<IOwnYou> that's a good dog
<Lildoggiepet> and betsy sucked him back hard
<IOwnYou> spikes turn lol
<IOwnYou> poor betsy still caged and straining now lol
<Lildoggiepet> she has been sucked off remember
<Lildoggiepet> we got applause
<Lildoggiepet> a few people came up
<Lildoggiepet> its known as kinky nude beach
<IOwnYou> nice - see they do love a good dog act
<Lildoggiepet> Elise is also now on eric
<IOwnYou> boring - normal sex - yuk - lol
<Lildoggiepet> eric Tommy is laughing at the play
<Lildoggiepet> then they both do Tommy
<IOwnYou> now who is doing tommy again
<Lildoggiepet> eric and Elise are sucking tommy
<Lildoggiepet> spike comes hard

<Lildoggiepet> the three bitches are told to go cool off
<Lildoggiepet> we scamper off
<Lildoggiepet> since our owners are preoccupied an older gent comes to the shoreline to watch us
<IOwnYou> smile - loved to be there
<Lildoggiepet> funny thing is that he's in speedo
<IOwnYou> lol
<Lildoggiepet> hard as a rock
<Lildoggiepet> we are frolicking rolling in the sand
<Lildoggiepet> betsy goes up to him and smells his crotch
<IOwnYou> sure you can see his cock with the speedo smiles
<Lildoggiepet> he's loving it
<IOwnYou> good dog that it is
<IOwnYou> sure he is
<Lildoggiepet> we scamper back and he follows us
<Lildoggiepet> we all hang out the bitches on the sand
<IOwnYou> now you have his attention pet
<Lildoggiepet> the owners and Henry the older guy
<Lildoggiepet> chatting
<Lildoggiepet> him in his speedo and everyone else naked
<IOwnYou> lol
<Lildoggiepet> Tommy sees his hardness and asks which one of the bitches he wants
<Lildoggiepet> he points to me
<Lildoggiepet> Tommy waves me over to him
<IOwnYou> you are the dog of choice - like the price is right cum on down

<Lildoggiepet> henry then says to tommy
<Lildoggiepet> but i want your cock too
<Lildoggiepet> Tommy remember is huge
<IOwnYou> that tommy gets alot of action pet
<Lildoggiepet> Tommy goes you have to beg me for it
<IOwnYou> lol
<Lildoggiepet> so I suck old Henry off
<Lildoggiepet> in about 30 secs
<IOwnYou> henry was quick pet
<Lildoggiepet> yes he was
<Lildoggiepet> so quick they he leaves
<IOwnYou> lol but he got lucky - thats all that counts
<Lildoggiepet> so true
<IOwnYou> smiles

<Lildoggiepet> we laid around some more
<Lildoggiepet> till about 4 00
<IOwnYou> you dogs do alot of laying around - but then again dogs do lol
<Lildoggiepet> Tommy looks at us and then Elise
<IOwnYou> a lot of activity in those hours since you first shit lol
<Lildoggiepet> do you think the doggies can find their own way home
<IOwnYou> may have to micro chip you dogs in case you get lost - smiles
<Lildoggiepet> She said she didnt think so
<IOwnYou> lol bitch knows her dogs
<Lildoggiepet> Eric says he has a suv he would transport us
<Lildoggiepet> she we climb in the back of his range rover
<IOwnYou> good - were the dogs wagging thier tails in appreciation
<Lildoggiepet> he dropped me and spike off
<Lildoggiepet> and off with betsy he went
<IOwnYou> now he has a new dog lol
<Lildoggiepet> Elise and tommy left together i didnt see him until wednesdsay

<IOwnYou> so he left his dog alone for three days
<Lildoggiepet> i am not a doggie every day
<IOwnYou> smiles - so what is up for today pet
<Lildoggiepet> although him Eric set a doggie play date
<Lildoggiepet> I have to go do some errands then work
<Lildoggiepet> how about you

<IOwnYou> nice to the play date but I'm sure you have fun at work - smiles

<Lildoggiepet> yeppers must run see you later

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