Saturday, August 30, 2014


<NewSlut> Hello Nikkij!

<IAmaBitch> hey nikkij here
<NewSlut> lol,  know. Must be talking with more BBC
<IAmaBitch> a Florida Dom
<NewSlut> Cool
<IAmaBitch> hey bitch
<NewSlut> Yes Nikkij?
<IAmaBitch> so how is the femme side cumming?
<NewSlut> Missy is cuming along nicely. Meeting up with another friend tonight to model for them, and tentatively get some makeup lessons. Hopefully take more pictures tonight. Been teaching her to do some rope too so hopefully can do a mini rope photo shoot.
<IAmaBitch> she see you enfemme
<NewSlut> Just photos so far.
<IAmaBitch> she like
<NewSlut> All she has seen in person was when I tried on her corset which she liked allot.
<NewSlut> Yeah, shes a submissive, but apparently wants to dom Missy really bad.
<IAmaBitch> cool

<NewSlut> And I finally showed a male friend a picture of Missy a couple nights ago. I'm pretty sure I broke his brain because he never thought I was anything but het.
<IAmaBitch> what happened  with the asian girl who you met for drinks after a tour of BM
<NewSlut> Had drinks again. Haven't heard from her since even though I've reached out. She'll come back around. I know the process pretty well, just got a let her mind settle.
<NewSlut> My guy friend is bi poly also. Think he's had a man crush on me for ages.
<IAmaBitch> she know about Missy
<IAmaBitch> how about the gay guy
<NewSlut> She knows that I'm willing to crossdress (she hasn't done anything outside of Vanilla & was part of the smattering of things I do).
<IAmaBitch> ok
<NewSlut> My guy friend I'll likely never do anything with. Just flirt with him, maybe tie him up. A chick he's with who is gonna teach me a few dom skills I wanna get better at (caning, wax play, etc.) wants me to tie him up for her so we can give him a good caning however.
<IAmaBitch> he have a nice cock
<IAmaBitch> wax play yum

<NewSlut> No idea, kina hope to not see it. Really didn't want to pull from my pool of guy friends if I do anything.
<IAmaBitch> so the gay guy that wants your ass has become a good friend
<NewSlut> Yeah, really good friend.
<NewSlut> Also, funny fucking shit happened last time we chatted. Like the moment you left, I had a coworker come down & hit on me. Good looking guy too. I was just stunned how he did it.
<IAmaBitch> yes that guy

<NewSlut> "Hey I'm usually not this upfront, but I really want to cum in your ass, I mean would you want to do breakfast?", me: "um, breakfast?", him:
<NewSlut> "I mean, I really want to cum in your mouth. I mean, would you like to get biscuits & gravy" me: "um, biscuits & gravy?"
<NewSlut> He went on like 3 more times in various ways. I was like a deer in headlights.
<IAmaBitch> okay
<IAmaBitch> nothing happened
<NewSlut> Gonna go get drinks with him whenever he figures out I was talking about a gay bar a friend of mine owns yesterday. Doubt I'll do anything with me, but might as well explain to him what I am since he had the balls to do that.
<IAmaBitch> okay
<NewSlut> I've been up to a bit of mayhem to say the least.
<NewSlut> Feeling the dom rising in Missy too lately. Which is certainly a good sign.
<IAmaBitch> cool
<NewSlut> Also finally signed up on
<IAmaBitch> ok

<NewSlut> I think that's what is making me feel Missy’s dom more. So many spineless guys that want a girl with external hardware.
<IAmaBitch> did ever go to that cd transformation place?
<IAmaBitch> guys do love us
<NewSlut> Haven't had a chance. Every day has been either me tieing up a girl, workout day, or another friend wanting to do stuff with Missy.

<IAmaBitch> so Missy is getting action
<NewSlut> I never realized how many guys want the attitude with the penis attachment.
<NewSlut> Shit tons. Women love the hell out of a girl with the attachment too.
<IAmaBitch> yes they do
<IAmaBitch> best of both worlds
<IAmaBitch> love being the bitch
<NewSlut> lol yup
<IAmaBitch> you ever thought about being a maid

<NewSlut> I want to be someones maid slut.

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