Sunday, October 26, 2014

Should I Move to Denmark?

EuopreanDom joined the channel.
<EuopreanDom> Hello!
<NikkijMadison1> hello

<NikkijMadison1> nikkij here
<EuopreanDom> Sorry about the delay, small kids
<NikkijMadison1> no issue
<EuopreanDom> Morten is my name
<NikkijMadison1> you married or single
<NikkijMadison1> hello Morten
<EuopreanDom> Single, split up in August with gf
<NikkijMadison1> ic
<NikkijMadison1> but you now want a ladyboi
<EuopreanDom> you live with two guys?
<NikkijMadison1> yes
<NikkijMadison1> their sex toy
<EuopreanDom> I do, its time for one of my great dreams to come through
<EuopreanDom> Sounds like a lovely toy they got there
<NikkijMadison1> yes it is
<EuopreanDom> Are they a couple?
<NikkijMadison1> will you keep the kids or joint custody with her
<EuopreanDom> Joint, they live with me every other week
<NikkijMadison1> we have separate bedrooms of our own but rarely sleep alone any of us but not always with the same person. Company does show up too
<EuopreanDom> But she lives close by, so its easy enough to handle

<EuopreanDom> I see
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<EuopreanDom> But you're still looking for something else?
<NikkijMadison1> so she would accept you with a ladyboi
<NikkijMadison1> always keep my options open
<EuopreanDom> Its none of her business really, but I think she'd be ok with it
<NikkijMadison1> how would you handle me with your kids
<EuopreanDom> You'd be step-mom
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<NikkijMadison1> with a surprise
<NikkijMadison1> how old
<EuopreanDom> I've been giving it a lot of thought, how long it'd be possible to "hide" and what to tell them
<EuopreanDom> 7/4/2
<NikkijMadison1> they will walk in on us
<EuopreanDom> Sooner or later I guess
<NikkijMadison1> and sometimes she ... my clitty is tough to hide
<EuopreanDom> But generally, kids are very accepting - as long as the parents accept it
<EuopreanDom> lol I bet...
<NikkijMadison1> been around older kids but not that young
<NikkijMadison1> so true
<EuopreanDom> But I'd keep it from them for a while I think.
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<NikkijMadison1> personally if you have full time girl then dont hide it
<EuopreanDom> ever thought about getting kids of your own?

<NikkijMadison1> nope
<EuopreanDom> What I look for is a full time girl
<NikkijMadison1> tough to tell them about my lifestyle
<EuopreanDom> yea, they wont understand
<NikkijMadison1> look my naked body would be seen at some point
<EuopreanDom> sorry?
<EuopreanDom> it would
<NikkijMadison1> what type of work do you do
<EuopreanDom> Im an electrical engineer,
<NikkijMadison1> ok
<NikkijMadison1> i am sure i could not work  there
<EuopreanDom> well perhaps not in my line of work... what kind of education do you have?

<NikkijMadison1> bachelors in marketing
<EuopreanDom> cool, but you dont work with marketing...
<NikkijMadison1> am bartender now
<EuopreanDom> So you never used the bachelor?
<NikkijMadison1> yes
<NikkijMadison1> for many years
<NikkijMadison1> when i went full time i had to quit my day job
<EuopreanDom> I see
<EuopreanDom> perhaps you could get one as a girl?
<NikkijMadison1> ok
<EuopreanDom> So how long ago did you go full time?
<NikkijMadison1> 4 years ago
<EuopreanDom> ok
<EuopreanDom> well its a long story
<EuopreanDom> I always had a thing for tgirls. Always ended up with genetic girls.
<EuopreanDom> So now I think its time to go for it - and only that
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<NikkijMadison1> unless you are into pussy we are best of both worlds
<EuopreanDom> I actually think many tgirls fit my much better sexually than the average genetic girl
<EuopreanDom> I'm very anal
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<NikkijMadison1> ditto
<NikkijMadison1> how big are you
<EuopreanDom> but strictly top
<EuopreanDom> erh 18cm or so...
<EuopreanDom> bit over 7 inches

<NikkijMadison1> ditto at 7
<NikkijMadison1> so you won't suck me
<EuopreanDom> I wouldnt be very interested in yours though
<EuopreanDom> no
<NikkijMadison1> would you touch her
<EuopreanDom> I hardly ever sucked any of my gf's. Birthdays perhaps...
<EuopreanDom> mmm I might, a little hard to say.
<NikkijMadison1> okay
<NikkijMadison1> would you share me with others
<EuopreanDom> I'd love to lock it up!
<NikkijMadison1> she loves being locked
<NikkijMadison1> she=clitty
<EuopreanDom> I would, but I dont have any friends, that would be into it I think
<EuopreanDom> I got that part :)
<NikkijMadison1> so besides  gg only tgirls have sucked you
<EuopreanDom> So you've been doing serious chastity?
<NikkijMadison1> she hasnt been called a cock in 15 years
<EuopreanDom> yes
<NikkijMadison1> yes
<NikkijMadison1> i have
<EuopreanDom> so you refer to it as she - not clitty or anything?
<NikkijMadison1> most i have caged continuously has been 2 weeks

<EuopreanDom> very nice
<NikkijMadison1> i always call her she or her
<EuopreanDom> ok
<NikkijMadison1> i will refer to her as a clit never a cock
<EuopreanDom> Good
<EuopreanDom> What are your thoughts on SRS?
<NikkijMadison1> she if full functional
<EuopreanDom> Orchi?
<NikkijMadison1> not interested
<EuopreanDom> I see. Hormones?
<NikkijMadison1> was on them for implants
<NikkijMadison1> not at the moment
<NikkijMadison1> i have thought about it but i like to cum
<EuopreanDom> Ok. Well I'm not into a girl getting SRS either
<EuopreanDom> You can still cum after orchi
<NikkijMadison1> really
<EuopreanDom> just no critters in the juice
<NikkijMadison1> i see
<EuopreanDom> a majority of the fluid is generated... somewhere else than in the testies
<NikkijMadison1> would you want to do that
<EuopreanDom> to you, yes
<NikkijMadison1> why so
<EuopreanDom> mainly to keep the male hormones out of you
<EuopreanDom> baldness and all the other things that happens to men when we age
<NikkijMadison1> really
<NikkijMadison1> maybe i should then
<NikkijMadison1> if i can still cum
<EuopreanDom> There are downsides too
<NikkijMadison1> like?
<EuopreanDom> You may loose some sex drive
<EuopreanDom> especially if your sex  drive is centered around "her"

<NikkijMadison1> would not like that
<NikkijMadison1> i need cock daily and often
<EuopreanDom> Good!
<NikkijMadison1> how often do you need sex
<EuopreanDom> well I was thinking, if you crave sex as a girl, loosing some of your maleness wont hurt your lust for sex
<EuopreanDom> It varies, from every other day to 4 times a day
<NikkijMadison1> AWESOME
<EuopreanDom> It depends on who I'm with
<NikkijMadison1> perhaps so
<NikkijMadison1> i suck the guys at least twice a day each
<EuopreanDom> Its not a huge matter for me about the orchi. But what I want ideally
<EuopreanDom> Good girl...!
<EuopreanDom> Deep throat?
<NikkijMadison1> yes
<EuopreanDom> fantastic
<NikkijMadison1> love it
<NikkijMadison1> could handle you
<EuopreanDom> me too!
<NikkijMadison1> like it rough sometimes too
<EuopreanDom> awesome
<EuopreanDom> even better
<NikkijMadison1> i like my pussy fucked
<EuopreanDom> I like to take advantage of my girl, force myself on her
<NikkijMadison1> and of course when you do my cunt i want it hard

<EuopreanDom> Pin her beneath me
<EuopreanDom> Gooooood
<NikkijMadison1> ever do reverse cowgirl
<NikkijMadison1> you are big enough
<EuopreanDom> Good.... Although I prefer doggy or you face down
<NikkijMadison1> awesome
<EuopreanDom> I like the physical over powerment...
<NikkijMadison1> reverse cowgirl gives me best orgasms
<EuopreanDom> Hold your hair, pin your arms
<NikkijMadison1> i like that
<EuopreanDom> You can cum from fucking only?
<NikkijMadison1> will you keep me plugged
<EuopreanDom> As much as possible - there are physical limitations
<NikkijMadison1> sometimes i can if reverse cowgirl
<EuopreanDom> great!
<NikkijMadison1> how so
<EuopreanDom> well it depends on how used you are to being plugged.
<EuopreanDom> With training it could be 24/7
<NikkijMadison1> wear one two or three times a week

<NikkijMadison1> for hours at a time

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