Sunday, October 26, 2014

More About Denmark

<EuopreanDom> great!
<EuopreanDom> How large is your pussy?
<EuopreanDom> as in can you be fisted? Large plugs etc?
<EuopreanDom> Are you into that?
<NikkijMadison1> not into fisting
<NikkijMadison1> would let you do my prostate but you wont touch her

<EuopreanDom> ok, not a big problem for me.
<NikkijMadison1> will you watch me stroke my clitty?
<EuopreanDom> I'd insist on it sometimes
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<EuopreanDom> are you into humiliation?
<NikkijMadison1> all my bbc make me stroke her for them
<EuopreanDom> drinking your own cum etc?
<NikkijMadison1> can be
<NikkijMadison1> what do you have in mind?
<NikkijMadison1> yes
<EuopreanDom> goooood
<NikkijMadison1> and have frozen it for food later
<EuopreanDom> lol nice!
<EuopreanDom> bimbofication then?
<NikkijMadison1> linguine and cum sauce
<NikkijMadison1> i have played doggie on all fours
<EuopreanDom> favorite dish?
<EuopreanDom> lol
<EuopreanDom> not really into petplay myself
<EuopreanDom> But I'd love to parade you all dolled up
<NikkijMadison1> you havent seen me at a party as a doggie on a leash on all fours all evening
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<NikkijMadison1> love being a slut
<EuopreanDom> perfect!
<EuopreanDom> that may swing me towards petplay...
<EuopreanDom> Never played with it, so cant tell before I try

<EuopreanDom> But not something that take a lot of space in my mind
<EuopreanDom> So what about the vanilla part of life, would you be interested in becoming someones girlfriend, with kids etc?
<EuopreanDom> as in MY girlfriend
<NikkijMadison1> not sure
<EuopreanDom> understandable
<NikkijMadison1> would have issue hiding her from kids
<EuopreanDom> there would have to be plans for that
<NikkijMadison1> i am sure
<EuopreanDom> she could surely be hidden from them for months, but sooner or later, she'll come out
<EuopreanDom> so to speak

<NikkijMadison1> at first yes
<NikkijMadison1> but she will come out by surprise i am sure
<EuopreanDom> better handle it in advance, surprise is not good
<NikkijMadison1> i know
<EuopreanDom> But lets imagine you moved in, I think the kids would have to get to know you first. Then after a while, we'd explain it
<NikkijMadison1> is oldest boy or girl
<EuopreanDom> The simple explanation would be, that you're a special kind of girl.
<NikkijMadison1> cool
<EuopreanDom> boy boy girl oldest to youngest
<NikkijMadison1> sex is open in Denmark right
<EuopreanDom> A very rare and exotic kind of girl
<EuopreanDom> it is
<NikkijMadison1> you know the boys will tell their friends about me
<EuopreanDom> Copenhagen was just declared homo capital of the world I think

<NikkijMadison1> cool

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