Sunday, October 26, 2014

Should I?


Some women in our community choose bilateral orchiectomy  This medical procedure is also called orchidectomy or gonadectomy and is commonly known as castration or by the abbreviations "orch," "orchi," "orchy," and "orchie." Bilateral orchiectomy involves removal of both testicles, which eliminates the sources of androgen production.

Further Commentary 

The elimination of testosterone by itself will probably have some feminizing effects, but not as much as if you take estrogen afterwards.  You may experience some changes in fat distribution toward the feminine and some softening of your skin and features.  You will notice many internal changes such as greatly decreased libido, freedom from the oppressive male sex drive, and a general serene feeling about life.  But you will probably not experience any significant breast development.

 Even the changes you do experience would be more pronounced if you took estrogen.  After two years of no hormones, I started taking estrogen and experienced breast development, further softening of skin and facial features, and an enhancement of my feelings of serenity and contentment.

Many non-transsexual men who are considering orchiectomy to realize that not only will their sex drive drastically decrease, but they may totally lose the ability to orgasm.  Each person will have a different individual response to the elimination of testosterone from their body.
I cannot predict what your individual sexual effects of orchiectomy will be, neither can I tell you whether you will have some degree of ability to have orgasms or end up being completely unable to have orgasms.

Before you have any degree of surgery on your genitals, whether a mere orchiectomy you must understand that there is a risk that you might never orgasm ever again.  .  Would you regret your surgery if you turned out to be one of those individuals who could not have any orgasm afterwards?  If you would regret orchiectomy in the event of inability to orgasm, then you should not seek genital surgery.

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