Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last Sunday

After last Sunday’s online conversation at the pool with Lacy I was still horny by the time I made back to the condo. Yes I did cum, but once is never enough!

Tommy said we were headed to Fagers Island for some late afternoon fun, so he  told me to hurry up and get ready.   After a quick shower  I pulled my hair back into a ponytail, wiggled into a lacy red g string,  red heels,  and a white sun dress.  As I was standing in front of the upstairs balcony slider, with the late afternoon sun beating through the glass, I was posing but really trying to see if you could see my red panties through my sun dress, 

Tommy popped in,  “Put your cage on Bitch! I told if you jerked off at the pool, you would go out in your cb6000 tonight. Stuff your string in your purse. “

I gave him a face, but did as was told.  Of course I gave him the key. All I could think about was the fun, I had last Sunday.  Little did I know that this Sunday would get better?

Hanging out listening to the music, meeting some friends, I cruised the outside bar area looking for hunks. Tommy lets me do my own thing when we go out on Sundays.  He’s always looking for new adventures so he lets me too. So I circled the bar… hell I love the attention I get… I finally worked my way back to our group.  Besides I need my orange crush refilled anyway.

Tommy was chatting with two nice looking guys.  They were not hunks like him, but they seemed personable enough. Jason, a blonde beachy type guy and Derrick, dark hair with a mustache were drinking car bombs. I had one too.

Jason started chatting me up. I like him.  We danced a few times, and after a few more crushes, Jason was rubbing my leg as we sat at the bar.  Then it dawned on me,   I had met him before. He was one of Tommy’s Baltimore buddies.  I am pretty sure he knows about my surprise.

 I excused myself to go to the ladies room. But as I jumped off the stool, Jason’s hand got caught in my dress and found its way to my bare booty. Certainly I didn’t brush it away, but he smiled but acted a little embarrassed.

When I returned Tommy was with  Jason and Derrick along with Allison, one of his regular blonde booty calls on his arm. Allison is gorgeous and bi. 

Tommy grinned at me, “Jason and Derrick will get you home.  They are staying up the street at the Holiday Inn.  Oh and btw, I have both keys.  Don’t be too late.”  My jaw dropped. Tommy must have removed the extra cage key from my purse. 

 Allison, who I adore leaned in and whispered in my ear, “I want your tongue to clean me up later, bitch!” I could feel her, my clitty,  strain against the hard plastic. Allison reached under my dress and caressed her. 

After, Jason ordered more drinks, and a few more side cars. They were yummy.  He winked at me and said, “Let’s blow this pop stand, we have some fun ahead of us tonight. “

 We walked out to the car, with Jason’s hand on my booty. Jason tossed the car keys to Derrick, so he could drive and then jumped into the back seat with me.  The HI was not far… just close enough for me to go into heat.  Jason ran his hand up my dress and discovered my cage. “He said you were locked, and so you are!”

With Jason holding my hand, the three of us almost sprinted to the elevators and to their ocean front suite. Derrick just followed us on in, so this twosome was definitely a threesome. With a king size bed in the middle of the room, I think they are a twosome too!

 I have never seen two guys get naked quicker, so I was slowing dropped my sun dress to the floor, stepping out, so they could admire my boobies, my body and her in her cage.  Jason turned to Derrick, “I told you she was a bitchboi. You didn’t believe me.

Both guys have average size cocks. Certainly big enough to enjoy She was bigger, but that made no difference she was caged.  

Derrick fell back on the king size, pulling me with him. He poked his cock in my mouth, Jason dropped  in behind me to start licking my booty. In no time, he had my booty cunt dripping with his saliva.   He found my purse and my rubbers and in no time he was pumping my booty cunt. It didn’t take me long for Derrick to cum… in fact he was hard again before Jason exploded. My mouth does wonders!

In turn, Jason emptied the rubber all over my back. Derrick was spent a second time …. Like twice in fifteen minutes. This time he gave me facial. Of course I ran make fingers all over face and licked my fingers clean. 

Jason made us some more shots... tequila this time. 

Both took turns teasing her.  Jason said he wished she was uncaged, but find ways to licked through the cage. She was pushing the cb6000 to its limits. They inquired about the cage, asked questions about me. They wanted to know more about my boobies. Then they started licking on my nips. Soon Derrick got me into a reverse cow girl pumping my cunt hard. Jason was just amused as my cage just kept banging in the air. When Derrick came again, I climbed off him and noticed that Jason had stroked his cock to hardness. 

He was ready for another blow job…. Needless to say I devoured him. A few more tequila shots and soon Derrick was passed out on the couch.  Jason was also half drunk and half spent and just fell off my boobies on his back on the bed.   I looked at the clock it was three in the morning. I did enjoy it but need to cum badly.

I then remembered what Allison said…   so I started looking for my things. I found my heels, my sun dress and my purse. It had no money in it, no house key, no cage key but my string was rolled up inside. I was out of condoms.   Tommy you bitch! 

I stuffed her and her cage into the g string, and with dress and heels in hand, I left. The fun was done here.

The condo was about fifty blocks north. Allison’s pussy was motivation.  On the way out, I found their pool. I took my hair out of the pony tail and jumped in.  I needed to get their sticky cum off my body. Still wet,  I wiggled back in my sun dress.

No money, no cab, no bus… so I hiked home.  I was soaking wet, but I am glad that I didn’t wear more than three inch heels tonight. Barefoot was not option. I was going to pound on the door to wake everyone up but Tommy had posted a note… Glad to made it back Bitch… join us in the guest room. Attached to the note was the cage key. I unlocked her and made a beeline to Allison and Tommy!

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