Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bitch Baby

<BitchBaby> Although, hilarious shit happened yesterday like the moment you left. Had a coworker come down & say "Hey I'm usually not this up front, but I really want to cum in your ass. I mean, would you like to do breakfast?" It was like that for 4 different ways of making gay passes, and flipping to breakfast. God I wish things were that simple with GG XD

<Nikkij> what did you say when he said that
<Nikkij> is he hunky
<BitchBaby> One of the best looking guys that works here.
<Nikkij> cool
<Nikkij> he know about your feminity
<BitchBaby> Just a bit taller than me (I'm 6'1"). Classic kind of good looks.
<Nikkij> nice
<Nikkij> bi or gay
<BitchBaby> Was not caged yet. Was about to head to the restroom to do that when he came down & did that.
<Nikkij> so what did you say
<BitchBaby> Pretty sure bi.
<BitchBaby> I said yes to breakfast? I was fucking stunned. Was like I'd gotten on a rollercoaster ride & didn't realize penises would be flying at my face.
<Nikkij> so when will you met him
<Nikkij> he Dom type

<BitchBaby> Not really sure if I will, but likely tell hum when I see him next I'd be up for a drink over at the LaCafe.
<Nikkij> today or
<BitchBaby> He's a top from what I gather. Don't think he's kinky or dom however. Will discuss however. Chances are very low I'll do anything with him honestly. Can't just let him wonder if I'm gonna flip out or somethin.
<BitchBaby> Nah, next time I'll see him is Wednesday probably. Only days we work the same time is Wed/Sat.
<Nikkij> how do you feel about him doing you
 <Nikkij> right
<BitchBaby> A bit uncomfortable. I'm really into women. They can ever have male plumbing. Just men, we are weird IMO.

<Nikkij> hey
<Nikkij> go with the flow
<Nikkij> why did he approach you
<Nikkij> when do you shave her?
<BitchBaby> Plus, I'm honestly not the biggest sexual critter. The kink does more for me. If he's not kinky it's an automatic no go likely.
<Nikkij> being enfemme for him kinky enough for you
<BitchBaby> Well, throw a hole in front of me & I'll fuck it, but I do kink more.
<BitchBaby> I'm planning to have drinks with him. So I'm going with the flow methinks.
<Nikkij> my ass would be all femmed for him
<Nikkij> wear your best underneath
<Nikkij> okay

<Nikkij> so he wants your ass
<BitchBaby> And femme I don't think would be kinky enough for me. No idea if he is into femme guys anyways, but theres a large conversation to be had there.
<BitchBaby> My ass, my mouth, my cock, etc.
<Nikkij> if you can trust him play the femme card
<BitchBaby> He put huge trust in me doing what he did, so I'll trust him with the femme card.
<BitchBaby> Just will be watching his no verbal cues when I tell him to figure out if it's something that makes him hot, or if it's something he'd put up with for a chance to do me.
<Nikkij> cool
<Nikkij> most gay guys don’t favor trannies
<Nikkij> bi guys love us
<BitchBaby> The former? Chances look up. The later? Almost assuredly not.

<Nikkij> st8 married men fantasize about us
<BitchBaby> Yeah never understood why gay guys aren't into tranies.
<Nikkij> if they wanted a woman they would go after a gg
<Nikkij> i do enjoy the gay guys that dress

<BitchBaby> True I guess

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