Sunday, March 9, 2014


<Nikkij> i am free this morning
<Nikkij> got it off about 4 am
<Megan> lol, nice. I'd have locked you back up once finished with you

<Nikkij> they were done with me
<Megan> I'm sure, would have kept you caged so you'd have to come back.
<Nikkij> jason did my ass... his friend --- came all over me three times.... I still dont know his name
<Megan> haha nice
<Nikkij> jason freed me and made me jerk her off
<Nikkij> for their amusement
<Megan> Awesome
<Nikkij> then i fluffed both of them
<Megan> Nice
<Nikkij> then got dismissed
<Megan> Yummy
<Megan> And I don't even like men.
<Nikkij> as i was leaving jason was sucking his friend … the one I just hard
<Megan> Damn
<Nikkij> they wanted each other more than me
<Nikkij> so i left
<Megan> lol, screw that. I'd be all over Nikkij.

<Nikkij> yummy

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