Saturday, March 22, 2014

Slow Day At Black Rock ...

<I’mYour Bitch!> hello
<I’mYour Bitch!> nikkij here
<KinkyMasters> hello Jamie
<I’mYour Bitch!> nice to meet you Jamie
<KinkyMasters> So tell me about your pony experience
<KinkyMasters> or anything you like.
<I’mYour Bitch!> on a farm in pa
<I’mYour Bitch!> i was one of two bitches used on the cart
<KinkyMasters> Oh nice

<KinkyMasters> Any cart pulling?
<KinkyMasters> Nice
<KinkyMasters> Like to hear you whinny
<I’mYour Bitch!> did it for the Domme
<I’mYour Bitch!> did a little whinny
<KinkyMasters> One time  I imagine
<I’mYour Bitch!> on cart yes
<I’mYour Bitch!> have had pony tail plug more than once
<KinkyMasters> I have always had a fantasy of starting a breeding farm
<I’mYour Bitch!> ok
<KinkyMasters> I make custom ponytails
<I’mYour Bitch!> you just want me to be your pony
<I’mYour Bitch!> cool
<KinkyMasters> I don't know what I want.
<I’mYour Bitch!> love leashes too
<KinkyMasters> Occasionally I respond emotionally to a T'gurl
<I’mYour Bitch!> have done doggie in heat
<KinkyMasters> You struck a cord
<I’mYour Bitch!> ic
<KinkyMasters> I would restrain you and bring in studs to breed.
<I’mYour Bitch!> love that
<KinkyMasters> Yes

<KinkyMasters> I had leanings when I was your age to CD.
<KinkyMasters> Been 99% hetero ever since
<I’mYour Bitch!> ?
<KinkyMasters> But I admire the commitment, the art, and it is very arousing.
<I’mYour Bitch!> hmm
<KinkyMasters> I like the idea of suck a T'gurl dick and well as fuck their tight rear.
<I’mYour Bitch!> you want to suck my clitty too
<KinkyMasters> That could be fun.
<I’mYour Bitch!> she is 7"
<KinkyMasters> Especially as part of a tease.
<KinkyMasters> Lucky you don't waste it.
<I’mYour Bitch!> never
<I’mYour Bitch!> love to have her cum, love to have her caged, love to stroke her for my MEN
<KinkyMasters> I bet you look fabulous in a corset.
<I’mYour Bitch!> i do
<I’mYour Bitch!> i look fabulous in lingerie
<KinkyMasters> I'd love to lock you up in a lori's tube and make you wait.
<KinkyMasters> Tease and denial
<KinkyMasters> Love to watch you spurt after a few weeks.
<KinkyMasters> Milk you tight little ass.
<I’mYour Bitch!> lovely
<I’mYour Bitch!> I like spurting daily and often
<KinkyMasters> Keep you in a french maids outfit.
<KinkyMasters> Pinch your titties and clamp them up.
<I’mYour Bitch!> love maid outfits
<I’mYour Bitch!> not much in to nips though
<KinkyMasters> I bet you like to squirt daily.
<KinkyMasters> Yes I read the pain limits
<KinkyMasters> Do enjoy taking ownership of the meat though.

<I’mYour Bitch!> like it when my MEN do
<KinkyMasters> Lead you around by your dick, lovely.
<KinkyMasters> We know what that is about.
<I’mYour Bitch!> my dick is a clitty and i always refer to my clitty as her or she
<I’mYour Bitch!> and i loved being leashed
<KinkyMasters> Sure understand about your clitty.
<I’mYour Bitch!> used to have little ring in the foreskin below the cut
<KinkyMasters> A PA for your Lori's Tube would be in order.
<KinkyMasters> I like chastity play that is enforceable.
<I’mYour Bitch!> little ring not PA
<I’mYour Bitch!> i love to wear mine
<I’mYour Bitch!> have several
<KinkyMasters> Anything that provides a inescapable lock
<KinkyMasters> Yes I have always been fascinated by the topic.
<I’mYour Bitch!> love wearing under short skirt too
<KinkyMasters> yes nice.
<I’mYour Bitch!> always do my bbc gang bangs wearing one
<KinkyMasters> Aren't you lucky you have the bod for that.
<KinkyMasters> Love to see one of those.
<KinkyMasters> Use to arrange them for my EX.
<I’mYour Bitch!> wife
<KinkyMasters> GBs not necessarily BBC.
<KinkyMasters> Yes she was a very talented sub/slave
<I’mYour Bitch!> cool
<I’mYour Bitch!> so am i
<KinkyMasters> So it seems. How well can you keep the feminine reality going?

<KinkyMasters> You deserve a younger more virulent Man than me I think.
<I’mYour Bitch!> love older men
<I’mYour Bitch!> how long
<I’mYour Bitch!> i am 24/7
<KinkyMasters> I am just average in endowment, but above average in imagination.
<I’mYour Bitch!> love that
<I’mYour Bitch!> how big r u
<KinkyMasters> just under 6.
<I’mYour Bitch!> hmmm
<I’mYour Bitch!> big enough to suck
<I’mYour Bitch!> good fit in my booty
<KinkyMasters> Great for anal yes.
<I’mYour Bitch!> yes
<KinkyMasters> If I wear my cock ring I can get thick enough.
<I’mYour Bitch!> hmmm
<I’mYour Bitch!> like that

<KinkyMasters> Well I have to go, been a pleasure.

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