Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lost Panties

playforme joined the channel.
<jennie> here we are
<playforme> sorry sis ~~ my computer crashed
<playforme> mmmm
<Jennie> np
<Jennie> i think their chat does
<Jennie> it
<playforme> i am going to have to learn how to setup a chat room one of these days
<Jennie> you can do from the email if the button is on or from the home page if you click my pic
<playforme> on my computer there must be programs that always searches for updates ~~ cause it crashes when I’m looking at porn too ~~ and it can't be the porn that is doing it ~~ lol
<Jennie> lol
<Jennie> how were you dressed when you went though security
<playforme> i was dressed as a guy ~~ i am only a girl on the evenings and on weekends ~~ i work as a guy ~~ i can't give up that paycheck
<Jennie> i know
<Jennie> you wear underneath
<Jennie> do you dress on business trips at night
<playforme> underneath always panties
<Jennie> cool
<Jennie> i had all my male undies burnt at 28
<playforme> lol ~~ that would have been a gr8 burn
<Jennie> it was
<Jennie> it was at a bachorette party
<Jennie> my gf, now ex wife and I went
<Jennie> one of our gf
<Jennie> was enfemme
<Jennie> Ashley had me put an extra box in the car
<Jennie> it was wrapped
<Jennie> with my name on it
<Jennie> i opened it

<playforme> sound gr8
<Jennie> in front of ten girls
<Jennie> ggs
<playforme> gr8
<playforme> i luv it
<Jennie> there was one of those fire pits
<Jennie> one by one i tossed them in
<playforme> gr8
<playforme> mmmmm
<Jennie> then each girl had a gift for me
<playforme> i luv it
<playforme> what was it
<Jennie> lingerie
<Jennie> in each one
<playforme> mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<playforme> how were you dressed ~~
<Jennie> me and the other girl modeled our clothes
<playforme> mmmmmmmmmmmm
<Jennie> en femme
<playforme> that sounds wonderful
<playforme> a birth
<Jennie> i was in skirt, heels. garters and stockings with silk blouse
<Jennie> no bra as i was in a boi look up top
<playforme> mmmmmm
<Jennie> its was wonderful
<playforme> still ~~ i bet your nipples were hard and erect
<Jennie> and for my bachlorette party
<Jennie> i got the same gifts
<Jennie> they were
<Jennie> Ash and i had two wedding ceremonies
<Jennie> i had the bachelorette party
<playforme> at the wedding what did Ash and you wear
<Jennie> for family i was in a tux but all femme underneath
<Jennie> she was in goregous white lace gown
<Jennie> for the second cermony

<Jennie> i was in a white lacy gown
<playforme> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<Jennie> she was in she was in black spandex
<playforme> i bet you looked gorgeous
<Jennie> i did id did i did
<playforme> lol
<playforme> do you have any wedding photos
<Jennie> her bachelorette party was all guys and me
<playforme> i luv seeing gurls in wedding gowns ~~
<Jennie> Ash has them all
<Jennie> so do i
<Jennie> i love wearing one too
<playforme> oh well
<Jennie> have been in one four or five times
<Jennie> Her way of revenge
<playforme> was your gown long
<Jennie> yes floor length
<playforme> any lil sexy parts to your gown
<Jennie> yes blue garter and panties, blue stockings and light blue heels
<Jennie> blue bra too
<playforme> mmmmmmmm
<Jennie> my borrowed was a butt plug
<playforme> wonderful

<playforme> were you plugged
<Jennie> my new at the time was breast forms
<Jennie> yes
<playforme> ohhhhhh ~~ i luv it
<playforme> did Ash know you were plugged
<Jennie> so did i
<Jennie> of course
<playforme> mmmm
<Jennie> it was required
<playforme> what color of plug
<Jennie> clear glass
<playforme> mmmm ~~ so your cute lil hole could be seen open ~~~ ohhhh gawd ~~ i luv it
<Jennie> and it was seen
<playforme> i bet you had a big smile on your lips
<playforme> ppl could see the plug
<Jennie> i had to show it off
<Jennie> at the reception
<playforme> you lucky gurl ~~~
<Jennie> ty
<Jennie> i feel so
<playforme> tell me about that ~~ plzzzzz
<Jennie> about twenty people
<Jennie> couples

<playforme> mmmm
<Jennie> we partied until dawn
<Jennie> i was fucked a couple times
<playforme> by guys at the reception
<Jennie> yes
<playforme> mmmmmmm you lucky gurl
<Jennie> yeppers
<playforme> in front of everyone
<playforme> i dream of a wedding like that
<Jennie> it was fun
<playforme> but now you and Ash have split
<Jennie> yes
<Jennie> She had many bfs
<Jennie> the last one was hugely rich
<Jennie> he made me a money offer i could not refuse
<playforme> ohh
<Jennie> she got her HUGE house on the water on Annapolis on spa creek.... what she always wanted
<Jennie> and i got bought out of the marriage
<playforme> so that is why you split for all the right reasons
<Jennie> i still see her occasionally
<Jennie> we are friends
<Jennie> not with her hubby
<playforme> being friends is nice
<Jennie> hes not my thing
<Jennie> i expect she will leave him soon
<Jennie> she will get her money too
<Jennie> i hope so
<Jennie> but not sure
<playforme> with your money ~~ that went to your implants
<Jennie> actually part of the deal
<playforme> ?
<playforme> part of what deal
<Jennie> the buy out
<Jennie> he paid for them
<playforme> you came out the best ~~ cause your breasts are gorgeous

<Jennie> great doctor
<playforme> i have seen some that i don't like ~~ but yours are purrrrrfect
<playforme> are you happy now
<Jennie> yes
<Jennie> doing what i want to do
<playforme> that is what is important ~~ your happiness ~~:)
<Jennie> so true
<playforme> and most important ~~ living ~~ who you are
<Jennie> so true
<playforme> since we first started chatting you sound happy
<Jennie> i am
<Jennie> how about you
<playforme> if i could make a living as a gurl i would do that ~~ but i know i have to work to get a paycheck as a guy ~~
<playforme> being em femme when i can ~~ is wonderful
<Jennie> lucked into being a bartender plus money in the bank so to speak
<Jennie> i got our house
<Jennie> too
<playforme> that is wonderful ~~ i am sooooo happy for you
<playforme> and you have some gr8 fun tooo ~~ in your cage
<Jennie> yes i have
<playforme> sooo sis ~~ that last time you were locked ~~ did you have give booty to your Dom and His buddy too
<Jennie> i dont always give booty when locked ... always give head

<playforme> mmmmm ~~ sucking is gr8 tooo ~~ down on your knees?
<Jennie> oh yes

<Jennie> must run ... need some lunch.... losing focus when i get real hungry

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