Saturday, April 12, 2014

Am I Sick?

Thefamilypump joined the channel.
<NikkijMadison> yes you have great fuckable ass
<Thefamilypump> kisses
<Thefamilypump> and I have been getting it fucked often
<NikkijMadison> kisses back
<NikkijMadison> awesome
<NikkijMadison> tell me more
<Thefamilypump> I was in this park the other day and had some guy hit it

<NikkijMadison> daylight and public
<Thefamilypump> I was bending over in the trunk of my car and hear this guy say, dam honey hot ass. I just spend my legs and he came back to do me, day time
<Thefamilypump> our parks are always somewhat private during the days here
<NikkijMadison> 'cool
<NikkijMadison> did your clitty hang too
<Thefamilypump> once he pulled my short short aside and started banging me
<Thefamilypump> he had no idea until he came
<Thefamilypump> by then I was as hard as a rock
<NikkijMadison> so your cunt was ready
<NikkijMadison> what did he do then
<Thefamilypump> hell yes
<Thefamilypump> he just looked at me and said, your one fucking hot bitch
<Thefamilypump> got in his truck and drove off
<NikkijMadison> and you are
<Thefamilypump> i try baby
<NikkijMadison> oh yes

<NikkijMadison> you booty is awesome
<Thefamilypump> the boys love it
<Thefamilypump> and I love giving it up
<NikkijMadison> me too
<Thefamilypump> so be getting gang banged
<Thefamilypump> or you still treating the boys in the book store
<NikkijMadison> i had an unusual gang bang last weekend
<Thefamilypump> nnc
<NikkijMadison> yes i have
<Thefamilypump> BBC?
<Thefamilypump> do you like to be on top when you ride them
<NikkijMadison> no 3 golfers though
<NikkijMadison> always when i get fucked
<Thefamilypump> oh good for you baby
<NikkijMadison> reverse cow girl
<Thefamilypump> I love fucking on the golf course
<NikkijMadison> BUT one was a relative
<Thefamilypump> yes baby
<Thefamilypump> oh honey you are a nasty girl, was it your dad
<NikkijMadison> my father and two buddies came down for a golf visit
<NikkijMadison> two days and two night
<NikkijMadison> yes
<NikkijMadison> but he was enfemme too
<Thefamilypump> I remember you telling that he wanted you to set it up

<NikkijMadison> appears he has been playing with his buds
<Thefamilypump> I bet they loved fucking you
<NikkijMadison> we returnedd the first night to their condo
<Thefamilypump> and you took them on did you
<NikkijMadison> played golf during the day i was dress in tight yoga pants -- chilly
<Thefamilypump> they all take turns on your ass
<NikkijMadison> they were dress as typical old males
<Thefamilypump> hot
<Thefamilypump> I love older guys
<NikkijMadison> i went home and changed and came back
<Thefamilypump> and short skirt , no panties
<NikkijMadison> Robert and George met me at the door
<NikkijMadison> escorted me in
<Thefamilypump> you lucky bitch
<Thefamilypump> did they both fuck you
<NikkijMadison> short skirt, heels
<Thefamilypump> panties?
<NikkijMadison> and dad was in a black night gown and a leash
<Thefamilypump> oh daddy
<Thefamilypump> I love it
<NikkijMadison> yes lacy thong

<Thefamilypump> and how fucked first
<Thefamilypump> I bet they both made you suck them
<NikkijMadison> george aand Robert fucked me
nikkijMadison> DADDY -- SANDI WATCHED
<Thefamilypump> did he get off on it
<NikkijMadison> then Robert fucked sandi
<NikkijMadison> then i sucked sandi
<Thefamilypump> is daddy a good fuck
<Thefamilypump> good girl
<Thefamilypump> cock is cock to me
<NikkijMadison> brought him to her knees
<Thefamilypump> and I suck it all
<NikkijMadison> oh yes
<NikkijMadison> i sucked all three the first night
<Thefamilypump> who ate your ass
<NikkijMadison> sandi gave her son a hand job
<Thefamilypump> but who eat your ass
<Thefamilypump> I can't believe they passed up a chance to eat you and rim that ass
<NikkijMadison> licked robert from my booty
<NikkijMadison> made daddy
<Thefamilypump> good bitch
<NikkijMadison> next day we played again this time day was dressed too
<Thefamilypump> men always seem to have a thing for my ass
<Thefamilypump> I make them rim me first
<NikkijMadison> you have a great ass
<Thefamilypump> so did you give any head on the course
<NikkijMadison> yes the second day i sucked off robert
<Thefamilypump> I got caught by a course marshall once getting fucked on the course

<NikkijMadison> sandi did george
<NikkijMadison> been fucked by the marshall myself
<Thefamilypump> good for him
<Thefamilypump> was he good
<Thefamilypump> have you sucked off the marshal
<NikkijMadison> yes
<NikkijMadison> a few times
<Thefamilypump> what a slut you are
<NikkijMadison> sucking daddy was strange
<Thefamilypump> good thing we are so far from one another
<Thefamilypump> I love when I go with someone and meet their dad and you know he wants to fuck you
<NikkijMadison> true
<Thefamilypump> I am such a tease when I get that feeling
<NikkijMadison>  how strange is that
<NikkijMadison> who would have known that daddy was a bitch too
<Thefamilypump> I am all over the guy being so sweet just hoping he take the offer
<Thefamilypump> not if he is hung
<NikkijMadison> my size
<NikkijMadison> 7"

<Thefamilypump> yum
<Thefamilypump> well you know where you got it baby
<NikkijMadison> i slept with robert one night and george the next
<Thefamilypump> I am proud of you for sharing that ass
<Thefamilypump> I am sure you sent them all home happy
<NikkijMadison> daddy hasn’t done my ass yet
<Thefamilypump> does he like your tits
<NikkijMadison> oh yes
<Thefamilypump> they are pretty girls
<NikkijMadison> he caressed then at christmas
<NikkijMadison> yes they are
<Thefamilypump> do you find guys holding them when they are fucking you doggie style
<NikkijMadison> yes always

<NikkijMadison> so i have fucked my daddy
<Thefamilypump> I wish I had your tits , to me they are the perfect size
<NikkijMadison> ty
<Thefamilypump> and I would also get them pierced
<NikkijMadison> i may
<NikkijMadison> want to get my clitty a small ring again
<Thefamilypump> god they would look so fucking sexy
<Thefamilypump> pierced
<Thefamilypump> or a cock ring
<NikkijMadison> yum
<NikkijMadison> daddy wants to cum back for a girls night out
<Thefamilypump> he wants you to hussle cock for him Im sure
<NikkijMadison> yes
<Thefamilypump> he wants to turn his little girl out
<NikkijMadison> well hes in his 60s
<Thefamilypump> you would be some hot bait for older men
<NikkijMadison> actually not bad for an old bitch
<NikkijMadison> well George is 70 and robert is 65
<Thefamilypump> some older girls are pretty hot
<NikkijMadison> she was very vulnerable in her night gown
<Thefamilypump> so they both got to fuck you?
<NikkijMadison> yes
<Thefamilypump> I am so proud of you for giving it up to two older men

<Thefamilypump> they need it
<Thefamilypump> and I love giving it up to older guys
<NikkijMadison> it was cool
<Thefamilypump> I would rather fuck a guy over 60 then some young 30 second stud
<Thefamilypump> they just last so much longer
<NikkijMadison> i am not weird for sucking my daddy am i
<NikkijMadison> and grateful
<Thefamilypump> I don't see why
<Thefamilypump> I would have
<NikkijMadison> really
<Thefamilypump> to sex is sex
<Thefamilypump> if someone finds me sexy enough they want to have sex with me, then lets fuck
<NikkijMadison> mom knows he is bi and dresses
<Thefamilypump> lets both get off and cum hard
<Thefamilypump> and mom knows about Nikki
<NikkijMadison> oh yes four daughters now
<Thefamilypump> and does she know Nikki is a slut
<NikkijMadison> she knew and accepts it and loves it
<NikkijMadison> she knows i live with two guys
<Thefamilypump> then what do you think she would say if she knew you sucked daddy
<NikkijMadison> not much about the others
<NikkijMadison> she knows he came down
<NikkijMadison> with his buds
<NikkijMadison> not sure what else she knows
<Thefamilypump> but not that you all had sex
<NikkijMadison> not sure
<Thefamilypump> I would bet she has no idea
<NikkijMadison> not sure

<Thefamilypump> but I find it hot as hell
<NikkijMadison> i know she know he plays with george and robert
<Thefamilypump> so are you going to do a mother daughter fuck with daddy
<NikkijMadison> i think he was her cuck before she got pregnant
<Thefamilypump> like with a lucky stranger
<Thefamilypump> good chance of that
<NikkijMadison> i know
<Thefamilypump> hey if she enjoyed having him watch, good for her
<NikkijMadison> she knows i was my ex Ashley ‘sbitch
<Thefamilypump> she got the cock and he got to get off on it
<NikkijMadison> she know i have done bbc too
<Thefamilypump> I bet shes jealous of that
<NikkijMadison> Mom is not jealous of much
<Thefamilypump> I am so weak when it comes to BBC
<Thefamilypump> if a BBC even says hello to me I am weak at the knees and my ass is in the air
<NikkijMadison> me too
<NikkijMadison> Mom has seen me caged
<Thefamilypump> and I can tell you this , Black men love my ass
<Thefamilypump> really
<Thefamilypump> so what did she think of you being caged
<NikkijMadison> BIG smile
<Thefamilypump> LOL
<Thefamilypump> did she spank your ass
<NikkijMadison> i had to be home for one of my sisters birthdays

<Thefamilypump> where you naked
<NikkijMadison> i had been caged by Tommy
<Thefamilypump> so are all your sisters pretty sexual
<NikkijMadison> he went out of town with both keys
<NikkijMadison> yes very
<Thefamilypump> good for them
<NikkijMadison> it was either cancel or go
<NikkijMadison> was there three days
<NikkijMadison> stayed with her and dad
<Thefamilypump> and did you get used
<NikkijMadison> came out of the hall bathroom thinking no one was upstairs
<Thefamilypump> and naked
<NikkijMadison> yes
<Thefamilypump> good girl and then what happen
<NikkijMadison> her comments was apple doesnt fall far from the tree

<Thefamilypump> did you just smile
<Thefamilypump> LOL
<NikkijMadison> was quite embarrassed
<Thefamilypump> why
<NikkijMadison> Mom has not seen my clit -- cock in years and she was caged
<NikkijMadison> She said your dad has one too
<NikkijMadison> and patted my butt
<Thefamilypump> oh your cock was caged
<NikkijMadison> yes
<Thefamilypump> and tommy holds the keys
<NikkijMadison> he has and does
<NikkijMadison> this was last june
<Thefamilypump> I am not sure if I would ever commit to that
<NikkijMadison> chastity
<NikkijMadison> why so
<Thefamilypump> I love to play with my clit to much
<NikkijMadison> i do too
<NikkijMadison> but i am caged no more than a few days
<Thefamilypump> then you need it on you bitch
<Thefamilypump> with my ass, I need to be able to enjoy my cock while being fucked
<Thefamilypump> guys date me for my cock
<NikkijMadison> you ever been caged
<Thefamilypump> and when they suck me the right way, I give up some ass
<Thefamilypump> nope
<Thefamilypump> never

<NikkijMadison> its hot
<Thefamilypump> I bet it is
<NikkijMadison> i do bbc caged mostly
<Thefamilypump> god that would be hot
<NikkijMadison> they love it when i am
<NikkijMadison> always wear pink too
<Thefamilypump> well most BBC dont what your cock at least for me, they want my ass
<NikkijMadison> mine want my mouth and my ass...
<Thefamilypump> they could care less as long as they get to tap my ass
<NikkijMadison> i have one who wants my clitty the rest dont
<Thefamilypump> oh I suck them off
<Thefamilypump> I love to suck BBC
<NikkijMadison> they either want me caged or give myself handjob when they are done with me
<Thefamilypump> and get it all wet the slip it in my ass
<NikkijMadison> you have watch them... they want it bare
<Thefamilypump> I love it when I am getting BCC in my ass and they are slapping me calling me a whore
<Thefamilypump> I cum so fucking hard
<Thefamilypump> hell yes they do
<NikkijMadison> and their white bitch
<Thefamilypump> all men want to Bare back me
<NikkijMadison> me too
<Thefamilypump> I have this Hung Italian guy I let Bareback me
<Thefamilypump> he can fuck me for hours
<NikkijMadison> have their ever taken you to be with their black women
<Thefamilypump> he likes to fuck me standing up
<Thefamilypump> I do have this one mix cpl
<Thefamilypump> they want a threesome with me
<NikkijMadison> and

<NikkijMadison> white bitch
<Thefamilypump> the husband has sucked me off a few times
<NikkijMadison> bbc
<NikkijMadison> or white
<Thefamilypump> white guy and a black female
<NikkijMadison> cool
<Thefamilypump> he loves eating my ass and pulling me back to suck me off
<NikkijMadison> one of my bcc took me back to his women one day
<Thefamilypump> and did she use you
<NikkijMadison> was left there in stockings, garters and leash
<NikkijMadison> humiliated me
<NikkijMadison> her and two gfs
<Thefamilypump> she had no idea of my clit
<NikkijMadison> they knew that he was fucking me
<Thefamilypump> I know I do and men love it
<NikkijMadison> i m
<NikkijMadison> know they do
<Thefamilypump> and love giving it up
<Thefamilypump> LOL
<Thefamilypump> well yes
<NikkijMadison> ok

<NikkijMadison> cool
<Thefamilypump> I had on a G string to hold in my clity
<NikkijMadison> cool
<Thefamilypump> but my ass was bare for the guys to see, you know BBC like to show off their white bitches
<Thefamilypump> ok kisses
<Thefamilypump> miss you baby
<Thefamilypump> good night

<NikkijMadison> kisses

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  1. ...the start can make you wonder.. how many men have screwed a Tgirl's ass... and never knew she was a tgirl....