Sunday, April 13, 2014

Talking Golf From The Ladies Tees

<BeMyBitch> hey

ImaWhoreBitch joined the channel.
<BeMyBitch> hello sis
<ImaWhoreBitch> hi ~~
<ImaWhoreBitch> wow ~~ i had a fucking good day
<BeMyBitch> awesome
<BeMyBitch> you must have been fucked
<ImaWhoreBitch> just finished being fucked for the second time today ~~ i feel like a whore and i love it
<BeMyBitch> awesome
<BeMyBitch> two different guys
<BeMyBitch> i love being a whore
<ImaWhoreBitch> first guy was 21 ~~ he is my youngest so far ~~ then the last guy was 42 ~~ both doing physical work ~~ so their bodies were hard and incredible
<BeMyBitch> awesome
<BeMyBitch> where did they do you
<ImaWhoreBitch> they both came to my place ~~
<BeMyBitch> cool
<BeMyBitch> clean the sheets
<BeMyBitch> either do t's before
<ImaWhoreBitch> the came in condoms but when they left ~` I sucked their cum out ~~ mmmmm
<BeMyBitch> cool
<BeMyBitch> tribute
<ImaWhoreBitch> the 21 year old ~~ i think i was his first t ~~ the other guy was experienced and took charge of me
<BeMyBitch> you like that
<BeMyBitch> who’s the best cock
<ImaWhoreBitch> it is strange one guy was curve down and the other guy curved up
<BeMyBitch> how much do you curve
<ImaWhoreBitch> the 42 had the bigger cock ~~ but they both fucked me real good ~~ they both were GREAT!!
<BeMyBitch> never met a cock large or small that i didn't enjoy

<ImaWhoreBitch> they were curve enough the one i had to take down my throat from below ~~ and the otheri had to take down my throat in a 69 ~~
<BeMyBitch> i am not curved at all
<ImaWhoreBitch> lol ~~ i share your comment about never  met a cock i did not like
<ImaWhoreBitch> your she is str8 ~~ must be a joke in there somewhere ~:
<BeMyBitch> must be
<BeMyBitch> lol
<BeMyBitch> just hangs out st8 when hard
<ImaWhoreBitch> lol ~~ str8 ~~ i love that ~~ when i do get hard which is only sometime ~~ mine she is st8 too
<ImaWhoreBitch> soooo ~~ gorgeous ~~ what's is up with you today
<BeMyBitch> she gets hard daily... even when caged she pushes the device
<BeMyBitch> i am going golfing tomorrow
<ImaWhoreBitch> golfing ~~ great ~~ our course are still not open ~~ you a good golfer?

<BeMyBitch> three of my dad's buddies are here in town and want me to join them for golf
<BeMyBitch> yes
<BeMyBitch> i hit from the ladies tees now too
<BeMyBitch> hey are staying through Tuesday
<BeMyBitch> they are more than dads golfing buddies too
<ImaWhoreBitch> your dad there too ~~ or just his buddies
<ImaWhoreBitch> what do you mean ~~ more
<BeMyBitch> well at christmas dad and i went out for father daughter chat. in the past 2 years we started getting closer again
<BeMyBitch> i was his son and now his daughter and he struggled with it
<ImaWhoreBitch> yes ~~ i can see it being a major change for you and dad ~~ is it good you two a talking it out ~~ is your mom in the picture too ~~ tell me if i am getting to personal

<BeMyBitch> he admitted to being bi in his youth, then married my mom and had 3 girls and one son
<BeMyBitch> mom loves her new daughter
<BeMyBitch> then admitted to being bi with his golf buddies now
<BeMyBitch> all three guys here are in their 60s
<ImaWhoreBitch> i am happy you and your mom have a good relationship
<BeMyBitch> dad was coming but him and mom went out of town
<BeMyBitch> they know me as jimmy and now they know me as nikki
<ImaWhoreBitch> do your parent live close to you
<BeMyBitch> near wash dc
<ImaWhoreBitch> so these 3 guys ~~ is this the first time seeing nikki

<BeMyBitch> nope—played with them and dad two weeks ago
<ImaWhoreBitch> mmmmmm ~~ now this is sounding interesting
<ImaWhoreBitch> you going to suck all 3 ~~ you lucky gurl
<BeMyBitch> so i will mostly likelyy wear tight lycra pants
<ImaWhoreBitch> you are going have tell me all about sucking off your dad's buddies ~~ mmmmm ~~ i love it
<BeMyBitch> golf and dinner tomorrow
<BeMyBitch> they said they will then will play cards
<BeMyBitch> am i sick sucking his buddies
<ImaWhoreBitch> you hot bitch ~~ getting them horny ~~ as you golf ~~ i am sure you will be bending over alot in front of them to tee up
<BeMyBitch> most ladies tees are to the right of the golf path
<BeMyBitch> so when i placed my tee in the ground they will get a booty shot
<ImaWhoreBitch> i just finished being fucked by a 21 year old ~~ and i am in my 60's ~~ yes we both are sick ~~ lol
<BeMyBitch> tight yoga pants with a short jacket to the waist
<BeMyBitch> i think i will chnage into tight short skirt for dinner
<ImaWhoreBitch> you do have show that gorgeous booty ~~
<BeMyBitch> and bring a night gown or two
<BeMyBitch> may stay three nights with them
<ImaWhoreBitch> mmmmmmm ~~ you are sooooo lucky
<ImaWhoreBitch> hoping from bed to bed
<ImaWhoreBitch> do you think all 3 will do you at once
<BeMyBitch> Robert made comment that they light to play games for  bed assignments
<BeMyBitch> not sure

<BeMyBitch> there are only two bedrooms in the condo
<ImaWhoreBitch> i think you will the  game ~~ poke hur ~~
<ImaWhoreBitch> i can see you naked in the morning ~~ make the guys breakfast ~~ and them watching your booty
<BeMyBitch> never completely naked for them … heels, garters and stockings is my fav or long sheer nightgown. I like giving my men access and visibility through something soft and invting
<BeMyBitch> hey must run  talk to your tomorrow

Part Two

ImaWhoreBitch joined the channel.
<NikkijMadison> hey
<ImaWhoreBitch> hi
<NikkijMadison> getting for afternoon golf
<ImaWhoreBitch> can you teach me where and how to do that invite to chatroom
<NikkijMadison> ready
<ImaWhoreBitch> that is today ~~
<NikkijMadison> the ed chat button appears in the email message if the other person is online and in collarme.
<NikkijMadison> i tuggle back and forth sometimes so it doesn't always appear. Assume others do the same
<NikkijMadison> also you are scrolling others and they come into your scroll of profiles as the highlighted one it appears there too

<NikkijMadison> if you are fav... like you are of me I get notice that you are on. I can put you into the profile highhlight send a message for chat
<ImaWhoreBitch> hmmmmm ~~ i don't think that red button appears on mine ~~ are you a paying member ~~ cause i am taking a free ride
<ImaWhoreBitch> hmmmm ~~ i don't get any of those options
<NikkijMadison> nope
<NikkijMadison> how did you send me the chat this time
<ImaWhoreBitch> ohhhhhhhhhhh ~~ a bimbo light just went off in my lil brain
<ImaWhoreBitch> YOU don't send the invite to chat button ~~ it is the site ~~ i thought it was always YOU ~~ slap to forehead
<NikkijMadison> ha
<ImaWhoreBitch> lol
<NikkijMadison> and all you thought was that your left hand was always on your clit

<ImaWhoreBitch> it is always the right length to play my clit and my cunt
<ImaWhoreBitch> when is golf
<NikkijMadison> leaving in an hour
<ImaWhoreBitch> if you have to go and finish getting ready ~~ no problem
<NikkijMadison> no panties in pink lycra yoga pants
<NikkijMadison> partly dressed
<ImaWhoreBitch> do you tuck "her" in the yoga pants
<NikkijMadison> i may wear sweater shirt and jacket
<NikkijMadison> i can
<ImaWhoreBitch> i bet the yoga pants show off your cute booty good
<NikkijMadison> i may wear jacket that will cover her but when we get on course take the jacket off
<NikkijMadison> shows my booty perfectly
<NikkijMadison> thats why i am wearing them today
<ImaWhoreBitch> mmmmm ~~ you hot bitch
<NikkijMadison> i want to mesmerize three cocks
<NikkijMadison> even if they are 60
<ImaWhoreBitch> you going to do all 18 holes
<NikkijMadison> may just do nine
<NikkijMadison> and then do mine
<ImaWhoreBitch> just cause they are 60 does not mean they get horny for a hot bitch like you
<NikkijMadison> they will get hot
<ImaWhoreBitch> lol ~~ i like the comment of your holes
<NikkijMadison> ty
<NikkijMadison> maybe i will use that on them today
<ImaWhoreBitch> lol ~~ that will put a smile on their faces
<ImaWhoreBitch> what are you going to wear on top
<NikkijMadison> they will not be concentrating on golf
<NikkijMadison> not sure yet

<NikkijMadison> still a little chilly
<ImaWhoreBitch> ohhhhhh that is the idea ~~ have them thinking about your booty ~~ so you can win at golf ~~ smart idea
<NikkijMadison> yeppers
<ImaWhoreBitch> you need to show off your gorgeous breasts ~~ even a tight sweater
<NikkijMadison> push up bra and tight sweater works
<NikkijMadison> with cleavage
<NikkijMadison> i have little pink and white lacy socks too
<NikkijMadison> all so called st8 men want us
<ImaWhoreBitch> so right ~~
<NikkijMadison> i thought about caging her and giving one the key on the first tee
<ImaWhoreBitch> mmmmm ~~ i love the idea ~~ if you play poker ~~ maybe you can bet the key on one of your hands
<NikkijMadison> that's better idea
<NikkijMadison> maybe i will bring an extra cage too
<NikkijMadison> make one of them wear one for awhile
<ImaWhoreBitch> extra ??? ~~ what kinky thoughts do you have
<NikkijMadison> one is submissive
<NikkijMadison> so bring all my toys
<NikkijMadison> maybe pick up a plug for each... you like everyone gets a cigar
<ImaWhoreBitch> wow ~~~ you are going to have lots of fun ~~ you might be gone for 2 or 3 days ~~ so those ideas sound great
<NikkijMadison> back home weds probably
<ImaWhoreBitch> you have been a Domme before ~~ so you are going to make all 3 Your subs?
<NikkijMadison> that what's i am planning
<NikkijMadison> see how it goes
<NikkijMadison> i know them when i was a son and they know i am now a bitch
<ImaWhoreBitch> a good Domme always plans ahead
<NikkijMadison> so true
<ImaWhoreBitch> i think You can slowly put them under Your Domme spell ~~ and at the end they will not know what happened ~~ but they will love it
<NikkijMadison> i think i will be the submissive first
<NikkijMadison> then switch after we play cards
<ImaWhoreBitch> good plan
<NikkijMadison> my bet is we dont get to cards until tomorrow
<NikkijMadison> hey they will be looking at my booty all afternoon

<ImaWhoreBitch> after golf ~~ it is dinner ~~ is that at the condo or at a restaurant
<NikkijMadison> golf will go to drinks first i think
<NikkijMadison> then sex i am thinking
<NikkijMadison> i am picking them up
<ImaWhoreBitch> and you will be flirting with them all this time too
<NikkijMadison> so my strategy will be to suck off one in the car on our way to the condo to freshen up
<NikkijMadison> two are married
<ImaWhoreBitch> have you decided on a top
<NikkijMadison> not yet
<NikkijMadison> just my bra
<NikkijMadison> also packing a bag
<ImaWhoreBitch> what color of bra
<NikkijMadison> pink
<ImaWhoreBitch> a bag of toys ~~ or clothes
<ImaWhoreBitch> i should let you go so you can finish packing and finish getting ready
<ImaWhoreBitch> you have a great time ~~ you hot bitch in heat ~~
<NikkijMadison> both

<NikkijMadison> i will be see ya

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  1. Get in the hole!

    The one you were going to blow in the car.... tell them on the 18th tee... "Winner of the hole gets head in the car"....